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February 21st Rain, Dinefwr Walk, Rain February 21, 2020

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Philip had done it again…arranged the rain to stop so our walk around Dinefwr took place in dry but very windy conditions!

We all set off from Llandeilo station carpark and walked briskly through the town to Dinefwr entrance. We all had to stop for a breather before Philip led us across the fields heading towards the track leading from Home Farm. It was a very blustery walk and signs of the winds that have been blowing recently could be seen with all the branches from trees lying on the ground.

The views from the top of the hill took in the town of Llandeilo, the park, Newton House and Dinefwr Castle.

The wind was quite strong which made the walking quite a struggle with all the ups and downs of the hills!

We followed the track leading to the winter cowshed of the White Park Dinefwr Cattle , who all looked very cheerful and very well fed!

We passed some fine lichen examples and some very mossy trees!

Passing in front of Newton House we followed a sheep track back to the old church Llandyfeisant , which is hopefully going to be restored. https://www.llandeilo.org/ch_llandyfeisant.html

At the church there were some more lichen and penny wort, an interesting poster about the church, snowdrops being blown elegantly around in the breeze and lovely Molly the dog!

We followed the muddy track down to the river where only the week before there had been major flooding but now all looked under control.

It all looked very calm and no signs of damage. Unlike when Turner painted a watercolour of the bridge in 1795 when a flood then had taken away a stone support!!

J.M.W. Turner painted this watercolour of the first Llandeilo Bridge and Dinefwr Castle in 1795 during one of his several sketching and painting tours of Wales. A recent flood had carried away one of the stone supports and Turner shows its alarmingly flimsy wooden replacement. https://www.llandeilo.org/bge_gallery.html

With the wind behind us we fairly zoomed up the hill towards the town passing Gerwyns where the plants and veg outside the shop were nearly blown away.

We knew our coffee and cake were waiting at Mary Ellens 139 so we rushed passing all the lovely houses and church on the way.


Outside 139

Thank you Philip for another lovely walk.

This area has been fortunate to miss the severe flooding affecting homes as in other parts of Wales but we have had lots of rain! The bog garden in our front garden is now a pond!

The road outside our house looks like the tide has come in with a high water mark with all the stones and debris form further up the hill!

A walk up the road to see the local rivers showed them in full spate with lots of moss and lichen to add to the interesting scenes.

Even the geese thought the river too dangerous to swim in!

Back home the daffodils and hellebores are trying their best to liven up the garden and the birds are eating all their bird seed to give us something interesting to look at through the window!

Rufus has been confined to indoors as he must have banged his head and caused a haematoma : ‘An aural haematoma is a blood blister that forms inside the ear flap when a blood vessel bursts.

This has meant he has had to have two operations on his ear!! He is not a happy cat and doesn’t like the colour of the three buttons that are helping his ear to get better!

Thank you for reading. Hope the floods and all the rain haven’t caused any of you too many problems…..Spring is on the way!

If you come and stay in Lletty Cottage all the walks that Philip takes us on are all local so you can try them out for yourselves.

(Cottage prices 2020- Any 4 nights £200 if available, 7 nights- £375)



6 Responses to “February 21st Rain, Dinefwr Walk, Rain”

  1. Hello Marianne, sympathies to Rufus… always a nuisance of an operation, and hope he loses his buttons soon!
    Well done in getting colourful photos in the current weather – strangely we were at Dinefwr cafe today for lunch today on the way back from the NBGW – were surprised by how many people were around including lots of walkers! Hope you get lots of bookings – sounds like a bargain to me. Plus maybe see you Wednesday (?) – will try to be chipper, but Dave’s funeral in the morning,
    best wishes

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. Wish I’d seen you at Dinefwr- it was busy but it is half term so lots of families with children around!
      Sorry to read about the funeral earlier in the day on Wednesday- maybe it will be a positive to have something else to do in the evening.
      Bookings are really slow this year – maybe it’s the weather stopping folk plan holidays for later in the year…no doubt it will all work out in the end! See you in Llangadog! Best wishes

  2. tootlepedal Says:

    I am impressed by your fine lichens and decorative mosses. Your walking group is very hardy and well deserves its refreshments after.

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading. I think being in a group is a jolly good idea when the weather is not too good as it would be embarrassing to give in to the conditions in front of friends! A fighting spirit comes to the fore and we all battle on against the elements…smiling outwardly but grimacing inside!!

  3. Poor Rufus. I hope he heals quickly so he can lose the buttons. I must say, Philip does take you on some very interesting walks! And I love the bit about rushing to get to the cakes. It’s amazing how far advanced your daffodils are. Ours are only just starting to push their leaves above ground. As always, an interesting post with great pictures, Marianne.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Sue. Rufus has just had the buttons out…hooray! Now he has a ripply ear- he’s not impressed as it spoils his good looks! Let’s hope it does the trick because we’ve spent rather a lot on vet’s fees! Daffodils are blooming everywhere especially where they have been planted along the road verges…a proper host of golden daffs! Philip is a star and we’ve been on another of his lovely walks today- you should have seen the array of cakes in the cafe…delicious!

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