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March 21 Start of Spring- Walks Llangadog, Dolau Cothi, Dolauhirion Bridge March 21, 2020

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Well, what a weird and strange world we are living in at present. Fortunately for us we have a lovely local shop full of everything we need including lots of kindness too. Our village has come up trumps (sorry!) with a wonderful support system for any resident who may need help- this is the benefit of living in a small, caring community.

Although all the groups and meetings around have been cancelled or postponed including our Walking Well Group it hasn’t meant…as yet…that private walking has been suspended too! Missing seeing Philip and all the gang though and hope they are all OK!

It didn’t take a huge amount of persuasion to encourage Jim… him with the poorly knee… to accompany me on my circular walk around Llangadog..a nearby village with everything one needs to survive….a butcher, a county stores, a newsagent plus shop, two and more pubs…sadly no candle stick maker!

Parking the car on the Common we followed the track down to the River Towy passing some lovely properties, lambs in the fields and spring flowers in the hedgerows.

Nearing the river we could see in the distance the railway bridge that we were heading for, the lane seemed to get longer and longer!

The wind pushed us towards the river which was running along very strongly and there were signs of where the flooding had been not too many weeks ago.

Having a train on the line whilst crossing a decidedly scary footpath on the bridge whilst seeing the tumbling river beneath would have been a step too far for me!

Crossing through fields and over the railway line we were faced with a very muddy lane filled with slurry- where we held our noses and battled through…me in my wellies- Jim in his shoes!!! The patterns in the water though were pretty!

We were now three quarters of the way round our circular walk and knee problems began to surface. Never fear I was near!!! Walking speedily ahead into Llangadog and through the village out to the Common, collecting the car and whizzing back to pick up Jim…all problems solved.

A day of rest was called for before we set off again in the car to Llandovery and onto Dolauhirion Bridge (Pont Dolauhirion)..another bridge over the River Towy (Afon Tywi) . It is a lovely bridge, Grade 1 listed, built in 1773 by William Edwards. It has circular openings at the ends apparently to relieve stress on the main bridge in times of flood.

The water was crystal clear- just right for a paddle…in the summer!

Ending our day out at Dolau Cothi with another walk over another bridge, over the River Cothi. Coffee and cake in the car revived the aching knee…a bit!

Back home the garden is getting into the Spring mood with increasing amounts of colour and longer and longer grass!

Back in Aberglasney, which has shut its tearoom and shop for now but the garden is open…the magnolia are flowering, the trilliums are trilling and the ¬†fritillaries are …fritting.. all too good to miss! In the mansion a Bonsai exhibition too… but sadly closed now.

Thankfully, we have lots of feathery friends in the garden, including two pheasants, two nesting Canada geese, three moorhens and three Mallards to keep us happy.

Thank you for reading. Stay well and active and enjoy the Spring!


7 Responses to “March 21 Start of Spring- Walks Llangadog, Dolau Cothi, Dolauhirion Bridge”

  1. tootlepedal Says:

    The slurry filled lane was a bot of a downer on an otherwise very interesting walk. I am sorry that knee problems arose. I can sympathise with those. The flowers look lovely and i hope that they will keep you cheerful now that the pubs have had to shut!

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading. I cannot tell you how bad that lane was…it was gross! I’ve mowed the grass today avoiding places that still have huge puddles and I’ve looked at all the seeds germinating in the propagator and I’m pleased I’ll have the time to sort it all out! Thank goodness for the garden!

  2. frejatravels Says:

    a lot flowers already – we need to wait a bit more for that many around here.

  3. Pleased to see that you are still managing to get out for walks. And the flowers look gorgeous! You are lucky to have somewhere to get about without bumping into too many people. Our walks around the neighborhood consist of making constant diversions to avoid close contact.

    • lletty Says:

      We are very fortunate living in the country. This morning we walked up to the village in glorious sunshine …2 miles away …and collected some farm eggs which we have just had for supper. Everyone is being very kind and offering to go shopping for us etc. …makes one feel older than we are! Hope you stay safe and well.

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