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April 3rd Spring Inspiration April 3, 2020

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We are very fortunate to have a garden to walk around and enjoy, during what are very difficult times for many people. The spring flowers are beautiful this year and maybe having a quiet time in life has given us more chance to enjoy them fully.

Sad that the visitors who were booked in Lletty Cottage will miss their holiday here but hopefully they will return to visit at a later date…we will miss seeing them.

The honey bee ‘hive’ under our roof tiles is keeping the garden buzzing and humming with its bees as they flit from flower to flower. Of course they have a remarkable facility that many do not know about…if approached by someone with a camera they fly off immediately and warn others to stay away!

Our village, Llansadwrn, has been brilliantly active in keeping in touch with everyone and watching out for all. A volunteer group has been formed and anyone wanting help in any way can just let them know what is needed. It’s amazing.

We walked up to the village to collect farm fresh eggs that are kindly left in a cool box. On the way we stopped to admire the view. Not a good idea when a flock of sheep spy you and think that food is being delivered to them! Waiting for a flock of sheep to arrive at a gate is not one that we want to go through again …the baaaing, bleating, mehing that proceeded the charge was deafening! Hope the farmer wasn’t annoyed.

The Canada Geese couple have now settled into their routine but as yet haven’t laid any eggs. They have been thwarted by a very annoying couple of mallards who pester them non stop. The moorhens are far more chummy and keep their heads down and tails up and just get on with their courting. Our resident Mr Pheasant knocks on our door …frequently… and then goes around the house and knocks on our other doors…poor Rufus is going mad chasing him from door to door inside! Mrs Pheasant is far more civilised and keeps her distance…tut tutting in the background!

Another walk up to the village for more eggs led to a longer walk following a footpath through the meadows full of baby lambs. The path meandered through a pretty woodland glade filled with wood anemone and then onto a bubbling stream……poetry!

Keeping busy has been top of my list and the garden has had a good spring clean! The bulrushes around the pond have increased significantly over the last year and with all these seeds blowing in the wind it looks as though they might increase even more!

Clearing up broken branches from the trees has unveiled the land of the creepy crawlies underneath…fascinating to watch …and enjoy! Jim hates them!

On the field joining our garden the farmer has brought back his ‘big boys’ – who look a bit tired after all their work!

I have always loved mowing the grass! Having a petrol mower requires little effort in moving the machine so one can reflect on life and sort it all out whilst doing a good job at the same time. I have mowed our Pond Field..about 3/4 of an acre and the rest of the lawns so all done!

Flowers and blossom in the garden are showing their best sides to attract all those bees…they are doing a grand job!

It’s a very yellowy / creamish scene!

with a tinge of purply and pink

But things are noticeably turning ‘blue’! …I love blue!

No photos of all the birds in our garden – they are all busy building their nests and singing sweetly in the trees and all seems well with their world…let’s hope the same for us …it’s a shared world for all to enjoy.

Flying bird of the day over the garden ( apologies to Mr T!)


7 Responses to “April 3rd Spring Inspiration”

  1. Marie Says:

    I have loved looking at all your photographs especially the bulrushes and the cowslips, which reminded me ; an oxlip is a natural hybrid between a primrose and a cowslip. It’s surprising what you can learn as a volunteer at the National Botanic Garden of Wales!Thanks Marianne

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Marie. Your volunteering has certainly given you lots of knowledge about plants and everything else too! I love the bulrushes too…maybe they’d make a good painting!!! Best wishes.

  2. tootlepedal Says:

    Excellent flying bird! I got a call form a local volunteer this evening wondering if there was anything that she could help us with. I was very touched. Lovely pictures from your garden.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. It takes a bit of getting used to being included in the vulnerable group due to age! These youngsters seem to be very keen, kind, pleasant and on the ball with their offers of help and it’s good to know that if needed they are there! I am in the garden most of the day but unlike other years when I get a great deal done in a short time small insignificant jobs are now expanding into whole days! Thank goodness nature is taking over and flowers are just looking after themselves!

  3. What a spectacular show of flowers, Marianne! And I love the way the sheep all came running over to you in hopes of a handout. So nice that everyone is looking out for each other. Stay safe.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Sue. We had a whole day of sunshine today which hopefully will lift everyone’s spirits up. The flowers blooming in the garden certainly makes staying at home easier to endure. I was pleased there was a fence in between us and those sheep…it made us laugh though! Hope you stay safe too.

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