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May 1st Llansadwrn Loop and Garden May 1, 2020

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Rain …at last! Who’d have thought I’d be writing about being happy with rain on May 1st! Our water butts are overflowing, the grass is greening up and everywhere looks fresher and brighter. The lambs in the adjacent field are really loving the long grass to run and play in.

The wisteria is starting to hang its beautiful flowers over the trellis and the Welsh poppies are popping up everywhere.

The early flowering yellow rose is flowering already and has encouraged the Gertrude Jekyll rose to open up a bud early too!

The garden is full of spring flowers and lots of colour to brighten our days.

Our village was going to have an Open Garden Day this June which has now been postponed until next year. The break has given me the chance to look at our garden and see how to improve it and create more views through the borders. The ideas are all in my head for now- whether there’ll be the enthusiasm and energy to carry out all the ideas/plans is another matter!!

The bog garden is looking better now with its wild and cultivated plants growing strongly after the rain. The primulas that follow soon are spreading well and bring lots of lovely colour.

The garden is my domain and Jim has his workshop but we do enjoy a walk out together too. Last week we walked the Llansadwrn Loop which is just a 3 mile circular walk around the lanes of the village.

The Canada Goose is still sitting on her nest on the island and the gunnera is getting larger by the day! Hope it doesn’t cover her! Every evening, 5.30pm, she gets off her nest and calls out to her mate…who is in the next field with his mates…a rowdy bunch! She flies over to see him and gets him to come back to the pond. He reluctantly leaves his mate and flies back with her and they splash down together. She then has a wash, brush up and eats some grass etc. He swims around! After a few minutes she’s back on her nest and he swans off again back to his mates! Every evening!

This might not be the easiest of times for everyone but it really does give one time to look at everything that is happening in the garden and enjoy it all.


8 Responses to “May 1st Llansadwrn Loop and Garden”

  1. Marie Says:

    Your garden is beautiful Marianne. You must be very proud of it. It means a lot of hard work to get it into such a wonderful state.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Marie. I only take photos of the garden that look OK- you ought to see the hidden bits!! Looking forward when you and Cath can call and have a coffee outside …keeping social distancing rules in place…of course!! x

  2. Lovely pictures Marianne. Would love to be in Lletty Cottage right now. You will have to post some pictures of Jim’s workshop too!

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Philip. It would be wonderful if you were in the cottage right now! We miss seeing our visitors and enjoying their company and we look forward to when everyone can return…it looks quite a while away yet! I’m only allowed in Jim’s workshop with a permit! I haven’t been given one yet that allows a camera inside as well! He’s still working on his Morris 8…the chassis is looking good- that’s as far as I know or can see through the window!! Take care.

  3. tootlepedal Says:

    What love;y pictures of your garden. It looks so green and fresh that we wish that we could have some of your rain up here. A post packed full of interest from start to finish.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. The rain was much needed and has transformed the garden into a green hideaway! We are so fortunate to have the garden to walk around and enjoy- so sad for those that don’t have these green spaces at this time. Stay safe!

  4. I love the picture of the lambs! And the flowers are gorgeous! The donkeys reminded me of some very happy holidays when I was a child. They were always a welcome sight on the beach and I remember smuggling several sugar cubes from the landlady’s bowl at breakfast time as a treat for them.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Sue…I’m sorry I missed this comment to reply earlier. The lambs are really friendly and they have such individual expressions on their faces…all cute!! The ‘boys’ are really sturdy already and butt one another and the ‘girls’ frolic playfully and just enjoy life! You can tell that with the lockdown I have plenty of time just to enjoy looking at them all. The donkeys belong to my friend and they are really lovely and friendly. They also like being tickled! I haven’t seen donkeys on the beach for a long time now…maybe it’s health and safety gone mad! I used to love a donkey ride too. I bet they loved your sugar treats! Lovely memories!

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