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May 15 Llansadwrn Forestry Walk and Garden May 15, 2020

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Looking through the photos taken over the last fortnight to put in this post has shown the highs and lows of gardening…all courtesy of the weather!

Being blessed with days of sunshine and warmth the sown seeds in the greenhouse sprouted forth and multiplied! Planting out usually takes place on the last Bank Holiday in May…but lured on by the sunshine- I foolishly planted out the peas, courgettes, runner and dwarf beans which all flourished…that is…until …. THE FROST! I really need music to accompany this piece so one can feel the drama rising…or maybe not!. Anyway to cut a long story short…a bit like the plants…they have all gone to pastures new…the compost … so seed planting is starting again!

Before TF (The frost!) the garden was positively blooming although it needed a nightly water to keep the clay soil from cracking open too much.

There was colour everywhere- not in any organised colour combinations- just splashes of random colour brightening the lock down days!

Between all the drama of gardening we have taken local walks to get our permitted daily exercise in. Nearby there is a lovely forestry walk and the track through it follows the hillside to the top where there are wonderful views of the Towy valley below.

In the distance there are the Carmarthenshire Fans and in the far distance 40 miles away there’s Pen Y Fan- the highest peak in South Wales. My little camera zoomed its heart out and managed a good photo of the the twin summits of Pen y Fan and Corn Du!

Either side of the track there were the emerging leaves and fruits of all the trees.

Bluebells danced in the glades.

Birds serenaded us from the tops of trees. One a robin the other unknown but it had a beautiful song! Wonder if anyone can identify it …please.

Back in the garden although visitors aren’t allowed we’ve had a few!

The big news is that the Canada Geese have hatched their six goslings! They are as lovely as ever even though for the first time they are leaving the Pond Field and coming into the garden! They are enjoying swimming in the ‘baby’ pool that I’ve just put in behind the bog garden!!

Trying to move them on proved difficult! The mother limboed under the gate whilst the dad climbed through the fence.

In the end I decided that it was lovely seeing them in the garden and they could stay!

After TF and the goslings the garden looks far more ‘lived in’ with dead veg and molehills!

In the Pond Field there look like some orchid leaves so looking forward to seeing what happens there. Sadly they are growing right beneath the lime tree which only today had a large branch crash down!

Although there is a significant amount of frost damage to plants in the garden the roses are beginning to shine through to brighten everything up again.

Today in ‘normal’ times would have been a Walking Well Walk Day. The posts about the walks have always mentioned Lewis, a dear friend to all the walkers. He led from the front and set the pace and we always tried to keep up with him. He was a true pal and a delightful gentleman. Very sadly he died recently and today was his funeral. He will be greatly missed by all who were fortunate to know him.


10 Responses to “May 15 Llansadwrn Forestry Walk and Garden”

  1. tootlepedal Says:

    What a tragedy. The frost hit you badly. Our vegetables survived well but they won’t have been so far on as yours perhaps. Your flower pictures are wonderful.

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading. For once I’m pleased that I take photos of the garden as I now have a record of before and after TF! It is sad to see how much damage has happened…the veg I can cope with as I’ve planted more seeds already but the wisteria! Just coming into flower but I’ll cut it all down today and look forward to a new start for the spring garden in 2021. I think that may the time we all have a new start as your lockdown is going on as long as ours! Lovely Langholm house for sale in the papers today! Thanks again for all your brilliant posts.

  2. Lynda North Says:

    You have many beautiful flowers in your garden. They are a joy to see. It’s very sad to hear about your beans, courgettes etc after all your hard work. I sowed 10 bean seeds nearly 3 weeks ago in the greenhouse and only one has grown with one other showing some small signs of life, so I won’t be eating many beans this year!
    Your goslings are very cute, but even a small flock of Canadas make a dreadful mess of grass and plants over time. Will it be goose for Xmas dinner this year?
    My baby blue tits finally hatched on Thursday, which is later than usual. They are fun to watch via our bird-cam, but only time will tell if many will survive. I have a regular Robin visitor begging for suet pellets and worms when the bird feeders are empty. Mrs Robin is much shyer but also comes for food sometimes. Also, 6 Swifts arrived back on 4 – 6May, about a week earlier than usual. It is a joy to hear them screaming and chasing above my garden after travelling back from sunny South Africa. Amazing birds.
    Thank you again for sharing your photos. xx

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Lynda and it’s good to read that you are enjoying using your bird cam and seeing all the blue tits in their nest. I would really like to buy a wild life camera and see what happens in the garden overnight! We sometimes hear such strange animal sounds and wonder what is happening! Swifts are back here too and settling into their nests under the eaves…very noisily! Sadly no swallows this year after I got the wood store cleaned out ready for them too! Hope all is well with you and you are keeping well and active in this strange time!

  3. Loved the photos Marianne, and your family of geese! What a treat ( hope they don’t do too much damage though…) As for TF – yes it’s caught us all out I think… strangely it’s one of the advantages of being up a hill that the worst of the cold air always falls away from us into the valley bottom, but as you say the early tender veg and fruit are no more! Got to minus 3 here I think. Sorry to hear about the sad loss of your walking friend. A blow at any time, but worse in such a terrible time with funeral restrictions et al…
    best wishes

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Julian. It is a sad time to say goodbye to a friend but I have wonderful memories of all the walks and laughs we had together. TF was a totally surprise …I’ll have words with Derek Brockway if I meet him!! No mention of serious frost on forecast just ‘getting cold’ !! I’ve planted more veg seeds and some annual flower seeds as well to fill in any gaps! Sadly the wisteria has taken full damage from TF so no photo opportunities there this year! Next house we buy will be at the top of a hill and not in a frost pocket at the bottom ! Mind you we certainly have no intention of ever moving so I’d better get used to the frost! Stay well.

  4. The frost has a lot to answer for! I lost all my azalea flowers because of it, and they were doing so well this year too. As always, the flower pictures are gorgeous! Lovely to see all the visitors to your garden, Marianne. I was very sorry to hear about your friend, Lewis.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Sue. Sorry that you lost your azalea too. The trouble with gardening is all the anticipation and preparation waiting for plants to flower and then in one night it all ends so suddenly! Never mind we can all start again next year! I don’t feel in the mood yet to sow any annuals for a summer display- I just might let the Canada Geese enjoy the garden! Old friends are good friends and I shall miss Lewis – our walks won’t be the same! Lockdown is still continuing in Wales though restrictions are easing in England …just hope that a vaccine can be found soon for everyone.

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