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June 13 Abermarlais Walk and Garden June 13, 2020

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Another fortnight has somehow passed since my last post and life seems to be in a very gentle groove! Pottering around in the garden and house and going on pleasant, quiet, circular local walks has filled my days. The lockdown has been slowly, slowly eased in Wales ( too slow for some, just right for others!) and visitors are allowed in the garden! So great excitement when we had some visitors and it was wonderful to have face to face conversation with them all. Missed the hugs though!

Other visitors to the garden have not been so welcome!

Birds are always welcome in the garden even if they are eating everything!

The swifts which have nests all round our house, in the eaves, are always screeching and screaming around the place. One nest is right above our bedroom window so we hear the chicks calling out for food…all the time!

Not a good photo…the swift was too swift for the camera to catch it entering its nest!

June has arrived so it’s hay time! As soon as the farmer turns up with the tractor to cut the grass the buzzards and red kites appear overhead watching carefully for any sign of movement in the cut grass that would mean a tasty lunch for them!

Just down the road from us is Abermarlais. There is a caravan site in the grounds of ‘an old high status dwelling’ long demolished! As the caravan park is closed as are all holiday accommodations in Wales ..including Lletty Cottage … the site is empty but looking wonderful. It is primed ready for the return of visitors as looking at its very best and prettiest. http://abermarlaiscaravanpark.co.uk

Back home the garden is now settling down after all the changes in the weather and flowers and vegetable garden are all doing well.Love all the foxgloves and the teasels that are shooting up!

The roses all seemed to want a friend with them!

The clematis are climbing and covering all before them!

The orchid in our front lawn has finally flowered and it’s beautiful and the patch of ragged robin from last year has only produced one flower so far!

As I write this there is an almighty thunder storm happening! I have been advised to switch the computer off!!! Therefore, dear reader, I am ending this sharpish! Thank you for reading and keep staying safe and enjoy the new easing of lockdown wherever you are!

My one and only poppy!


8 Responses to “June 13 Abermarlais Walk and Garden”

  1. Philip Says:

    Lovely pictures as ever Marianne. Helps to keep one’s spirits high! Hopefully see you soon. Thank you.

    • lletty Says:

      Hello Philip
      Thanks for reading. Really hope we can get walking again soon! You’ll have to plan a short walk as I’m out of condition even though we have tried to do walks around here…but they are relatively short ones! Let’s hope the cafes are able to open soon and all the other tourist destinations…cafes first though!! Thanks again.

  2. tootlepedal Says:

    What a fine show of flowers you have. How nice to have an orchid. I am keeping my eye for them round here but have only seen one so far. Have they given you a possible date when you may open for visitors yet?

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. I’m pleased that there are flowers bursting out everywhere but my pride and joy is the orchid! I hope one day that there will be more! No news at all when holiday cottages may reopen…it must be devastating for all the tourism businesses around about here. Whatever happens we will stay shut until September at the earliest. This post did not post as intended! Many of the photos were interspersed with a commentary and the words were there when I previewed but gone when I published! Some photos are too large as well…I think I’ll have to make a further effort at understanding WordPress!! I like the way your posts look…smart, efficient and colourful and highly enjoyable to read!

  3. Wonderful garden photos Marianne. Such a shame that with Covid you’ve only been able to share these virtually, and missed out on real visitors. Perhaps with numbers gradually reducing there may be a slight relaxing soon…
    Best wishes to you both,

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Julian.It will be lovely to welcome more visitors for coffee here and even better when visitors are able to return to the cottage. We are having the decorators in soon so we’ll be ready when the lockdown eases. Wales is definitely being sure and steady in its approach to easing but those businesses that rely on tourism for income must be hoping for a quicker easing now! We’ll have to learn to live with the virus and adapt our ways to the change…everyone should be responsible for their own welfare and adjust their lifestyles to suit. Rant over! Thank goodness we have our gardens to roam around, keep us occupied, busy and happy!
      Best wishes to you both.

  4. What a lovely variety of visitors to your garden, Marianne. I know the squirrels can be pests at times but they are very entertaining to watch when they’re trying to figure out how to get to the food. All the flowers are looking spectacular, especially the roses and clematis. It does seem as though things are slowly returning to semi-normal both here and over there. Places are gradually starting to open up and it’s good to finally be able to get together with family. I hope you will soon see a return of visitors to the cottage. Everything looks so beautiful and just waiting for people to come and enjoy it.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Sue and your kind comment about the flowers and those pesky squirrels! We will be having an update on lockdown measures in Wales on Friday. At present we are supposed to be limited to staying local and only 5 miles from home. Trouble is we live in a rural spot and it’s over 5 miles to get to the local Coop! Can’t wait for that to change! It will all ease off in the next months , I’m sure, and then it will be lovely to see our visitors again.

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