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July 3rd Damp but getting Sunnier Soon! July 3, 2020

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Life motors on just the same as the weeks before….but definitely a feeling that it’s getting slower and slower! I feel like the little tortoise on my garden table…happy and safe in my home but a bit of a plodder! I’m sure energy levels will be revitalised when the 5 mile limit on travelling is lifted next Monday…I’ll be off then …hopefully in the week to a beach and the promise is fine weather too! Also on Monday Aberglasney Gardens are reopening and I’ll be back to volunteering on some days…hooray!

After keeping up with our local walks the most exciting thing we have done is visit our recycling centre in Ammanford…over 5 miles away! After booking a visiting slot online we drove there and found it all very organised and a relief to leave our rubbish behind.

Checking through our rubbish before we left home I discovered that Jim was discarding his metal toolbox as it was broken. This was swiftly removed from the pile and after a bit of remedial work it is now a lovely plant container!

Although there have been some periods of sunshine it has also rained and been chilly. Flowers have been unsure whether to fully open or stay down-headed and closed!

I’ve always like gates and little pathways and luckily I’ve a few in our garden to enjoy. ( Just found our again how to do circles!)

Our house plants are enjoying a break in the fresh air although they have complained about the cold wind!

The veg garden is at last beginning to speed up after the loss of so many plants in the frost. Some lovely friends brought some extra plants and they are doing well. The peas show lots of promise…hope the pods fill out soon!

The garden keeps surprising me with flowers that suddenly bloom and flowers that just keep on going and going!

I wish the garden was as tidy as all the above photos imply …it’s all a jumble really…very cottage garden with overflowing borders and many lovely weeds/wild flowers and trees. The lime tree is absolutely buzzing with bees and the self heal has covered all our lawns…so pretty.

After the weeks with no rain, a couple of months ago, when the water levels in the pond dropped, pond weed has taken over. Now there’s enough rain to top it all up the moorhens are happy again!

Thank you for reading.


4 Responses to “July 3rd Damp but getting Sunnier Soon!”

  1. Hello Marianne, wonderful photos as always of you lovely garden’s flowers, with an abundance of blue sky! Well done on capturing that! I look forward to seeing your update on ABG when it opens..
    Best wishes

  2. lletty Says:

    Thank you for reading Julian. Blue sky! I wish we had more of it. Can’t believe it’s rained all day today and yesterday too. All the clearing of borders and gardening I’ve done over the last weeks seems to be of no avail as the rain has brought bushes to their knees and borders running with little streams! Hey ho…good job gardeners have patience!! I’ll let you know how Aberglasney is getting on.Best wishes

  3. The flowers are lovely, Marianne! Enjoy your trip to the beach. I’m looking forward to seeing pictures.

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading Sue. We went to the beach yesterday…hooray! New Quay (Wales! )The sun shone, the beach was empty and the waves were rolling…just perfect. First day we were able to drive more than 5 miles…this beach is usually packed with holiday makers so it was very special to have it to ourselves! Feel back to normal now…well the new normal…whatever that is!

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