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July 18 Aberglasney and Seaside Wishes Completed! July 18, 2020

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It’s a jolly good idea to have something to look forward to in life and my wishes over the last months in lockdown have been to visit Aberglasney and the seaside again and see our family. Just like Aladdin two of my wishes have come true already…the third wish to see our family will have to wait a while until next year …so it’s good to keep something very special to look forward to!

Aberglasney is looking amazing with borders brimming over with plants that have just been waiting to show themselves off to visitors. The cafe is now also open with a limited menu and sitting outside under the canopy with social distancing in place is perfect.

The wildflower meadow is a highlight in the garden at this time of year and this year it is the best!

The Sunken Garden is looking beautiful too!

Alongside the pool there’s a pretty view of the border leading to the cafe.

Elsewhere in the garden there are delights around every corner for everyone to enjoy.

After some visits to the Gardens it was time to be granted my second wish of a visit to the seaside. On the day the sun shone we headed for New Quay, which was much quieter than normal for this time of year. The holiday makers are returning to the area now so businesses will be feeling happier as they hope for more sunny days to bring in the visitors.

New Quay has a delightful harbour and usually one can see dolphins and seals out at sea when one walks along the harbour wall…but we didn’t see any!! We did enjoy looking at all the rock formations and the crushed shells on the beach though.

New Quay was one of the stopping off places for Dylan Thomas as he moved around locations and it is said that New Quay was the basis for his “Under Milkwood” 1954 radio drama….it certainly has all the features and characters…even now!

Interesting to read the tolls and charges that were applied years ago and to see the memorial erected to commemorate the men/women lost in the WW1 and 2

The National Trust have just started opening up their properties properly in Wales but some of the places have kept their walks available. We enjoyed a walk around Llanerchaeron woods which were open but the cafe is closed .

Back home the wild flowers are still bringing colour to the Pond Field.

Sadly we didn’t have any swallows nesting this year but we did have a little wren who has made good use of an old swallow’s nest under the carport! We do have numerous swifts though…we reckon there are at least six different nests under our eaves!

The garden keeps me very busy with trying to stop it turning into a jungle! I haven’t succeeded! The weather with its alternating rain, humidity and sunshine creates a perfect combination to make the grass grow and plants to expand!

It looks as though life is resuming slowly so I can see that I will be making a few more wishes soon. The mermaid at New Quay certainly looks as though she is blowing all her good wishes to everyone…thank you for reading.


13 Responses to “July 18 Aberglasney and Seaside Wishes Completed!”

  1. bumbleandme Says:

    Beautiful photos as always! I was at Aberglasney Friday, and it’s always a delight for the senses. It looked particularly spectacular, the gardeners have done an amazing job looking after it during lockdown. X

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. The garden is such a special place and the gardeners deserve every accolade for making it such a beautiful place to visit. Great to read that you enjoyed your visit there and I hope you’ll return very soon as it always amazes me when I visit the garden that there is always something new to see and appreciate. Best wishesx

  2. Marie and Mark Dommett Says:

    Hi we will have to go to the gardens. When we have a free day as it looks amazing. Your own garden is also looking good. Love to you both Marie and Mark

    • lletty Says:

      Hello M and M Good to hear from you. Hope all is going well with house move. Let me know when you may visit Aberglasney I could meet you there! I’m in every Sunday! You are always welcome to call in here at any time as you know. Love x

  3. Hello Marianne,
    A wonderfully colourful selection of photos from West Wales in the sunshine! Well done – funnily enough we have an almost identical wren’s nest in an old swallow nest too this year,
    best wishes

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Julian. West Wales is beautiful…especially when the sun is shining! We are all fortunate to live near these beautiful places and it would be remiss to stay at home and not visit them!! Read in the paper today that Llanllwni ( near you?) has been given Dark Sky status…hope you’ve got a torch handy! See you in Aberglasney soon…don’t miss the wildflower meadow! Best wishes.

  4. tootlepedal Says:

    Both those wishes made for wonderful pictures for your readers to enjoy so I am glad that they came true. Your own garden looks delightful too. You must have been working hard.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. Being able to visit places again has been really lovely. I didn’t like the feeling of being ‘locked down’! Being able to visit the seaside and to feel the sand under my feet and smell the fresh sea air made all the difference and now I’m back to normal!!! The garden has really helped to keep me occupied and busy but even though I have spent hours gardening parts still look like a jungle! Mustn’t complain though as we are just so fortunate to have a garden when there are many without…can’t imagine what that would be like!

  5. Beautiful pictures, with all those lovely flowers, Marianne. And how I envy you your trip to the seaside. One of the down sides to living where we do now is that we are so far away from the coast. My fear of flying makes any kind of journey by car to the seaside a major project for us, which is probably why we have rarely attempted it. I’m so glad that two of your three wishes have come true and hope that you will soon be able to see your family. Thanks for sharing such happy moments.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Sue. It has been such a strange time which we’ve coped with very well. We’ve enjoyed being together in the quiet and seeing all the nature in the garden and amazingly we are still talking to one another!! However, I definitely felt the need for a day at the seaside! Sorry to read that you live too far away to take a quick visit to the coast …I’ll try to post more seaside photos next post to help you out! Our son and family were supposed to be home here from Canada for August so we’ll just have to wait …like you and the seaside….until next year now…thank goodness for Facetime! Stay well and enjoy that amazing garden of yours.

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