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August 15 Tredegar and Aberglasney August 15, 2020

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Good to be back on the computer after all the amazing thunderstorms we’ve had locally and lightning flashes, one of which , zapped our router! BT were very good and replaced it very swiftly! It has been very hot and humid and as it was too hot for the beach or the mountains, a visit out to a town seemed on the cards!

An artist friend of mine has just painted a great portrait of Aneurin Bevan and Derek, our Weatherman Walking, had visited Tredegar, where Nye was born in 1897, so using the information from the Weatherman Walking website we set off! Only an hour away and a town we’d never visited before so although hot outside, the air conditioned car seemed the best place to be! A very welcoming entrance to the Park.

We started our town tour by visiting the lovely Bedwellty Park. The paths were lined with a range of trees which cooled our short walk up to the house and cafe where we enjoyed a socially distanced and Eat Out to Help Out snack!

Tredegar town has an industrial and cultural past. To mark the people who helped shape the town there are a number of stainless steel artworks placed around the town to tell their stories.

Following the paths through the park we stopped at a large building which houses the biggest lump of coal in the world!! It was huge and wouldn’t have fitted into any coal house I know!

The coal should have been shown at the 1851 Great Exhibition at Crystal Palace but weighing in at 15 tonnes it was too heavy to transport so came to Bedwellty.

Also in the park was an icehouse, a grotto and a large kitchen garden with an ornate gate to enter by …so lots to see and enjoy.

Leaving the park we walked up to the town keeping in the shade of the houses and passing newly decorated businesses on the way. Very smart!

The centre of Tredegar is dominated by a fine town clock. The tablet saying how the money was raised to build this magnificent clock made me think that Mary Davis definitely knew how to run a money making bazaar!

Mary Elizabeth Davis

Aneurin Bevan (1897-1960) was a Labour MP, who in 1948 implemented the National Health Service. He’d been inspired by a local society which provided healthcare to miners and ironworkers, who paid into a subscription. He said in Parliament:  ‘We are going to “Tredegarise” you’. And he did!

He gave up his seat for me! What a gentleman!

Good to see that our Chancellor of the Exchequer is highly thought of in Tredegar!

Leaving the town centre we visited the other park in the town, Parc Brynbach, which had a splendid lake plus wildfowl and a cafe with icecream…we were sorted!

Earlier in the week we had visited Carmarthen to collect my new lawn mower!

We crossed the Towy river over the Pont King Morgan pedestrian bridge and stood and watched in one direction the new rolling stock chug into Carmarthen station and in the other direction there was the three span bridge that we were heading for. This bridge had replaced the seven span bridge in 1937. There’s a good view of the Carmarthen County Offices from the bridge. The lawn mower shop was nearby and all was in order so collection was easy in the car!

I might have mentioned before that I rather enjoy my visits to Aberglasney Gardens!! My visit last week was with a number of good friends from an art group I belong to. There was a great deal of social distancing and lots of coffee, chat and enjoyment!

Back home it’s becoming hard work saving the garden from becoming a jungle! The hot humid weather followed by lots of rain are just the perfect conditions for growth!! The veg garden has been productive and we are now enjoying many dinners with runner beans, peas, turnips(!) courgettes, leeks, tomatoes, cucumbers and spinach! The apples and pears are coming along well and the birds think so too!

During lockdown I made up some hanging baskets just using ‘old’ begonia tubers. They have turned out to be very easy to grow, no maintenance just watering and they are colourful…so I’ll plant them again next year!

Thank you for reading this post. Hope this helps you plan all the places you can visit whilst staying in Lletty Cottage when it reopens next spring.


7 Responses to “August 15 Tredegar and Aberglasney”

  1. tootlepedal Says:

    Wonderful illustrated outings. You find good places to go. The garden looks gorgeous and I am very envious of your apples as ours failed entirely this year.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. Living where we do we are surrounded by the industrial and cultural history of Wales. It’s enjoyable now to visit places that I was taught about at school…decades ago… and now I’m beginning to understand it all! Bit late but better late than never! Cor! I wish I could share some apples and pears with you before the birds eat them all!

  2. Hello Marianne,
    Wonderful review as usual – glad you saw the lightning – have you seen Karl Mccarthy’s amazing pics…taken from Tredegar! I’m very tempted to get one to remind me of an amazing display. https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=10224530918126894&set=pcb.10224530919366925
    Sorry to hear about your BT router – I’d met our post lady on the track the day after the storms, and she predicted she’d be busy delivering lots of new routers after the storms, so I’m guessing you weren’t alone! Loved the stainless steel? cut outs at Tredegar, but there don’t seem to be many people about either in Tredegar or Carmarthen..
    Best wishes

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Julian. Thank you too for the link to that amazing photo and the brilliant photographer! Our Postie said the same…only thing he was delivering was a van full of routers! Tredegar town was empty, the part we visited, but the parks were busier with families enjoying the sunshine and the playgrounds. I must say we were impressed with Tredegar town and how it was promoting its heritage. The centre was all under scaffolding being renovated. There were lots more stainless steel artworks around so we’ll have to go back and find them all…maybe stay in that lovely hotel! Best wishes to you both.

  3. Such an interesting visit to Tredegar, Marianne! And what a coincidence! I was watching something on tv the other evening and for some reason Mr. Bevan’s name popped into my head. I wanted to Google it but couldn’t remember how to spell his rather unusual first name and now you have solved the mystery. Thank you! The Aberglasney Gardens are beautiful and your own garden has been flourishing by the look of things.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Sue. Glad to be of help with the name! After all my history lessons at school …many many years ago …it’s actually good to catch up and find out where special moments in history took place and the important figures at the time. I’m enjoying my trail through history! I’m very fortunate to live not too far away from Aberglasney – it really is a beautiful place to visit.

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