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August 28 Myddfai, Craig y Nos, Dragon’s Garden. August 28, 2020

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Bank Holiday weekend and hopefully it will stop raining for a day or two! All those people on holidays need a bit of sunshine before they all return to work!

Fortunately we chose a relatively dry day to visit Myddfai and its Visitor Centre. A village not too far away with a lovely cafe, which was open, and an easy walk around the village lanes. The village is well known for its connection to the Physicians of Myddfai, a medical tradition that dates back to the 13th century often relating to herbal remedies.

The ‘Physicians’ apparently used many of the wildflowers and herbs growing locally to treat many ailments. Walking around the village there were a number of wildflowers in the banks and along the verges. Not sure if they used any of these in their treatments.

A look into the Visitor Centre shop is always enjoyable as they have lots of interesting goods for sale most of them locally made.

Thank goodness for all the information signs as a low grassy mound in the adjacent field might be a moated medieval homestead…I’d never have guessed!

On a visit to Carmarthen to visit the dentist…where I had a tooth out…we stopped for coffee, before going to the dentist, in the new cafe that was once the Magistrates’ Court in the 240 years old Guildhall! We sat outside and looked at the monument in front of the building from the back and then the front!

The coffee and cake were fine and afterwards we had a sneak upstairs to look at all the paintings displayed on the walls and to see if we could peep into the old court room…we could!

The first of our local village walks around the Loop started up again recently. It was very enjoyable to be walking out again with friends and we were able to stay socially distanced and yet keep up a steady chat all the way round!

Creativity seems to be the norm in our village, Llansadwrn, as an enterprising villager has turned an old stable block into a wonderful book shop. The setting in a glade, with a market garden attached, off a country lane is quite perfect….a shop of delights.

Listening to the weather forecast earlier this week the words ‘ dry with sunny spells’ sounded out loud and clear! Another visit out was definitely on the cards! Just a short hop over the mountains (40 minutes drive) brought us to Craig y Nos Country Park .

Craig-y-Nos Castle and grounds were once the estate of the celebrated opera diva Adelina Patti who during her lifetime ( 1843-1919 ) became one of the worlds most famous and highly rewarded entertainers.’ 

The walk around the park and round the lakes was most enjoyable even when it began to rain!

Sadly the castle where weddings are frequently held looked as though Covid had caused problems as it was all closed up.

Driving home we enjoyed the sight of the heather covering the vast expanse of the hillsides …wish the sun had been shining though!

Back home the garden has received a severe flattening with the storms, wind and rain but it’s fighting back and still giving lots of colour and enjoyment!

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely, dry and sunny Summer Bank Holiday. Next 2020 Bank Holiday is Christmas Day!


6 Responses to “August 28 Myddfai, Craig y Nos, Dragon’s Garden.”

  1. tootlepedal Says:

    Another post filled with delights. I liked the rushing water on your walk. Your heather looks lovely and the pigs are fine lookers too. As always, your garden is filled with colour. I hope that you do get some decent bank holiday weather. They say that it is going to be cold and windy here.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. Today it hasn’t rained! However, it has been jolly chilly and quite windy at times. Part of our front lawn has been under water due to all the bursts of heavy rain so hopefully this wind will dry it out…or freeze it! I was really pleased to see all the heather on the hills as I’d been quite envious of the sight of heather on your moors. It must be a good year for it as the colour was rich and striking. It is very hard to walk through though! Hope you have a lovely Bank Holiday with your family….again I’m very envious as our family from Canada had to cancel their August holiday with us here due to the virus, which means I won’t see my 6 year old twin grand children until 2021! Ah well…at least I can enjoy reading your posts!

  2. Some interesting outings, Marianne. The book shop would definitely be one of my favorites. I’m glad the weather has been cooperating for your walks. We were badly in need of rain here but the trouble is, when it starts, it doesn’t know when to stop. As always, the flowers look beautiful in your garden. Unfortunately, most of my garden is finished for the year. I really need to add some late-blooming plants to keep the color going a bit longer.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. I think one of the most difficult things in gardening is to have colour throughout the year. Last Autumn I planted more evergreens to give structure to the garden and the idea was to plant spring bulbs around them, then bright annuals followed by pansies for late colour. What has happened plants didn’t grow in the correct season so the borders have gone mad and overgrown with them all. Back to the drawing board for me! You have just liked a comment …so you must be on line….Hello You! Lovely to know you are there…hope all is well with you and family.

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