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September 25 Aberglasney: Discovery of Witches, Llandovery September 25, 2020

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Today the sun shone and the wind blew and a trip to Llandovery for a hair cut was on the cards. Llandovery is a lovely little town and caters for all one needs. It’s a good feeling to park the car overlooked by the old castle. The carpark now has a battery charger next to the playground. I’m sure that all the children’s energy could be adapted to energise all the car batteries…they never stop and only occasionally need refuelling with chocs and such like.

Walking through the park, up the slope to the castle, the town lies below the gaze of the shining stainless steel monument to Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Fychan. He was executed in Llandovery 1401  by Henry IV of England in punishment for his support of Owain Glyndŵr‘s Welsh rebellion. Oh dear!

Back in the town, which was quiet except for some shoppers shopping all wearing face masks and queuing neatly outside the Post Office.

Newly decorated and looking very smart

Back home with the sun shining a good time to have a look around the garden. The last weeks have been busy with a great deal of cutting down and tidying up. There have been days full of butterflies, dragonflies and bees and other days when the early morning sun has caught the cobwebs glistening with dew.

Another few visits to Aberglasney were enjoyed. For the first time since March the mansion was open with an excellent art and craft exhibition and the Bonsai Group had a meeting outside The Piggeries.

Preparations were also being made in the garden by the production company that were filming the series Discovery Witches Sky TV. Very exciting news for all those who know about these things…sadly I don’t!!

The A for Aberglasney on the plant container has been covered with a motif in preparation for filming…just one tiny example of how things are done!

The garden has looked particularly beautiful with all the summer flowers and now autumn hues are taking over.

On entering the garden one has to pass under the bough of a magnificent Western Red Cedar, Thuja Plicata 150+ years old!

Walking up Bishop Rudd’s Walk to the top of the garden there is a new feature that looks bare at the present but one which will be planted with many clematis. Another place to sit and enjoy the view over the borders and towards Carmarthen.

Getting ready for Hallowe’en!

The news today is full of local lockdowns and a rising rate of infections. Looks like lots more days staying in the garden and remembering how fortunate we are to have clean fresh air, home grown veg and enough land to have our own space…Jim in his workshop, me in the garden so still talking! Stay safe!


9 Responses to “September 25 Aberglasney: Discovery of Witches, Llandovery”

  1. tootlepedal Says:

    A lovely post again. Thank you. The rise in infections is very alarming and I fear that being stuck at home will be the order of the day again pretty soon. Still, as you say, there will be worse places to be stuck in than your lovely garden.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. The local lockdowns are getting nearer and already we are advised to only travel when necessary! As you say thank goodness for our gardens. Today we were blessed with a beautiful autumn morning with a bright sunrise and mist in the valley followed by bright blue sky…although it was freezing cold and my ferns got frost bite! However, the sunshine lifts the spirits and things brighten considerably…I’m hoping for more days like this to combat the dark evenings, the lack of visiting family and being confined to home!! Stay safe but keep cycling…please!

  2. Thanks for some lovely photos capturing the brilliant weather down here of late, Marianne. Love the big spider, and the statue on the hill at Llandovery – we’ve never climbed up to see it. And of course the idea of harnessing children’s energy and feeding it into the grid/batteries – brilliant, While we were away recently we discovered Henry Cole on TV and binge watched – I guess you and Jim know all about him, and somehow I envy anyone who can tinker with old machines in a workshop and get then going again, which I guess is right up Jim’s street.
    Take care and enjoy the slide into autumn,
    best wishes

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you Julian for reading. I’ve just read your wonderful post and thoroughly enjoyed it. Jim has worked many years on rebuilding his Morris 8 . It is still in chassis form as he is machining everything!! Such a perfectionist…we are so opposites!! I was going to show photos of the cobwebs in our bedroom over, under and around the beams in great hammocks of silky threads but I thought it would put people off and think I didn’t clean! They reappear as quickly as I remove them with a 3 metre pole and sheep skin head!! The joys of living in the countryside! henry Cole is brilliant …a favourite! Stay safe and take care as the local lockdowns get nearer! Best wishes

      • Thanks Marianne… wow, Jim must be super competent if he’s machining stuff like that – way beyond anything I could manage. I know what you mean about cobwebs – and in our case slug trails too! I didd look Henry Cole up and discovered that he went to Eton…maybe even a contemporary of Boris? I know who I think has the better feel for his audience…
        Sounds like we’re lucky to be part of the 40% of Wales that still has moderate freedoms…
        Take care and best wishes,

      • lletty Says:

        One day…in the virus free new future…you must call and visit us and see the workshop…amazing things are machined in there ! Jim made some little springs for the brakes I think on the chassis of the Morris 8 and I was impressed and he said they were the easiest things he’d ever made ! I made a video of him making one to send to our grandson. The video was too large to email so I sent it by Youtube…not understanding that it is now for all to see! 55 people have found it and he has 3 followers!!! This is the one and only Youtube that he will ever make!!

        Thank goodness we all have our hobbies to keep us busy and safe during these days.
        (Space station just went over…really clear night…maybe frosty! Bats flying too! )
        Thanks again Julian. Take care both of you.

  3. Haha! I like the observation about the children’s energy. And those spider webs are amazing! So nice to still have all those beautiful flowers in the garden. Mine is looking sadly empty, now that I’ve cleared away all the plants that are done for the year. I suppose it was inevitable that we would see a return of lockdown measures. People are very good about wearing masks here in Illinois but you can see how, in other States where rules are more relaxed, things could quickly get out of hand. Just one more thing to worry about, on top of all the political turmoil and unrest in the country. As you say, thank goodness for the garden.

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading Sue. The garden has actually been a godsend and although I’ve always loved gardening it’s more now…it’s a sanctuary. Enjoying all the plants and tending to them takes one’s mind off all that is happening elsewhere and calms the soul…ready for the next news bulletin on lockdowns! Our county, Carmarthenshire, has been relatively sheltered from the virus until now! A large town not too far away has now entered lockdown and we can only take journeys when necessary! That blows my chances of a visit to the seaside! Let’s hope that these local lockdowns wake up every one to take more care ! Hope you stay safe and sail through all the politics and virus problems …start planning your Spring garden and look forward to a brighter future! That’s what I’m going to do! Thank you again for reading.

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