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October 9 Dinefwr, Spitfire Museum, Aberglasney October 9, 2020

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Our Walking Well walks have all been postponed due to Covid. Now another blow, that our walk leader, Philip, has decided that after leading our group with amazing walks supported by Lewis, it’s time for him to leave and take another path. Thanks Philip for all the walks- you’ll be really missed.

On a sunny Saturday we decided to take a quick drive to Llandeilo to visit Dinefwr National Trust. We hadn’t been here for a walk since April due to lockdown and then laziness! We parked in the Home Farm carpark and noticed a circular metal display depicting the history of the Towy Valley. We followed a different path from normal through farm buildings and noticed all kinds of interesting things: a barn with a lovely cobblestone floor, a kiln of some kind and an open barn with the hay harvest all collected!

History of the Towy Valley

We recalled that the last time we were here we were enjoying the vast display of bluebells in the woods. Now the trees were in their autumn colours and conkers were on the ground under the horse chestnut trees and acorns all round the oaks. The ‘bird’ tree looked perplexed and wondered where the year had gone!

Newton House could be seen in the distance and it was only a short walk to the front of the House to discover that although the cafe and house were closed an order for coffee and scones could be made through the window! Hooray!

After our refreshments, we headed off to complete a circular walk passing the cowshed where there were two of the treasured white cattle…only calves. Maybe they’d been naughty and kept in as the rest of the herd were out grazing in the fields.

Two further cattle were on their own in a field…socially distanced! Apparently they were being kept separated from the herd as a quarantine precaution for TB.

This post wouldn’t be the same if Aberglasney wasn’t mentioned!

Once where the pig sties used to be is now The Piggeries! The Bonsai Group meet there every Sunday either indoors in one of the rooms or outside. There is a wonderful greenhouse catering for all the needs of the garden. Just to walk through the greenhouse is a joy noting all the plants that are growing for the next season and seeing new ideas!

Elsewhere in the Garden is a melon house – lots of seedlings growing there at present.

On my visit to the Gardens I fell into a conversation with a lady who was on holiday from England. She said she had enjoyed her holiday very much especially her visit to Aberglasney and to Haverfordwest , where she had visited the smallest museum ever for a Spitfire!

Last time we had visited Haverfordwest the museum had been closed so this seemed a good opportunity to try a visit again. Luckily, Pembrokeshire isn’t in lockdown and although unnecessary travel isn’t recommended I’m sure a drive to see a Spitfire would be regarded as very important!

A part of my childhood was spent in Haverfordwest so a walk around the town and a coffee in the library was a very enjoyable part of the visit. We walked up the road we had lived on and it was lovely to see the old haunts again. I have always loved castles and bridges and maybe seeing the castle most days on my walk to school and all the lovely bridges in town can explain my interest in them.

Interestingly, my old school is now flats!My brother’s school, which was next door- had disappeared!

At last we reached our destination…The Spitfire Museum! Well, actually it’s a shop and at the back of the shop behind a curtain there is the museum! Small but perfectly interesting with many pieces and a Spitfire fuselage with a seat.

It really was fascinating to see it all and to talk to the gentleman in charge. They now need to raise two million pounds to put all the pieces together and to buy parts before the Welsh Spitfire will be ready for flying. I added £2 to the kitty!

Back home the weather has been the perfect combination of rain, warmth and chill to make our hedges grow! A professional team was needed to help sort our problem out! It came in the form of three hard working gentlemen from D.T.S. Tree Services Lampeter who cut our hedge, bushes and laurel down to a manageable size!

All the lovely wood chippings piled up ready to use!

Under the hedges plants that had been hidden began to emerge!

Flowers are still flowering even though we have had some chilly days and nights. Plants have their fruits and the holly bushes are full of red berries.

Although there are old wives’ tales about an abundant crop of red berries  indicating a harsh winter ahead- it could just be that the weather conditions have been perfect for hedges and berries to grow…see above!!

Some roses from the garden have brought some cheer into the house through the rainy days and miserable news days!

The sky has brought interest too with many strange cloud formations during the day and a very bright Mars and shooting stars in the night.

Thank you for reading.


11 Responses to “October 9 Dinefwr, Spitfire Museum, Aberglasney”

  1. tootlepedal Says:

    Well, you had some good visits in spite of missing your well walk. What an excellent pile of chippings too.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. Many things have changed during the lockdown period and continuing even now. It has given everyone the time to reflect on their lives and maybe people want to spend more time with their families than spend time organising groups etc. I know the feeling! It’s far less stress just to concentrate on home affairs and enjoy life!

      • tootlepedal Says:

        I miss my social outings and look forward to getting back to choir singing. We have done very little in the way of excursions and visits and will be glad to do more when circumstances permit….not to mention grandchildren.

      • lletty Says:

        I’ve had some wonderful Facetime calls from family in Canada. I was taken to school in the car on the grandchildren’s first day back, I’ve watched their ice skating lessons and yesterday I ‘ran’ along the beach with them on Vancouver Island celebrating Thanksgiving! I’m exhausted ! Can’t wait to see and hug them though!

      • tootlepedal Says:

        Enterprising virtual activity!

  2. Marie Dommett Says:

    Hi to you both glad that you have been out and about. Love all the photos. We are slowly getting jobs done at Ty Henlloy. The garden needs lots of work but its very slowly getting. Just asking would you like any baking apples as we have lots!!

    • lletty Says:

      Hello Marie How good to hear from you. Don’t worry about your garden…the winter is coming and everything will die down and it will all look better! It sounds as though you are settling in to your new home and ticking off the never ending list of jobs to be done…I warn you the list grows! Thank you for the kind offer of apples but we have too many as well. I try to use as many as possible but run out of steam. I do keep a spare fridge in the workshop and store lots there and take them out in the cold weather to feed the birds!! Please remember to call in any time you are passing…we can sit under the shelter if you don’t want to come too close! Hope you are both well and coping with the restrictions. Miss your visits.x

  3. I Says:

    Hi Marianne,
    So many interesting photographs of places I am very familiar with and some not so familiar.
    Such an array of flowers in your garden. You are such a busy lady. I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at your photographs. Diolch

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Marie. I know you know Dinefwr like the back of your hand…it’s an extension of your garden really! We’d never seen that ‘monument’ to Towy Valley before even though we have been there many times! It’s good to know that we can all enjoy walking round Dinefwr through these ‘strange’ times.

  4. Too bad about the ‘Walking Well’ walks, Marianne, but you seem to have made up for it with some interesting walks of your own. And it was good to see that scones were on the menu. You captured all the sights beautifully and, as always, your flowers are gorgeous. I’ve been wondering how things are there as I always check the BBC website first thing in the morning and the news of tighter restrictions in the UK sounds ominous. We are heading in the same direction too, as cases are on the upswing in Illinois and especially in the Chicago area. I don’t know if the onset of winter will help or hinder any attempts at recovery from this disaster. We can only hope for the best. Take care and stay safe.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for your good wishes. We are doing well. This Friday Wales is entering a two week lockdown.. hoping to put a circuit breaker into the spread of the virus! The cold weather apparently helps the virus to spread…mainly I think because everyone retreats in doors and gets together in close contact with others. The powers that be are trying to prevent the hospitals from becoming over crowded. Schools will close and all pubs, cafes and non essential shops. As long as our local Coop store stays open we’ll be fine! England isn’t having a national lockdown but local ones instead especially around the larger cities where the virus has really taken hold. This has raised problems with local politicians who have requested more money from government to support local businesses and people in low paid jobs. It’s really hard on everyone and there is no easy path through this. I just want it all to be over and everyone happy, safe and well. I do hope that a vaccine is found soon so that we can all relax. I do hope that you stay safe and I’ll keep an eye on the Chicago news to check how things are going for you! Keep taking your amazing photos to lift everyone’s spirits.

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