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November 6th Local Living Llandovery November 7, 2020

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Monday brings the end to our Wales mini lockdown…yay! We’ll be able to travel anywhere we like…in Wales …but in reason. Over the last fortnight we have stayed local. It has been pleasant over the last few days with the weather improving to blue skies, sunny but chilly and a night time frost. We’ve been on local walks around the lanes and hardly seen anyone. We did have some wonderful visitors though…long tailed tits …chirped their way into the garden and just looked their cutest …as ever!

A great deal of rain preceded our spell of dry weather and the local streams are full of cascading water and some even have ‘new’ waterfalls. Plenty of lichen and fungus to see in all the damp areas

We are very fortunate to have such lovely local walks around here.

Our Pond Field and garden also has some good autumn colour and interest.

No wonder I keep painting trees!

As well as trees and bushes in the garden there are many different hips, haws and berries being enjoyed by all the birds. They’ll get too fat to fly as they are eating all the windfall apples too!

The day before the frost arrived was a day of great activity! Canna lilies and ginger plants all moved into the greenhouse and some geraniums brought into the porch. However, protecting the gunnera causes the most problem! It’s the years spent being a commodore at a sailing club that has given Jim the expertise to ‘sail’ to the island and cut the gunnera down and use the leaves as an umbrella protection. Thank you Jim…your gardening help is now finished for the year! Promise!!

The veg plot is still being productive…it just seems to take care of itself and springs surprises all the time!

A daily visit and happy chat to our fantastic local shop in Llanwrda, The Old Post Office where one can get all necessities including Christmas stamps…which are just in is backed up by a weekly visit to our local town, Llandovery, where our local ‘big’ shop is the Coop. Throughout this strange year it has been open and shelves have been full and the staff have been friendly and helpful. Instead of diving straight in to do the shopping this week, with the sun shining and wrapped up warmly, a walk around the town seemed a good option. We walked along the river bank and met three different cats but all ginger…Rufus would be very jealous!

We crossed over an empty playing field but could hear the children playing in their school playground just across the way…it was lunchtime for them!

Our tracks led us up to the old church Llanfair-ar-y-bryn. St Mary’s was built inside Alabum, a Roman fort, on top of Llanfair Hill. 

The views all around the church are beautiful especially on such a perfect autumn day.

The hymn writer William Williams Pantycelyn (1717–1791) is buried in the churchyard, where there is a memorial to him.

He wrote, “Guide Me, O Thou Great Redeemer”.

Graveyards are fascinating not only for the gravestones and their historical and family interest but also for their natural interest as they are often have a good variety of flora and fauna.

The town has many interesting shop fronts that show the history of the town. All the shops are closed at present but window shopping is still great fun!

The river was flowing very quickly especially over the little weir that we discovered. It’s amazing what you find when you are walking.

As entry to our village church is not allowed at present a lovely display to help commemorate Remembrance Day tomorrow has been beautifully arranged in the church porch by a very kind villager.

Thank you for reading.


11 Responses to “November 6th Local Living Llandovery”

  1. tootlepedal Says:

    A wonderful display of fungus, lichens and berries. You live in a rich area. Does the little weir have a purpose?

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. Every time I go to the Coop I drive over a bridge and it was only on our walk this week that I discovered the weir near the bridge. It is linked to a monitoring station for water levels. The river Bran used to flood this area of the town and a flood alleviation scheme was built some years ago..hence the weir. It’s amazing what one discovers when you go for a walk!

      • tootlepedal Says:

        I would never have guessed that that would be the use. Does your flood alleviation scheme work? They are thinking a building protective walls along our river to the dismay of some inhabitants.

      • lletty Says:

        Yes the scheme does work. It’s been in place now for about ten years and the flood defences have coped well with any floods. One should always be aware of the change in the landscape though. Flood banks are much higher, bridges get built higher and block views and the river banks have huge slabs of stone…but it is necessary to keep residents safe. I can understand why some inhabitants of your town are concerned though. Decision time!

      • tootlepedal Says:

        I think that the objectors underestimate the possible extent of climate change and also they don’t realise that this sort of money may only be available once in a lifetime.

      • lletty Says:

        When money is available the only sensible route is to take it!

      • tootlepedal Says:

        That is my view (but the riverside walls would be intrusive, it can’t be denied.)

  2. How wonderful to be able to get about again! I hope things continue on this upward trend. Meanwhile, you have captured some lovely local images, Marianne. I see that you have been busy in the garden. There is always plenty to do, to get things ready for the winter but thankfully I am just about done now and can concentrate on other projects.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Sue. I seem to have ticked most of my ‘Things to be Done’ list for the garden now…although I did take some cuttings today! I would really like a few more days when it doesn’t rain as the grass needs a quick once over…maybe it will have to stay like it is until next year! Good news on the TV just now about a promising vaccine…it’s what we have all been waiting to hear….fingers crossed for us all!

  3. Hello Marianne, A lovely collection of autumnal photos, and hasn’t it been mild today? And I really liked your painting – hope it’ll get shown at ABG sometime soon!
    Best wishes

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Julian. It has been mild…and wet! I’m trying to finish sorting out moving plants in the garden but it’s a bit muddy! Good news re the vaccine…even if it takes months to get sorted…I feel as though it’s on its way! I’ve never put one of my paintings on my blog before…just needed something to fill the gap! Hope to see you at Aberglasney in the not too distant future.

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