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November 20 Aberglasney and Home November 20, 2020

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It is November, it isn’t cold but it’s been wet.

It is November sunny days have been few and far between.

It is November and Wales is now out of lockdown.

It is November and gardening is difficult in clay soils.

It is November and life becomes somewhat repetitious……

It’s nearly December…some good things to look forward to! Yay!

Walks have been limited to local trails and tracks but a visit to Aberglasney was a delight even if it did rain!

A short walk up Bishop Rudd’s Walk passing the stunning colours of the acer trees brings you to the new pergola with clematis planted around the base.

Walking from the top of the Garden passing planted woodland borders and following a rushing, bubbling stream, leads you through the Upper Walled Garden, to the Lower Walled Garden and then …..down to Pigeon House Woods…..a favourite…but then everything in Aberglasney is a favourite of mine!

Just a flavour of the colours in the wood enhanced by the splashy effect of the rain…all done on purpose…of course!

Time for coffee and a dry out! The cafe has moved to the mansion for more space during the covid restrictions. It’s all very welcoming.

Back home there’s colour and variety in the house plants

and colour and variety in the garden too…

Some years ago I bought a small shrub from Farmyard Nurseries – for about £5. This shrub is now a small tree and it’s my most treasured tree in the garden…it has variegated leaves, it’s evergreen, has flowers in the summer and red berries in the autumn and is alive with bees and insects through the spring and summer…it ticks all my boxes!! To top it all it’s so pretty all through the year!

Did I say…it’s a Photina Davidiana palette…I bought it as a birthday present to myself and choose it as it has David…in its name…the name of our son and palette…as I like art….now that’s as good a reason as any to buy a plant! I love it!

Watching the birds helps to pass the time!

Surprisingly the first hellebores are showing their buds…so not only do we have the excitement of a vaccine to look forward to, there’s also Christmas (maybe just the two of us…but we are still talking so that’s not too bad!) and now the promise of hellebores…things are definitely looking up!

Thank you for reading.


11 Responses to “November 20 Aberglasney and Home”

  1. Well done Marianne, lots of upbeat words and images, and December’s nearly here. Where did the rest of 2020 go??? Won’t be quite the same without the ABG winter fair, mince pies and mulled wine though, will it?
    Best wishes

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    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading Julian. Such horrid weather again today…I had made plans with Jim to do a circuit walk around Llandeilo and end up in the new coffee bar next door to the Works ( in the old warehouse building Davies and Co antiques) . They’ve got a Christmas display and I thought it would give me a flavour of the missing AGB Winter Fair! No such luck …not going out in this weather even if there was a mince pie and coffee at the end of the walk!
      Stay warm and dry!

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      • Thanks Marianne… Just come in from another spot of defuzzing – on a roll, but it’s so gloomy you have to stop by 4.30 pm. Fiona was grubbing out thistles in the fields. At least we had a rare trip out to Cherry Picked in Sarnau, Friday, having ordered 4 filled doughnuts, so great comfort food to enjoy in the warm. ( Didn’t just go all that way for doughnuts- though they are nice!) Didn’t know about the new coffee bar, and that the antique auction had gone…
        Best wishes

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      • lletty Says:

        Like the sound of those doughnuts! The antique auction place is still there …this is the large warehouse building along the road from The Works. Maybe we’ll see you there…they may even sell doughnuts!


  2. tootlepedal Says:

    Your November seems remarkable similar to ours but you have nuthatches and long tailed tits to watch so I am envious. You still seem to have a lot of flowers to walk past. Roll on next spring, I say.

    Liked by 1 person

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. I’m really looking forward to spring for lots of reasons…a new start for all …in lots of ways! By error I left out my photos of the wood peckers that come to the feeders too- it’s encouraging having so many different birds visiting and I think I’ve mentioned this before…Welsh birds seem to have better manners that Scottish birds!
      I’m just ordering some Christmas Peanut cakes for them all now!! It’s an expensive business this bird watching!


  3. Marie Evans Says:

    Marianne Your comments on the photographs are very entertaining and I loved reading them,
    I am going to look for the plant you mentioned as it seems to be such a versatile specimen.
    Of course I love your photographs as well Marie

    Liked by 1 person

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Marie. The little tree is a real treasure ..one would look lovely in your garden. They have them for sale at Farmhouse Nurseries now! See you soon!


  4. I love the picture of Rufus! And that view from the garden is magnificent! We have been very lucky that our weather has been unusually mild for November (which was just as well, as our furnace went out) so we are thankful for that. However, the Covid numbers continue to rise and restrictive regulations are in force, although we haven’t yet reached full lockdown. We enjoy watching the birds too, and it seems to be something that more and more people are doing as they had sold out of bird seed at our local store when I went there the other day. Stay safe, Marianne.

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    • lletty Says:

      Hello Sue thanks for reading and your good wishes. Sorry to read about your furnace (boiler?) hope you can get it mended sharpish before the weather changes. Our boiler runs on oil and oil prices often rise when it gets colder…funny that!!
      It was on our news about the USA rising Covid cases and your lockdowns. If everyone adhered to the covid regulations infection rates would reduce but sadly not everyone seems to be sensible. Roll on the vaccine.
      I’m just ordering some Christmas Peanut cakes for the birds…actually they sound so delicious I wouldn’t mind some myself! Thank goodness for online stores although we are all trying to shop local as many shops are struggling to survive at the present.
      Hope you get that furnace fixed and you all manage to stay warm, fit and well.

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