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January 15 2021 Llanwrda Walk, Llansadwrn Walk and Stars of Hope January 15, 2021

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This afternoon the skies have cleared and the sun has tried so very hard to make an appearance….it worked to tempt me out for a walk around the garden. The temperature has raised to a balmy 2 degrees so it was a quick walk! Signs of spring are definitely appearing. Buds on many of the bushes are swelling and spears of leaves of crocus, daffodils and others are pushing up through the wet soil just perfectly placed and tender and juicy to be nibbled by mice and squirrels!

This morning it was a quick drive to Llandovery to our wonderful Coop for a weekly shop! For once I had timed my arrival to coincide with the delivery and the filling of all the shelves. Lots of fresh veg and fruit were on display to tempt one! We were advised to ‘keep going’ as due to Covid advice they were keeping an eye on the number of people in the shop and a queue outside was forming. Some shelves were bare due to non essential items being removed…again Covid advice. I wonder who decides what is non essential! I think shoes are essential and the local shoe shop is shut!!!

We’ve been fortunate and had some really bright days and we have tried to make the most of them by enjoying our local walks. We did drive two miles to Llanwrda to start one walk much against Covid advice but all other walks were from our front door! In Llanwrda we parked in the car park and looked up towards the farm that we were heading for. We followed the footpaths through the village and discovered some steps leading down into the river…they led nowhere!

The village has a lovely church which looked even lovelier with its smattering of snow.

This bird of prey had a perfect position to view the hill over the road and keep an eye on the flock of sheep there.

Reaching the farm we could look back to where we’d left the car and then walk through the farm and listen to the flock of starlings on the barn roof and trees and admire the chickens, the sheep, the wonderful gate posts and the beautiful views all around of the Carmarthenshire countryside.

The circular walk back to the car through the village was tried to be done at a faster pace as the afternoon was getting chillier by the minute, however, care had to be taken as the roads were icy…so slow and steady instead of fast and reckless became our motto!

Although we have days when we don’t have many birds in the garden when the cold comes they all come flocking back!

Another regular walk around Llansadwrn is another loop…through the Millennium Woods. It’s been a while since we did it as the paths have been under water but now with mended wellies…a patch from a cycle repair kit….puddles are no longer a problem!

On the way back the ducks hadn’t moved!

From the top of our drive we have a view over the Black Mountain which should be renamed in winter to the White Mountain as it looks amazing when covered in snow.

Back in the garden the fruit trees are covered in lichen and some of our fences are only staying upright as they glued together by moss!

The borders still have colour and interest and it’s growing!

This morning there was a bright sunrise to welcome the day.

Down the drive the first drift of snowdrops are beginning to blanket the soil telling us that Spring is not too far away. This year these little ‘stars of hope’ bring us all hope for a brighter 2021!


13 Responses to “January 15 2021 Llanwrda Walk, Llansadwrn Walk and Stars of Hope”

  1. tootlepedal Says:

    I am very envious of your range of garden birds. Mrs T loves long tailed tits but we never see them in the garden. Were those scarlet elf caps that you saw on your walk? Seeing your early flowers gives us hope that we will some here too in the not too distant future.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. We are fortunate with the range of birds in our garden but the numbers in the flocks has definitely declined this year. There are far fewer days when I have to fill the bird feeders twice and there are still some berries left uneaten on the bushes too! I saw the scarlet elf caps on the walk through the wood only in one place though. There don’t seem to be many of those around either. The lighter nights and the emerging spring plants certainly gives us all hope for the future. Let’s hope we all have a sunny and bright Spring as it was the sunshine that got us through the lockdown last spring and summer!

  2. Philip James Says:

    Hello Marianne – how are you doing? It’s lovely to read your blogs. What’s the bird that you describe as a ‘cutie’? I don’t recognise it. I hope that you’re both keeping well and, naturally, champing at the hit to get going again! All the best Philip

    • lletty Says:

      Hello Philip Thank you for reading. My ‘cutie’ bird has been a visitor to the bird table for the last months. She’s a feisty little thing and fights off all comers to the table! I think she may be a female blackcap! ?? She fits the description in my bird book but there are no males around so I’m just guessing really! We are fine but some walks can become tedious when you’ve done them a few too many times! Having the lovely countryside to walk in so near is a bonus but finding flat circular walks…to help with Jim’s knees…can be difficult! We seem to have all the time in the world to do things but never get anything done! Just waiting for the weather to dry and warm up and then I can get going again in the garden! Hope you and family are all coping well too and that you’ve been able to fit in a few visits to see them all between the lockdowns. Best wishes.

  3. Wonderful to see sunny skies and those first hints of Spring on the way. And a lovely thought that the snowdrops bring hope for a brighter future. It will be a while before I see them in my garden but meanwhile I can enjoy yours. Thanks for sharing!

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. I can’t tell you what a lift it is to see actual snowdrops and daffodils appearing in the garden. I feel quite re-energised already…hope it lasts!

  4. Hello Marianne, Wonderful photos as always and envious of your blue skies! can’t believe the weather here can be so different! Great to see you’re still getting out an about a lot, and enjoying the fresh air. I do so worry for all those cooped up inside day after day, and the likely health impacts.
    Best wishes to you both, and great to see you’ve got snowdrops out too. Pity all the poor folk In Pembrokeshire with their late ones!
    best wishes

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. We certainly haven’t any blue skies today…this rain has not stopped and although we live on a hill our house is surrounded by water! The drains on the road are blocked and water has come down our drive and with the ground being sodden it’s just all filled up the spaces! We are fine and no danger of the water getting in the house except down the chimneys where it is pouring in! As soon as the rain stops it will clear very quickly! Hope the snowdrops will all be OK – they are the flowers that are cheering me on! I have no idea how people are all coping with being cooped up. I worry a great deal about the effect it will all have on children-for years to come. They have missed a year of a ‘normal’ childhood and ways will have to be found to support them all…how I don’t really know! It is all so worrying! Maybe the way forward is to conduct as many lessons outside. Teaching children really what they want to know and plant lots of snowdrop bulbs and see the magic when they appear! I’ll get off my soap box now!!! Once a teacher etc….. Best wishes

      • Hello Marianne, I know what you mean about the rain which has just turned to snow up here! We’ve never had such a torrent flowing down our track – thank goodness for our central channel and the time we spent clearing it all out in the last few days. But it’s pouring out under our main barn and an old freezer blew up today! Maybe a water/electrics issue, so that pickle to deal with… But you’re right about the children and city folk. The emotional/psychological damage will be huge, and I don’t like this sense that’ being promoted that the outside being seen as dangerous, and that we’re all safer inside and all need tests willy nilly – can’t see how this is easily going to be forgotten. On a brighter note, and with grandchildren, do you know about the latest Jackie Morris/ Rob. Macfarlane “Lost Spells” Book? A real delight for young and old and a celebration of nature.
        Best wishes and fingers crossed we’ll all see some sunshine and dry out a bit tomorrow!

  5. lletty Says:

    Thank you Julian. Hope your electrics issue got sorted ! The Lost Spells book is a true delight I’ve already sent it to our grandson! I think that I’m going to get one as well…why should children get all the enjoyment/!! Today we went for a walk in the local woods to get high up the hill to find a view of the flooding in the valley. Someone had pulled the plug and the waters had nearly gone! The closed local roads are all open now too. The Carmarthen Fans looked amazing in the sunshine and covered with snow. In the distance , as it too was covered in snow, we could see Pen Y Fan. The weather does change rapidly around here! Apparently chilly weather is to return over the weekend and snow again. Hope my wellies dry out in time! Thanks again . Best wishes and take care.

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