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February 12 Walk and Present February 12, 2021

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Twelve years ago on February 6 2009 I started this blog! I’ve just looked back at my early posts and they were short and sweet and to the point! I shall try to slim these later posts down! 12 years ago it was a snowy scene around here and the birds were queuing up for their food …so nothing much has changed there, however, the garden photos show blank lawns, no borders, no veg plot and hardly any trees and shrubs. It looks like over the years I have created more work for myself…keeping all those newly created borders tidy!

On Big Garden Bird Watch weekend the birds flocked to the bird table and feeders as it was a chilly weekend. There wasn’t a space on the recording sheet for this visitor though!

Looking out the upstairs window movements in the Pond Field caught my attention! A buzzard swooped down and caught something in the grass at the same time a heron flew in and gobbled up a frog!!

It’s very like groundhog days at the moment . Our walks are staying local and life just seems to pootle on. A visit to Llandovery for my jab became a highlight of the day and an evening visit to Carmarthen for Jim’s jab was quite exciting! Freezing cold and icy…but the stars were good to see!

A walk around Llanwrda down to the station was enjoyable but the wind was so chilly that we made our walk shorter than expected!

Gate to Llanwrda Village Hall

A fine afternoon with sunshine, although still bitterly cold, found us walking around the Millennium Wood again. The puddles which had been iced were melting in the afternoon sun so it became very muddy underfoot but still lovely to be out in the open air. The footpath which has been totally overgrown is now almost clear! Whoever is doing the cutting back is making an excellent job of it. It will be wonderful when the path is cleared as we will have a circular walk again! Thank you Mystery Person!

Back home the houseplants are still alive and bringing colour to the rooms!

There’s still some colour and interest in the garden and it is struggling to stand up to all the different weather conditions that are being thrown at it! Rufus likes to check all is in order on his daily walks. He only stays out 10 minutes …far too cold for a superior cat like him to stay outside!

Jim’s birthday present from me arrived in the post today! Amazing what you can order these days! Anyone from Hanley will know that any occasion will be made special by the addition of oatcakes! Happy Birthday!


8 Responses to “February 12 Walk and Present”

  1. Well done on clocking up 12 years of blogs Marianne – you must be in a very select elite who’ve kept going for that long. Good to hear that you’ve both had your vaccines, and that your garden doesn’t look too blasted by the cold – it’s been perishing up here the last 3 days with an arctic gale which has shrivelled most things up. Fingers crossed for more rain on Sunday (How often do we wish for that!)
    best wishes

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you Julian. Funny that we are both wishing for rain! Very cold here today as well…look forward to next week and being milder! the snowdrops can then lift their heads off the ground! Best wishes.

  2. tootlepedal Says:

    Well done for staying the course for so long. I am very happy to have come on board late in your journey because your posts are always full of interest. I wonder if everyone’s posts get longer as time goes by. I know that mine have! Here’s to another twelve years.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Mr T! I can’t believe 12 years have gone so quickly! The posts help me to remember all the things that we’ve done and remind me of how the garden has changed! Trying now to plan how to make the garden easier to look after!

  3. Belated Happy Birthday wishes, Marianne! And congratulations on 12 years in the blogging community. So glad to hear that you have managed to get the vaccine. I’m hoping to get mine tomorrow. As always, your country walk was most enjoyable and the bird shots are super! I think that, like my garden, my blog has grown over the years and it’s interesting to look back and see just how we viewed life then. I look forward to reading many more of your posts and seeing your lovely pictures.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Sue. Great to know you are having your vaccine. I felt so positive when I’d had it as I felt life was just that little bit nearer to getting back to ‘normal’! When I stop and think what life has been like for everyone over the past year…it really is unbelievable! This last lockdown for us has been the hardest…mostly due to the wet and cold winter weather and not being able to visit anywhere. Things are moving forward though and hopefully the world will start turning again for everyone! I’m in a quandry now with the blog. I pay £35 pa for WordPress and now I’ve nearly used up my memory allowance so will have to pay another £35 to gain more memory! It might make me write shorter posts!! Hope your vaccine goes well.

      • I had to start deleting some of my older posts in order to maintain the free subscription and then someone passed on a tip about using resizing my pictures before downloading them which has helped save quite a bit of space. Previously my pictures were 350 pixels and now I’m using 72.

      • lletty Says:

        Thank you Sue for the info. It’s a jolly good hint- I’ll definitely trim down the pixels now! Anything to save more money!

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