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May 8 Visits to Aberglasney, Brecon and Home Again May 8, 2021

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Another month, another post and another grumble about the weather! Today it is really pouring down with rain but…on the bright side it’s warmer! On the downside the seeds I so generously sprinkled on bare borders yesterday have now been washed away in the water puddles that have appeared in said borders!

Hey ho and on we go! At least the house plants are thriving and looking forward to their time outside in the summer sunshine…whenever that arrives! No swallows around our house yet. ..early days! However, the screeching of swifts streaking through the sky around the roof yesterday announced their arrival but they’ve kept their heads down today to keep out of the rain. I do wonder where they go!

The bird feeders are remaining unfilled until the ‘canker’ that has been seen in local birds is given time to clear. The squirrels are missing the feeders and all the wood mice too! Rufus hates the squirrels and keeps a sharp eye on them but doesn’t do much else!

No birds on the feeders but plenty of activity on the pond where the Canada Geese goslings have hatched out… ….six of them … very proud parents!

The rams on the next door paddock are steadily eating their way through all the grass when they aren’t relaxing and sleeping!

A visit out to Brecon to meet up with some special friends was the highlight of the week. We enjoyed a walk along the river and a tasty snack in the Pilgrim’s Cafe next to the cathedral, where a small area, under a canopy, for eating outside was allocated. This was very fortunate as it snowed and sleeted and rained and blew a chilly wind whilst we were sitting there! Sadly the cathedral was closed to visitors but a further amble through the town looking at some of the few shops that were open was very pleasant.

At home the skip has gone and the scaffolding is down and the new chimney stack looks great. Even with all the rain today the fireplace and walls have all stayed dry ..the work was worth it! Yay!

A weekly visit to Aberglasney is usually on a Sunday. The last few weeks every Sunday has been blessed with sunshine…it always shines on the Gardens!

The Malus Arbour was in full bloom and was buzzing with bees it really is specail!

Aberglasney’s Malus sargentii Arbour is one of the Gardens most striking features when in full flower. This stunning Crab Apple from Mororan in Japan is situated in Aberglasney’s Lower Walled Garden and is a wonderful sight when it is alive with bees and hums like some kind of natural electric motor. The single white flowers are followed by small cherry-like fruits, which last well into the autumn.

Looking forward to seeing the ‘new’ Wisteria arbour in full bloom soon!

In our garden work on digging the compost for hanging baskets has had to be delayed as a number of toads have taken residence there! They might turn into handsome princes!!

It would be better if they all moved to the greenhouse to keep any unwanted visitors away. The greenhouse needs an extension…running out of room frequently!

The rest of the garden is doing well considering the ups and downs of the weather. Trying to get more wild flowers growing in the borders and in the lawns has proved difficult in the past! The front lawn is full of lady’s smock now but with other grass areas wild flower seeds haven’t really taken well. This year the seeds have been sown and germinated in the greenhouse and now being planted out as plugs into bare soil! Fingers crossed it will work!

Lots of plants growing and lots to look forward to!

At the moment it’s just time to enjoy the crab apple and fruit tree blossom and the shrubs that are in full flower.

Wish there were more insects in the garden these days. Hopefully with everyone being more conscious of which plants are best attracting wildlife there’ll be more creepy crawlies around again! Even slugs can come back…I’ve the toads to deal with them!!

Thank you Jane in Scotland for the euphorbia you gave me…the flying insects love it! (Thanks Julian for head up about spelling!)

Thank you for reading.


11 Responses to “May 8 Visits to Aberglasney, Brecon and Home Again”

  1. Hello Marianne,
    Another lovely colour filled post – gosh your apples are ahead of ours – such a cold spring so far, isn’t it? I wonder if Jane’s colourful plant needs a ‘b’ adding to the name? Though it’s certainly cheerful enough to induce a state of euphoria… 🙂
    Best wishes

    Liked by 1 person

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading Julian and for the spelling!! Fancy missing a “b” …I was saying “B” when I was posting as it takes hours …literally hours to get the post written and all the photos uploaded …or is it downloaded!! I’m sure there are quicker ways to write a post but it’s the only one I know! Can’t believe the rain today our front lawn has enormous puddles again…with all my seeds floating !! At least the new chimney stack is keeping the water away! Just decided to take the cottage chimney stack down next winter as that one is still leaking today! Thanks again for reading. Take care


  2. tootlepedal Says:

    I am glad that the new chimney is doing the business. Stopping damp is always a good plan,

    The malus arbour is wonderful. Everyone should have one.

    Liked by 1 person

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. The arbour looked even better today…I’ve taken photos! The beautiful peonies were just out too but being blown over in the chilly wind! This May weather is not what we expect but I suppose we’ll have to get used to all these different conditions. I thought we were heading for drought and a hot climate and advised to plant for those conditions…not sure why our front lawn is flooded again then! Hope your weather stays kind over the next weeks so you can get in lots more lovely cycle rides and walks.


  3. Marie Evans Says:

    Another busy few weeks for you Marianne. Love the photographs you have taken.
    So much going on in your garden at home and a safe haven for the various animals that frequent it. Thank you once again for an interesting account of your adventures out and about in the surrounding countryside, Marie

    Liked by 1 person

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Marie. It’s harder than I thought trying to create a safe haven for birds and all creatures. I’m trying my best though! Hopefully all the plants being planted will attract all the right kind of insects etc….little food chains to start and then fingers crossed they’ll grow!! Enjoy your break and collect seaweed for your garden :seaweeds contain 10 times the mineral levels of land-based plants and are particularly rich in iodine and calcium. You can put them directly on beds; they will be salty, so you can’t plant direct into them, but a winter of rain will wash the excess salt away……collect some shells too….they are just pretty! xxxxxx


  4. Carol Brassington Says:

    New chimney looks great, and finally the water ingress is solved. The garden is thriving and looks amazing, always did, and I would imagine the wildlife will love it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Carol. The chimney has worked well and we are delighted. We have another chimney for the cottage and we have decided to remove that one next winter as it too is leaking!!! The garden still keeps me busy and gives me much enjoyment despite the weather trying its best to knock everything down or drown what’s standing! I don’t even mind the 6 goslings and their parents tramping across the wet lawn and sampling the plants!! Hope you are OK and thanks for commenting! xx


  5. It looks like you have been busy in the garden, Marianne. And you are certainly seeing the rewards. What beautiful flowers! Great shots of the geese and sheep and I like the one of Rufus keeping an eye on the squirrels.

    Liked by 1 person

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Sue. I’m not sure how the flowers are doing so well after all our frosts and now heavy rain too! I’ve been out today and bought a new Lavatera…Barnsley. It’s one of my favourite summer plants and the one I’ve got in the garden has been knocked off by the frost!! It’s silly but I still get excited when I buy a new plant!! Hope you are getting yourself some special treats! Good old Rufus today had a mad spell running round the garden and caught a stone!! I’ll put the photo up next post!! He definitely keeps us amused! Thanks again.

      Liked by 1 person

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