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May 22 Mumbles, Llyn Llech Owen, Botanic Garden of Wales Visits May 22, 2021

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A few outings have amazingly been managed recently by dodging the showers, the heavy rain, the gales and the chilly gusts!

With the car needing its first MOT we returned it to the garage where we bought it in Swansea. Of course one can’t go to Swansea without calling into the Mumbles for a coffee, cake and a walk along the seawall. We left the rain at home and enjoyed our walk in the sunshine.

There were, of course, lots of seagulls on the beach but it was only a pigeon who posed for its portrait.

There’s a lake near the garage with a large gathering of swans. I looked up the collective noun for a group of swans and there are many- in case you are interested! I think I like ‘ a whiteness of swans’ best!

swans – a gaggle of swans
swans (flying) – a wedge of swans
swans – a bank of swans
swans – a bevy of swans
swans – a whiteness of swans
swans – a herd of swans
swans – an eyrar of swans
swans – a gargle of swans

Around the lake there are some lovely trees with interesting barks. I think they are London plane trees and outside another garage there were dinosaurs!!

It was wonderful to receive the news that Our Walking Well group was restarting. There were a few new ‘rules’. There are only ten places on the walk and you have to book your place online. These ‘rules’ will be tweaked as we all become accustomed to the new way of things. Our first walk was at Llyn Llech Owain – an old favourite! Three ladies have volunteered to be the leaders so it was lovely to meet up at the carpark and set off on our walk with some old friends and some new friends too. The weather was damp and over cast but it didn’t spoil the walk at all. As usual we ended the walk with coffee and cake in the cafe.

We met a number of people who were also enjoying their walks with their furry friends!

The Botanic Garden of Wales has finished their years long project of restoring the Regency lakes. I’ve watched the progress of the build through wire fences but I hadn’t walked all the new paths and seen all the new bridges. Every time the visit was going to be made the weather was too wet or cold. Fortunately last week we had a bright day and a friend asked me to accompany her on the walk.

We walked through the Gardens enjoying all the different settings.

We visited the apothecary building first and enjoyed seeing all the embroidery displayed on the walls.

The Great Glasshouse was filled with flowering plants from all over the world. It was beautiful.

Eventually after a tasty Welsh cake and coffee we set off down the path to see the lakes. We followed the new path around one side of the lake passing blue bells and campions in the verges and then crossed over the two new bridges. We were just looking at the new map and pondering which path to follow when the heavens opened and the rain poured down! A minute before it had been blue skies and now the clouds were black and heavy!

A race back to the car swiftly followed and a new date set for a completion of the walk when the weather behaves itself!!

Back home the garden has been trying hard to cope with the different weather conditions. After the dry April there were no problems with slugs. Now, however, it’s slug heaven! The new plants I have grown in the greenhouse and planted out are just the hors d’oeuvres and then they move on to the main meal of flower heads followed by the pudding of newly grown lettuce!

The rain does make pretty drops on the leaves though!

Hard to believe its June next weekend! Flaming June…I do hope so! I’m getting webbed feet! Next weekend the first visitors of the year are arriving in Lletty Cottage. It will be great to welcome back old friends and to make new ones.

One thing is for certain they have chosen to visit the best county in Wales. Carmarthenshire has it all and when it’s not raining it’s the very best!

Thank you for reading.


10 Responses to “May 22 Mumbles, Llyn Llech Owen, Botanic Garden of Wales Visits”

  1. tootlepedal Says:

    It is very hard to think of the nearness of June when on some days it still feels like February. The Botannic Gardens looked lovely, I hope that you get a fine day soon to visit the lakes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. No chance of visiting the Gardens today it has poured down with rain and at times thrown it down!! It’s quite ridiculous! Just seen weather forecast for next week and there is a glimmer of hope for something a bit drier and warmer too. Mind you we’ve heard that before! At least we all seem to be surviving and enjoying all that nature offers us…thank goodness for bluebells and all the other plants that are out and about and in our gardens. Thank you again for reading on your busy weekend.


  2. Hello Marianne,
    Another great post showcasing the delights of Carmarthenshire! Well done – in spite of the rain and slugs, you seem to have managed to see more sunshine than we have. Great to read that you’re getting some visitors too, and with any luck the weather’s actually drying and warming from next week, it seems. Hurray!
    best wishes


    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Julian. Any weather is going to be better than todays downpours! I’m pleased that we haven’t any visitors yet as it would be just awful for them. I went to ABG today…I’m allowed to arrange flowers in the ladies loo again! There was an art exhibition on and I felt so sorry for them asa there were no visitors at all! Fingers crossed that next week it will all be better and it will be too dry for the slugs to eat any more! We are off next week to Westonbirt for a meet up ( first time for 15 months!!) with our daughter and grandson…did you know that members of the BG of W have free entry! Hope you have a lovely week ahead. Best wishes

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks Marianne,
        So sad about the weather and its impacts on top of Covid at ABG – what a change from last year’s most glorious spring! Still, things are looking up.
        How lovely to be going to WB – one of our favourite places to visit when we were in Bristol, and for a long time I thought what a wonderful last resting place – until we took the boys when young once, and got ticked off by a very snooty old lady for them being too noisy!. But I’ve several other much more special memories I shall never ( probably!) put up in type! Some after dark.
        Our son and gc’s are due here next week, so happy times ahead, and the sun will be shining on us all at last!
        best wishes

        Liked by 1 person

      • lletty Says:

        Thank you Julian We’ve had a wonderful day out and WB was brilliant. It was great to catch up with the family and try to get back to a normal get together. The car park was full and everyone seemed to have at least three dogs each on leads! Everyone was careful to stay socially distanced! We were pleased that we took picnics as track and trace and codes etc added to the queues at cafe and take way. The bridge over the trees was the best but again one way only and no passing!! Hey ho that’s the state of the world at present but it didn’t rain and the trees were unfolding their leaves as we watched! I think you should write about your WB escapades …get it off your chest!!! Best wishes


      • Thanks Marianne, and glad WB was so lovely – no bridge over the trees in our day, and only 1 tiny car park – not the huge numbers as now, but no, my WB memories remain to ourselves, or I’ll get into real trouble!!
        Enjoy the sunshine! Just got back from the shepherd’s hut filming the super blood moon rising over the Carms fans/black mountain – amazing! Just as well too as I had to rush round to bubble wrap loads of small plants left outside – looks like we might get a frost up here overnight.
        Best wishes

        Liked by 1 person

      • lletty Says:

        Looking forward to seeing your photos in your next post. The temperature dropped here last evening but no damage to plants! I haven’t put the geraniums out yet so our porch is still packed with them… they have flowered all through the winter and it would be just my luck to put them out and then have them hit by a late frost! I went to ABG today…car park packed and parking on road! Haven’t seen so many people since BC …before Covid!! Best wishes


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