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July 31 Llandeilo, Ammanford and Aberglasney July 31, 2021

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Our Walking Well Walk began at Llandeilo railway station just like we used to in BC ( Before Covid) days. The sun was shining as we set off along the Swing Bridge. It actually should be called the Bouncy Bridge because it doesn’t half bounce about when when a lot of people walk across it. It was jolly hard to keep the camera straight when trying to photograph some swimmers and jumpers in the river Tywi below!

We followed the river along the bank and came to an original ford which crossed to the town on the other side.

We stayed our side of the river and walked on to Tregib Woods crossing under telegraph lines which were strung with metal hangars to help birds avoid flying into the wires. Following the Dormouse route through the woods we passed masses of flowering meadowsweet, their scent filling the air.

The boardwalk makes visiting damp places in the woodland very accessible and the carved walk markers make it easy to navigate through the acres of trees. Well- it really helps to have a walk guide who knows the place very well and can lead us all safely back to Llandeilo. Back at the carpark some walkers went on to Davies and Co for a well earned coffee and cake! Thank you Ros for a lovely walk. Please note we had some very stylish walkers on the walk!

Due to the very hot summer weather that we were fortunate/unfortunate to have recently a number of bottles of beer were deemed as very necessary items to be added to the shopping list! Jim’s preferred beer meant a visit to a large supermarket in Ammanford as local shops don’t stock it!

We enjoyed a lovely walk around the park with its bandstand, cricket pitch, bowling green and memorial garden before putting on face masks again and going shopping!

Aberglasney featured on Gardeners’ World July 30 and it looked as beautiful as ever.

When I visit I’m allowed to pick a few flowers and make an arrangement for the ladies loo…I know my place in society!! I am not a flower arranger at all the flowers are so beautiful they seem to arrange themselves!

Back home the garden has needed a great deal of watering during the hot weather. I decided a couple of years ago not to have too many pot plants to reduce the watering but somehow there still seems to be a great many to keep watered! Plus the greenhouse, the veg plot and the hanging baskets. Next year I’ll definitely cut back!!!

The rest of the garden also needed a drink so thank goodness for my super stretchy hosepipe- it’s the best ever and stretches right round the front garden then shrivels back short again. Love it! I’m also pretty fond of the colour pink…I think!

Mind you I also love yellow, blue, lilac and all the colours of the rainbow!

The bees living in the roof above our bedroom also love lots of coloured flowers and are joined in the garden by other flying friends but not as many as usual.

Just when I was giving up hope of seeing any rain as forecasted thunder storms seemed to whizz by to the north of us then the south but at last just when I was hanging out the washing along came the rain! Better late than never although the sunflower looked none too happy!

Thank you for reading. Hope you’ve all had just the perfect amount of rain or sun that you want. Looking forward to eating these later in the season!


12 Responses to “July 31 Llandeilo, Ammanford and Aberglasney”

  1. bumbleandme Says:

    How lucky are you being allowed to pick the flowers at Aberglasney! Iā€™d be like a kid in a sweet shop. X

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    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading and commenting. I am the original kid in the sweetshop when it comes to picking flowers in ABG! It is such an honour and delight. The strange thing is that although I have the pick of the garden I go round picking the flowers that have fallen over! Today it was another beautiful gladioli lying on a path so I picked lots of foliage to go with it! I prefer to see flowers growing rather than in a vase! It was just beautiful there today with lots of visitors- maybe they’d seen Gardeners’ World and were inspired! Thanks again.


  2. Hello Marianne,
    A great series to capture the fab. recent weather. Looks like you and Jim were the only ones brave enough to be out and about in Ammanford in all that heat! Maybe every one else had taken refuge in the old mine shafts with the Coaltown coffee folk?? We love their coffee…
    Love the Hydrangeas you’d chosen for the loo too at ABG, and like you, my resolve is to keep fewer plants in pots in future given how summer weather seems to be getting hotter and drier (occasionally!).
    Nice to see your bees are still enjoying life šŸ™‚ or šŸ˜¦ (??)
    Best wishes

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    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading and commenting Julian. We love the coffee at Coaltown but just going into Tesco was enough for one day! Jim also wanted to get home for his first beer!!
      I’ve just finished watering again! Even though it’s rained the pots tend to dry out too quickly…but they do look nice!
      B…bees! Love seeing them all all the flowers- I’n trying to count the different species in the garden- but I don’t like them in our bedroom! In fact we’ve moved into another room! The cat now sleeps in splendid isolation on our king sized bed watching the bees flying in. They can’t get out until we open the windows or they die!! We can’t find where they sneak in. It must be through a beam!
      I really appreciate you taking the time to comment when it must be the last thing you want to be doing with all the activity going on at your place. Best wishes Marianne

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      • I thought it might be B**** bees! I read just this week that wild bee colonies really like to have the tiniest of access holes to defend, and it helps to make their colonies survive for longer šŸ™‚
        I sympathise with the watering – at least the plants in the ground have perked up a bit with the recent rain.
        No probs, with reading your blog though – a bit of light relief, but at last things have calmed down – a lovely group of garden visitors again today including one or (?) two of your friends? I guess you’ll hear back in due course, and we asked her to mention when we can tempt you up here again? But very successful, and it almost felt like the good old pre-Covid days of opening. Plus a very successful visit from the gc who’re now safely back in Birmingham, and peace has returned to the valley!
        Best wishes

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      • lletty Says:

        Interesting about the bees. I might be tempted to drill a large hole in the ceiling so they can’t defend it! Pleased that your open day went well. My pals asked me to join them but we had a change over day in the cottage! We will get to visit you when open days and change over days don’t clash. Just hearing about your gc makes me tired! We can’t wait to visit Canada to see ours! We’ve missed seeing them for nearly two years now…thank goodness for Facetime! Sit back now and have a rest and enjoy that beautiful garden. Best wishes


      • Marianne… drilling a hole in the ceiling might even make it worse – i.e. better for them ! I just read this week about a French chap who’s been checking out all the woodland on the Blenheim estate to find wild bee colonies in trees, after an estate manager there said they had a colony in a tree. He reckoned there would be more and to date he’s found 35 separate colonies!! Apparently he first became interested in bees and started drilling holes into beehives when he was 6 years old, and after years of experimentation reckons that they actually enable the colony to function better, and defend itself better if the holes aren’t too big! giving them more scope for regulating air flow through the nest… So maybe not a good idea!
        We had a mini break out yesterday and went to ABG which is indeed looking stunning. Every time we go Joseph seems to have added something lovely, and we noticed the bees are now back in place. pretty busy of course on a lovely day.
        You’ll have to arrange to come sometime on a quiet day – though my guess is that like us you don’t get many of those!!
        I’m sure international travel is going to open up again over the next 8 months or so, although I’m guessing this winter will be a tricky time as any rise in “case” numbers gets seized on. Though my suspicion is we’ve been softened up by Covid restrictions and are now viewed as a compliant population for for wider societal limitations to help manage the approaching issues with climate change. Though I might be completely mis-reading how our politicians and advisors work!!
        As you say, at least there are internet comms, which is better than nothing!
        Best wishes

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      • lletty Says:

        Thank you Julian for your lovely comment. I don’t think we’ll be drilling any holes now! Just in case we try to get to Canada I tried to get a covid passport online from NHS Wales. One needed a mobile phone for a text code to be sent then a photo of my passport then a video of me to confirm passport photo etc….. We don’t own an iphone so it was all too hard for me to complete! At the bottom there was an emergency number to use if necessary!! I phoned it and lovely lady asked my name and what did I require- paper covid passport please..she asked my DOB and said it would arrive in 10 days!!! How simple is that!? Sometimes I think things are being made too difficult just to keep everyone controlled!! Anyway I’ll be interested to see if the passports turn up !! Canada is jabbing 12 year olds now so with good percentage of the population jabbed the country is getting ‘back to normal’!
        We would really love to visit your wonderful garden one day. Finding days free as you say is difficult when the cottage is booked out until end of September when we close for winter!!! Let us know when you have another open day and hopefully it will be one of our free days!
        Thank you again Julian Best wishes

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  3. Another interesting walk in Llandeilo, Marianne. I know what you mean about trying to take pictures from a bridge or platform that moves as people walk across. Your group certainly had some very colorful head and footwear. Among the pictures of your pre-shopping walk, those lovely war memorial benches really caught my eye. Your garden is looking gorgeous with many flowers that I recognize like that amazing pink cosmos. Mine are just starting to bloom now. I noticed that you mentioned about not having so many winged visitors to the garden this year. We have remarked that there don’t seem to be as many butterflies around this year and the other day, when we visited the Cantigny Park gardens, which would normally be a mass of butterflies, we only saw one lonely monarch. Plenty of bees everywhere though, which is a good thing.

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    • lletty Says:

      Thank you Sue for such a lovely and interesting comment. I really enjoy looking at your posts and seeing the similarities and differences about your life/plants/ and my life/plants. I must say your plants/butterflies etc tend to be more exotic than here! It is worrying that everywhere seems to be lacking in winged insects this year. Usually around the white hebe tree we have so many insects that they look like smoke but this year there are none! As you say we have plenty of bees which is excellent.I’ve been trying to take photos of all the bees in the garden and name them! There are around 25 different species in the UK and I’ve found 5 different ones so far so a long way to go yet! I’m hoping that more butterflies join the cabbage white ones we have around now – it’s a waiting game! Thank you again for reading and it’s lovely to read your comments.


  4. Marie Evans Says:

    Another lovely account Marianne. I have been on the walk over the swing bridge and along the river Tywi but I have never been to Tregib Wood. Next on my bucket list.

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