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September 19 Cwmdu Walk, Dinefwr Walk and Mark Cavendish! September 21, 2021

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Two Walking Well Walks in one post! The days seem to go by so quickly and the daylight time is getting shorter so one has to make the most of the wonderful September days. We’ve had some lovely early autumn days with mists in the valley in the morning, sunshine in the afternoon followed by chilly evenings! I must find my woolly socks!

Our walk around the hills and fields of Cwmdu was delightful. We set off from the Cwmdu Inn and followed the road through the village passing many delightful gardens with some guarded by owls!

There were some beautiful views across the valley and a number of properties that had seen better days but were just waiting for someone to come along and spruce them up.

Back at the inn we all enjoyed a coffee and delicious cake provided by Biddy. Thanks Biddy!

An amazing display of orchids were on show at Aberglasney during the Welsh Orchid Festival. There were orchids of all sizes, colours and shapes and it was difficult not to buy any!

More excitement followed when we were fortunate enough to visit the Botanic Gardens, with kind friends, to see the Time Trials for the Tour of Britain. Before the cyclists arrived, they were cycling in teams from Llandeilo, we set off for a wonderful walk around the lakes on the newly finished paths and ending our walk in the Great Glasshouse.

Following this we headed to the Time Trials finishing line where the spectators were lined up ready to cheer on the cyclists. It was all very exciting especially for my friend who declares herself as Mark Cavendish’s most ardent follower! He was very approachable and agreed for a photo to be taken…happy days!

Pam had arranged the next Walking Well Walk starting from Dinefwr and walking over fields, across fords and down country lanes arriving at Llangathen Church which is across the road from Aberglasney Gardens. It was a very enjoyable walk on a lovely autumn day in wonderful company. Thank you Pam!

Back in the garden the colour palette has changed to lots more autumny colours with bright orange and yellows with some roses holding on to summer for a bit longer! The crab apples, rose hips and apple trees are attracting lots of flying friends- even the wasps are welcome these days! Butterflies too are love the juicy apples fallen on the ground- they come in good numbers to have a banquet!

Visitors in Lletty Cottage can hardly see out of the kitchen window!

The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is definitely here so hope you enjoy all that it offers…I will!

Thank you for reading.


4 Responses to “September 19 Cwmdu Walk, Dinefwr Walk and Mark Cavendish!”

  1. Hello Marianne, Lovely photos full of variety and capturing the generally great September weather this year. Your garden still looks a riot of colour. I nearly emailed Aberglasney after a visit their with visitors when we spotted a special, and I think quite rare, Hornet Mimic Fly, as well as a real Hornet, both cruising around with loads of other flies on the Chinese Privet shrub on the wall/corner near the Sunken garden. No picture sadly, as it flew off and I’d intentionally left my camera behind, but a really classy hoverfly, dressed up to look like a Hornet!
    Best wishes

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    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Julian. It’s hard to believe it’s heading towards the last week of September already! The days and months just seem to whoosh by so quickly these days that it’s a good job that I take so many photos of the garden or I’d forget what was blooming when!
      I’d definitely tell ABG about the imposter and the real Hornets- I know they would be interested and can watch out to see if they reappear. We’ve had hornets/ or maybe hoverflies attracted to our outside light this last week. One got in when I opened the door to see them! I managed to trap it under a glass and set it free but I was oh so careful! We now have large numbers of spiders in the house ranging in size from enormous(!) to tiny! Hopefully their webs will trap some of the bluebottles we have inside too! Typical autumn in our house! Look forward to seeing your next post. Best wishes. Marianne

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  2. Lots of interesting things to see on both your walks, Marianne, and the autumn colors in your garden are gorgeous.

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    • lletty Says:

      Thank you Sue for reading. Autumn is definitely here! The leaves are turning, the wind is blowing , the rain has started again and it’s gone oh so chilly! Most of the flowers in the border have been blown over this week with the wind and rain and now it’s too wet to go and tie them back up- it all changes so quickly! Maybe it will be dry and warm again next week! I do live in cuckoo land sometimes!!

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