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November 8th Back Home November 8, 2021

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Well it’s been a while since I posted as we’ve been away on holiday in Canada! Best time of the year we reckon to visit with the wonderful autumn colours to enjoy all around. Great to see the grandchildren after two years …how they’ve grown …and happy to see our son doing well after a worrying time with health issues.

Photos…well …there are a few…hundred! However, they are mostly of children doing all their activities! Ice skating lessons, art class, Ninja classes etc…I remember when I used to take our children to classes …piano, tennis and rugby…they sound really boring with what’s on offer these days!

Our son lives south of Vancouver, near the sea, which at this time of year is full of migratory birds. Huge flocks of all kinds of birds can be seen on the water in all directions …wish my camera had a good zoom! Fields full of snow geese and eagles flying low …this is really a photographers and bird watchers dream place to be.

A birthday treat for me was a visit to the Van Gogh exhibition in Vancouver. I was overwhelmed with the sights and the sounds and being immersed inside the paintings….a wonderful experience.

Whilst the children were at school we enjoyed visits out with our son. It was noticeable that places hadn’t geared up for tourists this year and souvenirs were sparse everywhere we went. Places were very quiet with hardly any visitors as covid restrictions were still in place and hardly any tourists…made it all the better for us!!

The Museum of Anthropology was full of fascinating artefacts as one would expect but it really was wonderful to see so many unusual items from all over the world. We could have stayed there for hours! I was so interested in everything I forgot to take many photos! …I’ll have to go back!!!

The children loved visiting the Botanic Garden in Vancouver…so did we! As the area is in the Pacific temperate rainforest it was suitable that it was a rainy Saturday when we visited. The damp didn’t spoil the walk through the forest but it did make the walk along the very wet rope bridges, slung high up in the trees rather more exciting and worrying than expected.

On the return flight, just as we were leaving, the pilot announced that there was a bit of turbulence ahead and the flight would take on a new path to avoid the worst conditions. It was a bit bumpy but OK and if we’d had parachutes we could have jumped out just as the plane passed over our house! Anything to avoid the hold ups at Heathrow and the train from Paddington to Swansea…over a thousand on board and seats all taken!

It was hard leaving the family behind and we are already planning how to save up and visit again!

I just had to visit Aberglasney to see the autumn colours. Outside it was raining but inside the mansion the colours of the gardens were well represented by the beautiful photographs by Nigel McCall.

I received a brilliant surprise gift from Gill Bramley Ceramics, a Swansea potter, when I arrived at the Gardens. She had left me a selection of beautiful hand made pots perfect for the flower arrangements that I try to make every week in the ladies toilets!!!

Thank you Gill– greatly appreciated and loved.

Thank you for reading. It’s good to be back writing a post …it will take me time to get the garden sorted and my head back in gear but I’ve some great memories of a wonderful holiday to keep me going through the winter and the knowledge that the Canadian health service is wonderful.


4 Responses to “November 8th Back Home”

  1. Marie Dommett Says:

    Hi looks like you had an amazing time with your family !!!!

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    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading Marie. Good to hear from you- we must arrange a get together! The year seems to have zoomed by…literally! It would be great to have a catch up and then I can bore you with my holiday photos! Hope you are both well. Best wishes


  2. Great to see you back home safely after your trip to Canada, Marianne. And wonderful to see all the beautiful pictures that you took while you were there. I can imagine how hard it was for you to say goodbye to family. I used to feel the same way when Mum and Dad went home after their visits to us in the US, always thinking that this might be the last time we would see them, until they eventually came to live with us. It was always so much nicer to visit and share places and experiences with people we loved.

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    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Sue. It was very hard to leave the family there but we are fortunate that we have a daughter and grandson in England to soften the blow. Covid travel restrictions have just made life harder for so many families that it has all added to the stress over the last couple of years. Now the borders to Canada are open again it feels better just knowing that we can travel if we want to! Fingers crossed the family can come and visit us next year while we save up for the year after! Where my son lives is just so interesting and full of fascinating places to visit but it has become much more expensive over the last couple of years- think we’ll have to stay in Wales and visit him more often!

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