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March 8 Llandeilo Walk , Cars at Botanic Garden of Wales March 8, 2022

It’s hard to write about my activities when the world seems to be in such turmoil. To show support for Ukraine all my flower photos will be in yellow and blue.

The Walking Well Walk led by Biddy was most enjoyable as we started in Dinefwr and ended in Dinefwr! A circular walk that led us over fields, new bridges, across main roads and up country lanes. We saw trees that had fallen in the storms, baby lambs gamboling after their mums and huge molehills like mini mountains!

It was good to see the first dandelions and flying insects and the woods, where the bluebells flourish later on in the season, all cleared of fallen debris.

There have been plenty of birds in the garden to keep me glued to looking out of the window. Any slight movement I make means the birds fly off in a flutter! Not so the squirrels! Banging the window or opening the window and shouting obscenities means they just carry on eating the sunflower seed giving me disdainful glances all the while!

The long tailed tits are reluctant subjects and do their very best to keep hidden. As you can tell the nuthatch has attitude! The robins look good all year round not just at Christmas time!

A visit to the Botanic Garden of Wales together was a treat! Jim came too as there was a vintage car display being held in the courtyard.

We enjoyed a lovely walk around parts of the garden and of course treated ourselves to a scone and coffee in the newly refurbished cafe.

The show was interesting and it’s good to recall some of the cars we have owned over the years. There was a Morgan, an original Mini and others that we wished we had kept!

Back in the garden the land is still very wet but the plants are holding their own and doing their best to brighten everyone and everything up.

The six lovely rams are back in the next field. They are having a rest after a very busy season! I just love them- they have wonderful faces and expressions! The farmer who looks after our field has put silage on it this afternoon …it really feels like spring is here!

Other welcome visitors back on the Pond Field are the two Canada Geese who are preparing their nest on the little island. Two mallards have settled in on the pond too. The two resident moorhens are keeping watch on these new arrivals and letting them know who is in charge….such a lot of name calling!!

The views over the Carmarthen Fans from our garden continue to inspire me. Lots of photos and an early March book made. Now that the evenings are lighter and hopefully the weather improving I thought I’d get a March book made whilst it was still raining outside and before gardening started in earnest!

A very appropriate coloured bird of paradise flower caught my eye in The Telegraph Garden Centre Llangadog.

Thank you for reading.


9 Responses to “March 8 Llandeilo Walk , Cars at Botanic Garden of Wales”

  1. tootlepedal Says:

    A rich and enjoyable post. I envy you your nuthatches, one of my favourite birds and an exceedingly rare visitor to our garden. Your March book looks lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. We are fortunate to have a few nuthatches visiting the garden- they are very interesting to watch and very characterful- just like Zorro! We also have a number of jays visiting the bird table and they are often there at the same time as the nuthatches. After watching the birds I look at the mountains followed by a wander around the garden as I’m fascinated by it all
      -that’s a reason why I like your posts so much- full of everything that I enjoy.


  2. Hello Marianne,
    A lovely spring post with plenty of flowers and skyscapes, and I really enjoyed seeing the fine rams! Plus 3 down, 9 to go! Well done,
    best wishes

    Liked by 1 person

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading, Julian. Taking a camera around the garden I realised that there was more going on than I thought! My bog garden is still totally underwater and covered in green slime! Pushing up through the slime are the leaves of candelabra primulas- what stars they are! Love the rams- they are such naughty lads! The farmer told us yesterday that his prize ram…won cups in England last year…had a head butting competition with another and got his jaw broken …nothing could be done to save him!
      9 doesn’t sound too bad when you see it written!! Maybe not but we’ll see!!
      Thanks again. Stay safe.Marianne

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks Marianne… Rams will be rams – a bit like other examples of male machismo behaviour methinks, ( mind you our ewes usually engage in this as a pecking order ritual around dusk) but it reminds me of a story that the lovely famrer who dropped off a ram lamb for us this year told us…
        He’d just collected a couple of of his many (prize!) rams and brought them back in his trailer to let them out into a field with ewes in and an existing ram at the top of the field. One of the rams whizzed out of the trailer, the other refused to get out, so he had to struggle a bit to get into he trailer and heave it out. Meanwhile, the existing ram had rushed down the hill, seen the new ram arrival, and had a similar head butting session, which killed the new comer outright! Pity Putin’s table is so long, isn’t it?
        I’ve just scanned the forecast and shock horror, it looks like we might get some sunny dry days later this week. fingers crossed!
        Best wishes

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      • lletty Says:

        Oh my! These rams! Love the story but bet the farmer didn’t! Some of these rams cost thousands too!
        just back from Aberglasney where it poured with rain and then the sun shone brightly for half an hour before it rained again! Some of the magnolias are out…worth a visit! Thanks again for writing. Best wishes


  3. I like your idea of posting the yellow and blue flowers, Marianne! And I enjoyed your walk, especially seeing the lambs. So nice to have some color in the garden. There’s no sign of anything here yet but the daffodil shoots are just starting to show through the soil.

    Liked by 1 person

    • lletty Says:

      Hello Sue Thank you for reading. The garden looks quite colourful…mostly yellow daffs but the tulips are pushing up too so there’ll be some more bright colours very soon in the dry borders. Part of the garden is still under water after all the rain we’ve had. I bet you can’t wait to see your daffodils it really gives one a boost and lifts the spirits. Let’s hope yellow and blue flowers and love help those that need it.


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