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May 16 Mumbles and Bethlehem Walk May 16, 2022

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Our last Walking Well walk was near the village of Bethlehem. Driving up through the country lane where both verges were covered in garlic was a treat. At the end of the road there ‘s an old chapel in a very pretty setting surrounded by bluebells and of course more garlic flowers.

At the start of the walk, there was a steep hike up the hillside, which meant breaks for a breather and then we reached the top where there were wonderful views over the countryside. The path took us through a woodland that was covered in bluebells, garlic and all sorts of wild flowers- absolutely lovely. Soon we joined up with a country lane that passed a garden with tortoises out on the grass, enjoying the spring weather and a farm with lambs in the meadow and cows in the fields.

Our walks wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t have the ‘Last of the Spring Beer’ gang…. front and back views too!

Leaving the road we climbed over stiles, ambled through meadows, walked along the side of a river, jumped across a stream, climbed another steep slope, ran down a hill , back to the lane with the chapel and that completed a wonderful walk. Thank you Malcolm the walk was perfect.

In the last weeks we have enjoyed a visit to Mumbles, where my mum and dad used to live. How it’s changed! New buildings , new shops and busy crowds. The views, however, haven’t changed and they are still breathtakingly beautiful.

Mumbles Lighthouse

At home, the long awaited arrival of the Canadian goslings came. There were six but sadly only four now remain…we don’t know what happened to them. The geese have enjoyed their walks around the Pond Field and in our garden too!

Recently we were fortunate to have number of hot air balloons fly over our garden- it was a wonderful sight.

The birds have been very busy in the garden collecting material for their nests- pleased that the soft wool from a friend’s ewe proved very popular with many birds.

The garden is now in full spring mode. Everything is growing quickly and the borders and meadow is filling with colour. The buttercups in the Pond Field are my favourites! The sheep in the next field would love to enjoy the field too!

Ukraine has not been forgotten.

Flowers help the soul and aid the grief.

For our niece

Thank you for reading.


7 Responses to “May 16 Mumbles and Bethlehem Walk”

  1. tootlepedal Says:

    Lovely pictures from your garden, it looks well looked after. The garlic on your walk was most impressive. Unfortunately our walk with the most wild garlic is one of the ones still blocked by fallen trees.
    The Mumbles looks like a place that I would like to visit.

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    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. The garden looks good when the sun is shining and when I angle the
      camera to get the best view!!
      I have never seen so much garlic- it was fantastic. When I returned home I brought the garlic aroma with me!
      Mumbles is a lovely place to visit. It is now very much more commercialised than it used to be. Covid has definitely had an impact as some long established shops were closed. However, most importantly the Italian ice cream and pizza restaurant is still open and packed with customers -including us!


  2. Another interesting walk, Marianne. And I enjoyed your views of Mumbles. What a wonderful name! Your garden is looking beautiful, and I love the picture of the sheep peering through the fence.

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    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Sue. The sheep look enviously at the long grass and I can almost see them licking their lips. A couple do get in through the year and they end up with stomach ache after eating too many flowers /plants of the wrong sort! Mumbles is a favourite place of mine. Preferred it years ago when it was not so popular- far too busy now with holiday makers and children!! Also the traffic has built up that there are long queues to get into Mumbles and long waits to get out again! It is beautiful though.

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  3. Marie Says:

    Another interesting account of your very busy life. with some wonderful photographs to go with it. I am almost certain that the name of the chapel is Pontbren Araeth. It is a Baptist chapel and I know for certain that Pontpren Araeth is on the Bethlehem Road. So it must be the same one

    Liked by 1 person

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Marie. Thank you too for the name of the chapel- everyone on the walk wanted to find the name so I can tell them now!


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