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May 25 Walk in Pumpsaint and around Dolaucothi Gold Mines May 25, 2022

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A short drive up the Lampeter road and I arrived in the village of Pumpsaint, where we were all meeting for our Walking Well Walk.

A good crowd of us set off through the woods following our leader- Sue! We decided to limbo under the tree trunk and not try to vault over!!

There were still blasts of blue in the undergrowth where the last of the bluebells were flowering. However, it still felt more like autumn with a chill in the air and a light drizzle which is so annoying when you wear glasses! One day they’ll invent little wipers to fit on the glasses to clear the drops!

These oak woods are part of the National Trust’s Dolaucothi Estate. Hidden in this woodland area is evidence of Roman gold mining dating back over 2,000 years. Mining on this site continued into the twentieth century, ending in 1938. Visits to the gold mines are very popular and the site has reopened again after covid…check before you visit national trust Dolaucothi .

These woods are one of Wales’s temperate rainforests so a really special wood with lots of ferns, lichens and a rare ecosystem. Also there are two projects active in the Cothi Valley to protect the population of red squirrels and pine martens in the Cothi Valley and encourage the population to spread into nearby land. We didn’t see any squirrels or pine martens but we looked!

We walked over beautifully landscaped countryside, strolled alongside the clear flowing river, peeped inside a stone grotto supported by huge tree roots, crossed an ancient bridge and arrived at the entrance to the gold mines. We skirted round and took a footpath which led over the site and looked down to the mine buildings below. Evidence of mining could be seen all around.

We looked closely at the Stone of the five saints– great stories! The Last of the Spring Beer folk did a great deal of chatting and then we all headed down from the hillside back to the country lane, passing the old pit head on the way.

We all enjoyed walking along the country lane where each verge was full of wild flowers and buzzing insects. Next to an old milk churn collecting block granny bonnet flowers and poached egg plants had had a field day and gone wild!!

Apparently when the Americans were based locally here in the World War 2 they found it difficult to pronounce the Welsh names. So Caio…became C(cee) A (ai) 10(ten) !

The walk ended with a delicious coffee and cake at the Dolaucothi Arms. Thank you Sue for a most enjoyable walk with interesting historical facts thrown in along the way.

Back home in the garden the weather has continued to dominate the growth…..no sooner is the grass cut it showers with rain and the grass grows another inch or two! At least everywhere is very green….no wonder Richard Llewelyn wrote How Green was My Valley!

Definitely not forgetting Ukraine:

Thank you for reading. Have a jolly lovely Jubilee Bank holiday if in the UK next week!


5 Responses to “May 25 Walk in Pumpsaint and around Dolaucothi Gold Mines”

  1. tootlepedal Says:

    Lovely pictures both from your walk and from your garden. It is good to hear that action is being taken to help red squirrels. I think that my favourite picture was the one of the aquilegia.

    Liked by 1 person

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. The aquilegia photo was a real fluke…just held the camera under flower! The times I’ve really tried to take a photo like that by lying on the ground, twisting the flower head up but this time just a pot luck! I’d love to see red squirrels in the woods apparently they are around but keep themselves to themselves…wise squirrels! We have far too many grey squirrels so something will have to be done to stop them first!


  2. Clivey Says:

    Loved your walk as usual Babs. I don’t know how to pronounce Caio either.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. lletty Says:

    Thank you for reading Clive…forgot that you knew about the blog! You’ll have to come home for a visit to reconnect with Wales and improve your knowledge of the welsh language!!


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