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July 18 Carreg Cennen Walk, Visit to Aberystwyth July 18, 2022

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A walk around Carreg Cennen Castle seemed a grand idea for our Walking Well Walk but I had to take into consideration the weather!! The forecast was hot, hot, hot! After a telephone chat with Ros , the leader she assured me that the walk wouldn’t be too hard as we were keeping to the low ground and walking in the shade of the wood most of the way.

Setting off up the hill towards the castle – which we bypassed- we walked through a lovely field of barley before heading downhill following a path through a pretty wood. There are two different rocks exposed here limestone and sandstone. Limestone supports ash trees and Sandstone oak so together they provide many different habitats. Hence this area is a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

We reached the bottom of the hill and rested awhile by the river which looked very short of water! We continued along a path and headed back up towards the castle and cafe . I was pleased that the cattle we had been forewarned about had thankfully been moved into another field! They are great looking cattle with their very long horns and I like them best when they are in another field!

Reaching the cafe we split into two groups…the hardy ones sat outside in the sun and the others Including me -enjoyed some cool refreshments inside the barn. Rhubarb cake had never tasted so delicious!! Thank you Ros for a lovely walk.

As we are off on some holidays in the summer we decided a new suitcase would be useful as the wheels on our old suitcase had seen better days. Left in charge of buying a case online I discovered that everyone else had the same idea and suitcases were in really short supply in our price range! So when I found a perfect case in Argos….I hurriedly tapped the click and collect button and paid up! Only then did I read it carefully to discover the collect part was not in our local area but the designated store was Aberystwyth 40 miles away! Anyway this leads me on to our day out at the seaside in Aberystwyth! We had a lovely time even though it was rather cloudy and breezy.

We walked along the promenade and even to the end of the pier. This was being hastily prepared for opening the following week in time for the graduation of students from Aberystwyth University.

Over the bay we could see the funicular railway, (built 1896) on Constitution Hill. One carriage is going up and not surprisingly one is coming down!!

We walked further around the promenade and saw hang gliders over the distance monument, the old university building being updated, the castle, distances to far away countries and birds in the park.

A lovely visit to the newly refurbished museum in the old cinema building was our final stop over for the day.

As usual the weather continues to change on a daily basis and sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with the watering in the garden and other times it’s too wet. At present it’s very hot and the birds and creatures in the garden are very quiet! The Canada Geese on the pond are sheltering in the shade and wondering where all the pond water has gone!! Plants are still holding on and there’s quite a lot of colour in the garden. Roses are doing well this year!

Actually all the flowers are bloomin’ lovely- they are so good just looking after themselves and all they need is a good drink and a chat every day!

Flowers for Ukraine .

Thank you for reading. Stay cool if you are in a hot place!


4 Responses to “July 18 Carreg Cennen Walk, Visit to Aberystwyth”

  1. tootlepedal Says:

    Hundreds of years ago, I went to a student drama festival in Aberystwyth. Your garden flowers are looking lovely and very well cared for. You must have got the watering regime just right.

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    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. Aberystwyth must be an ideal place to go to study or to take part in festivals- it’s a proper uni town with the extra benefit of a seaside setting to enjoy too! Our water is from a bore hole and yesterday I managed to blow something…capacitor…I think…by using too much water for the flowers over too long a period! So I now have to watch how long I water and how much I use…just hope it rains soon!!


  2. I was pleased to see that you managed to take your walk despite the heat that the UK has been experiencing. And what a lovely day at the seaside with so many interesting things to see. It looked as though there weren’t too many people there in Aberystwyth. As always, your garden is looking absolutely stunning!

    Liked by 1 person

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. The UK is definitely not prepared for very hot weather…the country came to a standstill! No post, no trains etc…thank goodness the heat wave only lasted a couple of days or the country would have shut down!! I’ve noticed that when we visit places it is always quieter than before covid….maybe it’s people keeping away from crowds as covid is still around or because money is short…everything seems to be more expensive lately! The garden looked good until the torrential rain we have had this week and flattened everything! Who’d be a gardener?!

      Liked by 1 person

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