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January 15th 2022 Staying in January 15, 2022

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Not the best way to begin the New Year: a sore throat, headache, runny nose and feeling tired and a positive LFT! It’s not all doom and gloom though- it’s just a bad cold and like colds they can be spread very easily which is why Jim has also tested positive- not sure he’s delighted to have caught it from me!

Self isolation ends next week for both of us so looking forward to getting out and about again!

Staying in has meant lots of lying down on the settee and looking out the window at the sunrises, sunsets, birds and mice on feeders!

The birds have kept me amused from the shy woodpecker to the camouflaged log tailed tits!

Even though we have had a great deal of rain it surprised me to fine how many birds queue up for a wash in the bird bath and a drink.

I feed the birds once a day in the morning. However, I’m always pleased to see that the teasels and the other plants, with their seed heads left on through the winter, attract the birds too. Saves on the cost of the seed and peanuts which is really getting far too expensive! I think Senior Citizens should be given a bird seed allowance…as long as they don’t eat the seeds! Maybe I’ll start an online petition…I’d have to be careful how I’d word it…” Free bird seed for Senior Citizens” …nope ..I’ll have to rethink that one!

We’ve had a real mix of weather with heavy rains followed by frosty days and nights and swirling fog thrown in too! I bought a rain gauge to keep up with rainfall measurements and of course that was the best thing to do to stop the rain!

The garden has been very wet, wet, damp, and totally frozen but some plants have survived and are bringing colour to the borders already!

It’s good to see the garden coming back to life…after all it’s only January! There’s lots more of winter yet! The problems after Storm Arwen haven’t gone away but they’ll have to wait until the weather dries and brightens up!

Even if there have been a few ups and downs over the last weeks the garden and the views around certainly help to lift the spirits!

From the top of the drive a view over the Black Mountain
A view over The Pond Field early morning
A view over the Carmarthen Fans from the garden

Thank you for reading. Do hope you are all keeping well and virus free. Hopefully in the UK all lockdown restrictions will be ended by the end of January and then the spring will really look like a season of new beginnings.


December 30 th Black Mountain Quarry, Aberglasney December 30, 2021

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Oh, the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we’ve no place to go
Just sit down and read below!

Just before Christmas there were a few dry, sunny but chilly days and we made the most of them by going out! We piled in the car and drove through Llangadog and up the windy roads, climbing higher and higher, up the Black Mountain, until we reached the first car park. The views over the Towy Valley from here are spectacular- especially on a clear day! The cloud bank over the distant hills slowly moved closer but we gave it the evil eye and it stayed away!

Driving further up the mountain we arrived at the next car park where there was a display board explaining the history of the landscape and the story behind the quarries, where limestone was quarried years ago.

Being keen to visit the quarry, I followed a path, over the lunar like landscape, to the top of the hill, by myself. The views continued to be amazing but the chill wind started to blow more strongly and the quarry loomed ahead huge, desolate and intimidating. I wished that I wasn’t alone!

Safely, back in the car we drove down the road off the hill and stopped at yet another carpark and enjoyed the wonderful views towards Carreg Cennen Castle.

Carreg Cennen Castle

Back at home the birds and other creatures keep giving pleasure! Well some of them! It’s always this time of year when the squirrels invade the garden and try to steal all the bird seed or indeed the feeders too! I have put cages around other seed feeders but this one I just rigged up an old hanging basket to cover the feeder. The goldfinches kept a very beady eye on the feeder but it didn’t keep the squirrels from having their fill of the seed!

The mice also help themselves, hopefully, it will make them too fat to climb the walls and get in our loft …again!

I was out in the garden at exactly the right time to witness a buzzard preening and sunning himself. He sat quite majestically on the top branch of our lime tree. The really top branch had been felled in Storm Arwen! This is his favourite position overlooking our pond field. I felt quite honoured to see it all! Too many photos but can’t decide which to leave out!

When it’s sunny of course a visit to Aberglasney is expected! The Ninfarium is awash with gorgeous orchids and the house, the parterre and the cloisters all look their best in the winter sunshine.

The coffee and sandwiches are pretty brilliant too!

Our garden has lots of interesting happenings! Signs of spring with the hellebores appearing and shoots of snowdrops poking their heads through the leaf litter. Next door’s lovely cat and sheep in the field check me along their drive…all those eyes following my movements… any food around?!

Thank you for reading this post. It’s the last one for 2021! Looking back the year has definitely had its ups and downs. Our visits out, my garden, my painting and my family and friends all bring me great enjoyment. This year our visit to see our son and his family in Canada in October was a highlight. Recovering from operations and treatment for cancer he’s on the mend!

Writing these posts is also very enjoyable- it gives me a reason to keep taking all those photos! It also keeps me in touch with all the wonderful visitors we welcome to Lletty Cottage- all our friends now.

So out with the old 2021 , in with the new 2022 : may you be happy the whole year through.

Happy New Year!


December 17 Aberglasney, Christmas Lights, Visit to Brecon, Telegraph Garden Centre December 17, 2021

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Only eight more sleeps until the day!

How often in the past when our children were small did we have to count down these last nights with their growing anticipation and excitement building with every hour. Now we are just quietly enjoying a wonderful visit from our daughter and family for a weekend of relaxation and catch up – all of course proceeded by lateral flow tests before we sink into days of reading, walking and eating…our Christmas days have really changed! ! What a strange world we are living in now!

Our garden is also quietly dying back into its winter slumber. The recent storms have caused many trees and bushes to be uprooted but all is quiet now. The only sound in the garden are the birds flocking to the feeders, the sheep baaing in distant fields and the wind rustling the few leaves left on the trees.

Every morning the bullfinch and jays join our breakfast scrabble at the bird table with the sparrows, chaffinches, gold fiches, green finches, blue tits, nuthatches and recently joined there by the long tailed tits….but can I get a decent photo…no! The mistle thrush, however, sat calmly and beautifully on the fence so I could focus and snap away! I think it was very full of the crab apples that it had just eaten off the trees!

The squirrel in our garden from my grand father’s home is slowly being taken over by moss- another job to wait until the spring!

Morning walks with Rufus are still lovely even when it’s frosty and freezing or wet and rainy but especially when the sun rises are brilliant and bright.

A visit to Aberglasney is always included in a week and a walk around the gardens collecting foliage for flower arrangements is always a pleasure. A stroll through the greenhouse is also very enjoyable and a place to keep warm on a cold and frosty day.

We enjoyed a quick drive out to Brecon to visit their market. It was all very quiet in town and hardly the buzz one would expect just a week before Christmas. We walked around the lovely town and enjoyed looking at all the decorations in the shop windows and had a very tasty veggie soup in a bookshop plus cafe! Everyone had made such a great effort to brighten the town up. We called into the wonderful museum/library. It was only a quick visit as the heating was on in the building and wearing face masks we both became too hot!!

We are very fortunate that the new Telegraph Garden Centre is open just down the road from us. There’s also a great cafe there too…amazing cakes! So it’s no surprise that a weekly visit there is also on the cards and a joy to see all their Christmas trees and plants all displayed and ready to buy!

Our Llansadwrn village has come out blazing with lights again for Christmas. It all looks very festive especially the decorations in the church porch.

Back home our decorations are up and memories refreshed about some of the decorations. Some belonged to my parents and some have been given to us recently and some long ago by friends. The Babycham Bambis belonged to my mum also the tin candles and bell…. she loved them!

Well it’s time to wish everyone who reads this post (especially QSP in USA) a very special Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year, wherever you are.

I know we all hope for a better year next year and I’m sure it will be!

Thank you for reading and see you in 2022!!


November 27 Dinefwr and Caio Walks, Cowbridge Physic Garden , Aberglasney November 28, 2021

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Two Walking Well Walks for the price of one in this post! It has taken time to settle back into our routine after our visit to Canada and having the walks to go on puts routines back into my life!

The first walk started from Dinefwr and crossed the A40 into the fields near Penybanc.

Thank you Pam for the lovely walk.

The second walk was to Caio Forest. A number of brave and hardy walkers turned up on a day that was definitely not the best for walking! The company was wonderful and no one complained about the conditions and we all had a good chat and ‘enjoyed’ ourselves! The wind blew, blasted and was bitterly cold, the rain came in squalls and splashes but we bent our backs and moved forward when the wind allowed! At the end of the walk we all declined an invite to a local hostelry for drinks and we got in our cars and headed straight home for hot baths and hot drinks!

the https://naturalresources.wales/days-out/places-to-visit/south-west-wales/caio-forest/?lang=en

Thank you Biddy for leading the walk.

Getting back into a routine also means visiting Aberglasney. It was good to see Carol Klein’s visit there on her recent programme : https://www.channel5.com/show/carol-klein-s-great-british-gardens/season-3/episode-1

Carol enjoyed her visit to The Ninfarium which has lots of interest through the year but on the cold, damp days of winter it is a good place to visit to see colourful orchids, the bird of paradise flowering and Christmas cactus in hanging baskets and bananas growing!

We’ve fitted in a few visits out as well as trying to get the garden in order for the winter. One of the jobs that I need the wholehearted help from Jim for is the cutting down of the gunnera on the little island in the pond! This entails a bit of encouragement as it means getting the boat out, paddling across to the island, kneeling on knees that don’t want to bend, cutting down leaves with sharp spikes and placing them so they protect the new shoots which will appear next spring! He earns lots of Brownie points for doing this job!

One afternoon we visited Cowbridge, in the Vale of Glamorgan, which is a bright and bustling town with many historical links. It has many lovely independent shops and good places for eating out!

Typically, we ended up in Costa for our lunch as everywhere else was full! Never mind, as across the way was Waitrose…a delight in itself to visit! After eating our shared egg sandwich and one mince pie…all that was left on the shelf..we visited the Physic Garden! Well worth a visit even in autumn/winter.

Back at home the morning walk around the garden with Rufus has been brightened with the beautiful sunrises. It’s the same view but it changes daily!

The sunsets aren’t too bad either!

There has been interest in the garden up until lately.

Then we had a few frosty nights!

This weekend we had storm Arwen and our huge beech tree on the Pond Field was blown over as well as a large branch broken off the lime tree. Sad but grateful that no-one was hurt.

The birds have returned in larger numbers to the garden due to the cold weather and the bird seed disappears at an alarming rate! They bring so much pleasure though- it’s worth every penny…or pound….or pounds!!! The mice need the nuts too! ( New bird feeding station from Wilko!)

The Aberglasney robin wanted to upstage our garden robin! I think he won!!

Thank you for reading. Enjoy opening your advent calendar …hope it’s a chocolate one! Mine is!


November 8th Back Home November 8, 2021

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Well it’s been a while since I posted as we’ve been away on holiday in Canada! Best time of the year we reckon to visit with the wonderful autumn colours to enjoy all around. Great to see the grandchildren after two years …how they’ve grown …and happy to see our son doing well after a worrying time with health issues.

Photos…well …there are a few…hundred! However, they are mostly of children doing all their activities! Ice skating lessons, art class, Ninja classes etc…I remember when I used to take our children to classes …piano, tennis and rugby…they sound really boring with what’s on offer these days!

Our son lives south of Vancouver, near the sea, which at this time of year is full of migratory birds. Huge flocks of all kinds of birds can be seen on the water in all directions …wish my camera had a good zoom! Fields full of snow geese and eagles flying low …this is really a photographers and bird watchers dream place to be.

A birthday treat for me was a visit to the Van Gogh exhibition in Vancouver. I was overwhelmed with the sights and the sounds and being immersed inside the paintings….a wonderful experience.

Whilst the children were at school we enjoyed visits out with our son. It was noticeable that places hadn’t geared up for tourists this year and souvenirs were sparse everywhere we went. Places were very quiet with hardly any visitors as covid restrictions were still in place and hardly any tourists…made it all the better for us!!

The Museum of Anthropology was full of fascinating artefacts as one would expect but it really was wonderful to see so many unusual items from all over the world. We could have stayed there for hours! I was so interested in everything I forgot to take many photos! …I’ll have to go back!!!

The children loved visiting the Botanic Garden in Vancouver…so did we! As the area is in the Pacific temperate rainforest it was suitable that it was a rainy Saturday when we visited. The damp didn’t spoil the walk through the forest but it did make the walk along the very wet rope bridges, slung high up in the trees rather more exciting and worrying than expected.

On the return flight, just as we were leaving, the pilot announced that there was a bit of turbulence ahead and the flight would take on a new path to avoid the worst conditions. It was a bit bumpy but OK and if we’d had parachutes we could have jumped out just as the plane passed over our house! Anything to avoid the hold ups at Heathrow and the train from Paddington to Swansea…over a thousand on board and seats all taken!

It was hard leaving the family behind and we are already planning how to save up and visit again!

I just had to visit Aberglasney to see the autumn colours. Outside it was raining but inside the mansion the colours of the gardens were well represented by the beautiful photographs by Nigel McCall.

I received a brilliant surprise gift from Gill Bramley Ceramics, a Swansea potter, when I arrived at the Gardens. She had left me a selection of beautiful hand made pots perfect for the flower arrangements that I try to make every week in the ladies toilets!!!

Thank you Gill– greatly appreciated and loved.

Thank you for reading. It’s good to be back writing a post …it will take me time to get the garden sorted and my head back in gear but I’ve some great memories of a wonderful holiday to keep me going through the winter and the knowledge that the Canadian health service is wonderful.


September 19 Cwmdu Walk, Dinefwr Walk and Mark Cavendish! September 21, 2021

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Two Walking Well Walks in one post! The days seem to go by so quickly and the daylight time is getting shorter so one has to make the most of the wonderful September days. We’ve had some lovely early autumn days with mists in the valley in the morning, sunshine in the afternoon followed by chilly evenings! I must find my woolly socks!

Our walk around the hills and fields of Cwmdu was delightful. We set off from the Cwmdu Inn and followed the road through the village passing many delightful gardens with some guarded by owls!

There were some beautiful views across the valley and a number of properties that had seen better days but were just waiting for someone to come along and spruce them up.

Back at the inn we all enjoyed a coffee and delicious cake provided by Biddy. Thanks Biddy!

An amazing display of orchids were on show at Aberglasney during the Welsh Orchid Festival. There were orchids of all sizes, colours and shapes and it was difficult not to buy any!

More excitement followed when we were fortunate enough to visit the Botanic Gardens, with kind friends, to see the Time Trials for the Tour of Britain. Before the cyclists arrived, they were cycling in teams from Llandeilo, we set off for a wonderful walk around the lakes on the newly finished paths and ending our walk in the Great Glasshouse.

Following this we headed to the Time Trials finishing line where the spectators were lined up ready to cheer on the cyclists. It was all very exciting especially for my friend who declares herself as Mark Cavendish’s most ardent follower! He was very approachable and agreed for a photo to be taken…happy days!

Pam had arranged the next Walking Well Walk starting from Dinefwr and walking over fields, across fords and down country lanes arriving at Llangathen Church which is across the road from Aberglasney Gardens. It was a very enjoyable walk on a lovely autumn day in wonderful company. Thank you Pam!

Back in the garden the colour palette has changed to lots more autumny colours with bright orange and yellows with some roses holding on to summer for a bit longer! The crab apples, rose hips and apple trees are attracting lots of flying friends- even the wasps are welcome these days! Butterflies too are love the juicy apples fallen on the ground- they come in good numbers to have a banquet!

Visitors in Lletty Cottage can hardly see out of the kitchen window!

The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is definitely here so hope you enjoy all that it offers…I will!

Thank you for reading.


August 30 Dinefwr, Hafod Estate, Aberglasney, Oldham! August 30, 2021

See the curtains hanging in the window,

In the evening on a Friday night

A little light shining through the window,

Let’s me know everything’s alright

Summer breeze, makes me feel fine,

Blowing through the jasmine in my mind.

I’ve been humming this song for the last few weeks as the sun came out and there was better news about a family worry. It’s been a busy time with a lovely Walking Well Walk around Dinefwr. The day was none too bright but the company made up for that with sparkling chat and coffee and cake outside Newton House at the end of the walk.

The walkers met at the top of the entrance drive to Dinefwr and walked through the fields up to the castle where the views stretch out along the Towy Valley. In the distance the ruin of Dryslwyn Castle stands atop the next rocky hilltop.

After enjoying a walk from the castle through the woods and along the board walk we ended up near Newton House passing on our way a new garden enterprise set up in the old ticket office- more wonderful plants to tempt one!

Another long day’s drive took us through the beautiful heart of Wales, the centre of Manchester ( the satnav went wrong!!) and to our destination Oldham. We were collecting some car parts. We enjoy the visit as the workshop is packed full of old cars, machinery and everything old, however, the journey seems to take longer every time we go!

Finding a shorter journey for a day out we drove to the Hafod Estate, near Aberystwyth. Although it was a drizzly, damp day we had a wonderful visit.

The Hafod Estate was designed in the late eighteenth century by Thomas Johnes and it soon became an essential destination for visitors touring Wales in search of “wild nature”.

The area was all ‘ picturesque’ and quite beautiful. There were many walking trails but we chose ‘The Lady’s Walk’ as it passes waterfalls, fields, streams and it was the ‘less strenuous’. It was a great walk and most enjoyable, however, we should have noted that if we walked downhill to the river there was a possibility that somewhere along the line there would be an uphill stretch! We found it- right at the end! Jim’s knees were squealing!! However, after the climb back to the car, from the bottom of the ravine, and a chocolate and coffee from the flask, we both warmed up and started planning our next visit here!

I loved all the heather…can you tell!

I loved the church, the woods, the river, the sheep baaarring the way and the waterfalls too!

Half way back up the hill from the waterfall- it was a long climb but worth it!!

Of course, visits to Aberglasney must be included in my posts. The Gardens have looked stunning throughout the summer and amaze visitors with the colour and splendour of all the plants in the borders.

There are also added attractions as every Sunday the Bonsai Group meet in the Piggeries and share their knowledge with any interested visitor.

There are art and craft exhibitions held in the mansion throughout the summer. The latest exhibition is stunning…as always: Andrew Douglas-Forbes and Rhian Nest James

Back home the garden has run the rest of my life! So much to do, mowing the grass, cutting back, but most of all enjoying the summer breeze!

It’s good to share the garden with little friends!

The ‘fernery’ looks bright and colourful in the summer!

The Pond Field has become too overgrown and my lawn mower won’t cut it all as the buttercups have taken over! I’ve done the best that I can though!

Lots more field to do and lots more garden to enjoy!

Hope your summer is breezing along happily too. Thank you for reading.


August 13 Talley, Pembroke Dock, Thoresby Hall August 13, 2021

A damp start to our Walking Well Walk in Talley, made the climb, up to the top of the ridge above the village, a bit slippy! The gasps at the top either meant you were out of breath or were delighted with the wonderful views- I was both!!

After a short rest , chat and drink we started off back to the bottom again through the pine forests enjoying the views of beautiful Talley Abbey from above.

The church hall, next to the Abbey ruins, was open for drinks and cakes which we all enjoyed very much indeed…especially the cakes which were all handmade and delicious. Thank you Biddy for the lovely walk.

Travelling further afield for a day out we went to Thoresby Hall Nottinghamshire for a car rally! It’s amazing what you can fit into a day when you get up early! The service stations were busy and after being very cautious in recent months about avoiding crowds it felt very strange to be amongst lots of people…not many wearing masks either!

The forecast had been rainy and chilly but the sun shone all afternoon and we had a grand time enjoying seeing all the cars and the Hall. It was a quintessentially British afternoon with classic cars, a stately home and a cricket match- all quite lovely.

I bought this!

Back home the garden is blooming!!! Blooming difficult to keep under control!! The hot weather followed by the wet weather has meant the perfect conditions for weed, bramble and grass growth! The courgettes are growing into marrows, the Mini Munch cucumbers are now Maxi Munch ones and the runner beans have done a runner to the very top of the canes and I can’t reach them! Apart from that all’s well!

The canna lilies are looking good!

After all the gardening it was definitely time for another day out! Not so far this time just a drive to Pembroke Dock to visit the Heritage Centre and see the history of the Sunderland Flying Boat. The centre is full of fascinating models and displays.

There are some wonderful boat models and one is of the car ferry the Cleddau King which I went on as a child.

One of the other displays shows the Millennium Falcon!!

From Wikipedia:

In spring 1979, Marcon Fabrications, a heavy engineering firm that served the UK’s petrochemical and oil industries,[7] was hired to build a movable full-scale external model capable of “moving as if it were about to take off.”[7] Built in secrecy under the project code name Magic Roundabout,[7][8] the company leased the 1930s Western SunderlandFlying Boathangar in Pembroke DockWest Wales.[8][9] The model, which took three months to construct, weighed over 25 long tons (25 t), measured 65 feet (20 m) in diameter and 20 feet (6.1 m) high, and used compressed air hover pads for up to 1.5 inches (38 mm) of hover-height movement around the set.[8][10][11] It was then disassembled and shipped to Elstree Studios, Hertfordshire, for filming.[7] Today, the Pembroke Dock museum has an exhibit about the project.[7][8]

It’s amazing what gets built in Wales!

Across the road from the Centre a shop has a display of Star Wars Lego in their window.

Leaving the Centre we went for a walk down to the harbour and enjoyed a lovely stroll along the beach. The ferry to Ireland was getting prepared for departure- wish we were on it!

The garden was still waiting for work to be done but a chance just to sit and enjoy it came along when the sun popped out for a while!

At last we have butterflies in the garden! Not as many as usual but early days yet…hopefully!

We also have some ‘lost’ baby birds! This baby robin wouldn’t leave my potting shed until a mouse ran out behind it!

Not quite ready yet but getting redder by the day and juicier even Snow White would be impressed with these apples!

Thank you for reading. Have a great August wherever you are!

May the force be with you!


July 31 Llandeilo, Ammanford and Aberglasney July 31, 2021

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Our Walking Well Walk began at Llandeilo railway station just like we used to in BC ( Before Covid) days. The sun was shining as we set off along the Swing Bridge. It actually should be called the Bouncy Bridge because it doesn’t half bounce about when when a lot of people walk across it. It was jolly hard to keep the camera straight when trying to photograph some swimmers and jumpers in the river Tywi below!

We followed the river along the bank and came to an original ford which crossed to the town on the other side.

We stayed our side of the river and walked on to Tregib Woods crossing under telegraph lines which were strung with metal hangars to help birds avoid flying into the wires. Following the Dormouse route through the woods we passed masses of flowering meadowsweet, their scent filling the air.

The boardwalk makes visiting damp places in the woodland very accessible and the carved walk markers make it easy to navigate through the acres of trees. Well- it really helps to have a walk guide who knows the place very well and can lead us all safely back to Llandeilo. Back at the carpark some walkers went on to Davies and Co for a well earned coffee and cake! Thank you Ros for a lovely walk. Please note we had some very stylish walkers on the walk!

Due to the very hot summer weather that we were fortunate/unfortunate to have recently a number of bottles of beer were deemed as very necessary items to be added to the shopping list! Jim’s preferred beer meant a visit to a large supermarket in Ammanford as local shops don’t stock it!

We enjoyed a lovely walk around the park with its bandstand, cricket pitch, bowling green and memorial garden before putting on face masks again and going shopping!

Aberglasney featured on Gardeners’ World July 30 and it looked as beautiful as ever.

When I visit I’m allowed to pick a few flowers and make an arrangement for the ladies loo…I know my place in society!! I am not a flower arranger at all the flowers are so beautiful they seem to arrange themselves!

Back home the garden has needed a great deal of watering during the hot weather. I decided a couple of years ago not to have too many pot plants to reduce the watering but somehow there still seems to be a great many to keep watered! Plus the greenhouse, the veg plot and the hanging baskets. Next year I’ll definitely cut back!!!

The rest of the garden also needed a drink so thank goodness for my super stretchy hosepipe- it’s the best ever and stretches right round the front garden then shrivels back short again. Love it! I’m also pretty fond of the colour pink…I think!

Mind you I also love yellow, blue, lilac and all the colours of the rainbow!

The bees living in the roof above our bedroom also love lots of coloured flowers and are joined in the garden by other flying friends but not as many as usual.

Just when I was giving up hope of seeing any rain as forecasted thunder storms seemed to whizz by to the north of us then the south but at last just when I was hanging out the washing along came the rain! Better late than never although the sunflower looked none too happy!

Thank you for reading. Hope you’ve all had just the perfect amount of rain or sun that you want. Looking forward to eating these later in the season!


July 18 Gelli Aur, Botanic Garden of Wales, Aberglasney July 19, 2021

In no time at all there was another Walking Well Walk arranged by one of the leaders. Three ladies have taken over the organisation and running of the group and it’s all going really smoothly.

The walk was to take place in the grounds of the Gelli Aur mansion, a rather dour building, but surrounded by glorious woodland including many specimen trees.

As soon as I opened the car door the scent from the many lime trees around the carpark was quite over powering! Wish I could bottle it or indeed have smelly sensation available on WordPress to share with everyone!

We walked through meadows mown with paths and being aware of covid restrictions behaved extremely well (!) keeping in single file and metres apart!

The lovely stone walls marked the perimeter of the managed woodland. Even though the woods are managed there were clumps of Himalayan balsam- so pretty but our native plants suffer when they are present. Let’s hope the foxgloves fight back!

It was a wonderful walk as there were paths through the woods, through a small quarry, along a road, up a hill, down a dale and on the way meeting interesting people too! Chats with a gentleman who had been in the Gulf War and his memories all added to the enjoyable morning out.

Good to spot lots of wildflowers and things of interest- keeps the mind from wondering if the hill ahead is going to be manageable or not! One of the walkers had an app on his phone that tells you the name of the plant when looked at. It was fascinating trouble is I’ve forgotten many of the names of all the umbellifers..but I knew them when he said!!! Coffee and cake in the cafe ended another wonderful WWW – thank you Pam!

My recent visits to the Botanic Garden of Wales have been marred by the weather. Heavy rain shortened my last visit so it was great to be back there recently in full sunshine and happy summer weather. The gardens looked amazing and I remembered to take photos of the plants I liked and their labels so I know what I want to buy on my next visit to a nursery! Also it helps me to see how plant colour combinations are used to enhance enjoyment in borders- my planting of planned colours in borders never seem to turn out as I envision them- mine is a pot luck garden!

The Great Glasshouse looked splendid inside and out!