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June 7th Visits to Westonbirt and Penllergare Valley Woods June 7, 2021

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At last after such a long time we’ve been able to see our family! A day out together with daughter & grandson plus extras at Westonbirt The National Arboretum. We had a wonderful day and enjoyed walking around through all the many paths amongst the thousands of trees. Best was walking over the bridge that spans across the woodland so it feels like one is a bird in the branches hidden from view but seeing all!

It wasn’t too busy but everyone we met had a very well trained dog on a leash. It was very helpful to find that all the trees were labelled and it stopped any wondering what species they all were- it definitely aids the memory when the name is on a label!

Back home we have had visitors! It was lovely to welcome new faces to the cottage after such a long break. All the cleaning and sanitising went well and even when the dishwasher broke two days before the first visitors came AO were fantastic and delivered one next day- great service! Friends arrived from England with gifts for us pie for Jim and stilton cheese for me and a fruit flan! We were very happy and full!

In our house we had the arrival of a bat in the bedroom and Jim luckily found the tiny hole that it had come through! The tallest ladder we have just reaches our ceiling but we had to open the window to get the ladder out again as it had jammed on the stairs coming up!! We do lead exciting lives!!

I enjoyed my weekly visit to Aberglasney with a good pal. She loves this tree a Cornus controversa ‘Variegata’ wedding cake tree!

The rest of the Gardens are beautiful and it’s encouraging to see all the visitors returning now lockdown has eased.

The sun was shining when we visited Penllergare Valley Woods for a walk and coffee and cake! The Gardens are 40 minutes drive away from Lletty Cottage and are quite magical! Really! On both sides of the valley there are major roads and the Woods lie snuggled between them. A slight distant hum can be heard but the birds singing deafens the hum out! There are 12 square miles of woodland and 7 miles of footpaths…we haven’t walked them all….yet!!

There’s a fascinating history to the valley and there are great projects afoot to make the welcome centre larger and expand the facilities.

Can you hear that noise? It’s our grass and weeds growing! After the wet and cold we’ve had hot, warm and damp weather perfect for everything to start coming to life…in a big way! It’s been tricky trying to keep everything tidy when overnight plants seem to burst out of their slumber and shout, ‘ I’m alive and flowering…NOW! ‘

This succulent looked sad and down at heart and over a week has transformed into a beauty!

On Pond Field

Hostas ….before the slugs get them!

Flowers popping up everywhere all shapes, sizes and colours

Good to see so many bees in the garden and different kinds too. Sadly lacking in many other insects on the plants but there must be many flying around as the swifts are back at home nesting under the eaves and they must be eating something! There must be at least five pairs nesting and they squeal and screech around the house early morning and through the day…it’s a joy to hear them.

The tomatoes, cucumbers and salad are all growing well in the greenhouse and the runner beans, peas and courgettes are all planted in veg plot. I’d hoped to cut back on my planting this year but something happens and I just pop a seed into a deep root trainers and before I know it there’s a plant! I have to look after it now…don’t I !!!

Thank you Jane for the root trainers they have been amazing!!

Thank you for reading. Hope your gardens are growing well too!


May 8 Visits to Aberglasney, Brecon and Home Again May 8, 2021

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Another month, another post and another grumble about the weather! Today it is really pouring down with rain but…on the bright side it’s warmer! On the downside the seeds I so generously sprinkled on bare borders yesterday have now been washed away in the water puddles that have appeared in said borders!

Hey ho and on we go! At least the house plants are thriving and looking forward to their time outside in the summer sunshine…whenever that arrives! No swallows around our house yet. ..early days! However, the screeching of swifts streaking through the sky around the roof yesterday announced their arrival but they’ve kept their heads down today to keep out of the rain. I do wonder where they go!

The bird feeders are remaining unfilled until the ‘canker’ that has been seen in local birds is given time to clear. The squirrels are missing the feeders and all the wood mice too! Rufus hates the squirrels and keeps a sharp eye on them but doesn’t do much else!

No birds on the feeders but plenty of activity on the pond where the Canada Geese goslings have hatched out… ….six of them … very proud parents!

The rams on the next door paddock are steadily eating their way through all the grass when they aren’t relaxing and sleeping!

A visit out to Brecon to meet up with some special friends was the highlight of the week. We enjoyed a walk along the river and a tasty snack in the Pilgrim’s Cafe next to the cathedral, where a small area, under a canopy, for eating outside was allocated. This was very fortunate as it snowed and sleeted and rained and blew a chilly wind whilst we were sitting there! Sadly the cathedral was closed to visitors but a further amble through the town looking at some of the few shops that were open was very pleasant.

At home the skip has gone and the scaffolding is down and the new chimney stack looks great. Even with all the rain today the fireplace and walls have all stayed dry ..the work was worth it! Yay!

A weekly visit to Aberglasney is usually on a Sunday. The last few weeks every Sunday has been blessed with sunshine…it always shines on the Gardens!

The Malus Arbour was in full bloom and was buzzing with bees it really is specail!

Aberglasney’s Malus sargentii Arbour is one of the Gardens most striking features when in full flower. This stunning Crab Apple from Mororan in Japan is situated in Aberglasney’s Lower Walled Garden and is a wonderful sight when it is alive with bees and hums like some kind of natural electric motor. The single white flowers are followed by small cherry-like fruits, which last well into the autumn.

Looking forward to seeing the ‘new’ Wisteria arbour in full bloom soon!

In our garden work on digging the compost for hanging baskets has had to be delayed as a number of toads have taken residence there! They might turn into handsome princes!!

It would be better if they all moved to the greenhouse to keep any unwanted visitors away. The greenhouse needs an extension…running out of room frequently!

The rest of the garden is doing well considering the ups and downs of the weather. Trying to get more wild flowers growing in the borders and in the lawns has proved difficult in the past! The front lawn is full of lady’s smock now but with other grass areas wild flower seeds haven’t really taken well. This year the seeds have been sown and germinated in the greenhouse and now being planted out as plugs into bare soil! Fingers crossed it will work!

Lots of plants growing and lots to look forward to!

At the moment it’s just time to enjoy the crab apple and fruit tree blossom and the shrubs that are in full flower.

Wish there were more insects in the garden these days. Hopefully with everyone being more conscious of which plants are best attracting wildlife there’ll be more creepy crawlies around again! Even slugs can come back…I’ve the toads to deal with them!!

Thank you Jane in Scotland for the euphorbia you gave me…the flying insects love it! (Thanks Julian for head up about spelling!)

Thank you for reading.


July 18 Aberglasney and Seaside Wishes Completed! July 18, 2020

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It’s a jolly good idea to have something to look forward to in life and my wishes over the last months in lockdown have been to visit Aberglasney and the seaside again and see our family. Just like Aladdin two of my wishes have come true already…the third wish to see our family will have to wait a while until next year …so it’s good to keep something very special to look forward to!

Aberglasney is looking amazing with borders brimming over with plants that have just been waiting to show themselves off to visitors. The cafe is now also open with a limited menu and sitting outside under the canopy with social distancing in place is perfect.

The wildflower meadow is a highlight in the garden at this time of year and this year it is the best!

The Sunken Garden is looking beautiful too!

Alongside the pool there’s a pretty view of the border leading to the cafe.

Elsewhere in the garden there are delights around every corner for everyone to enjoy.

After some visits to the Gardens it was time to be granted my second wish of a visit to the seaside. On the day the sun shone we headed for New Quay, which was much quieter than normal for this time of year. The holiday makers are returning to the area now so businesses will be feeling happier as they hope for more sunny days to bring in the visitors.

New Quay has a delightful harbour and usually one can see dolphins and seals out at sea when one walks along the harbour wall…but we didn’t see any!! We did enjoy looking at all the rock formations and the crushed shells on the beach though.

New Quay was one of the stopping off places for Dylan Thomas as he moved around locations and it is said that New Quay was the basis for his “Under Milkwood” 1954 radio drama….it certainly has all the features and characters…even now!

Interesting to read the tolls and charges that were applied years ago and to see the memorial erected to commemorate the men/women lost in the WW1 and 2

The National Trust have just started opening up their properties properly in Wales but some of the places have kept their walks available. We enjoyed a walk around Llanerchaeron woods which were open but the cafe is closed .

Back home the wild flowers are still bringing colour to the Pond Field.

Sadly we didn’t have any swallows nesting this year but we did have a little wren who has made good use of an old swallow’s nest under the carport! We do have numerous swifts though…we reckon there are at least six different nests under our eaves!

The garden keeps me very busy with trying to stop it turning into a jungle! I haven’t succeeded! The weather with its alternating rain, humidity and sunshine creates a perfect combination to make the grass grow and plants to expand!

It looks as though life is resuming slowly so I can see that I will be making a few more wishes soon. The mermaid at New Quay certainly looks as though she is blowing all her good wishes to everyone…thank you for reading.


July 3rd Damp but getting Sunnier Soon! July 3, 2020

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Life motors on just the same as the weeks before….but definitely a feeling that it’s getting slower and slower! I feel like the little tortoise on my garden table…happy and safe in my home but a bit of a plodder! I’m sure energy levels will be revitalised when the 5 mile limit on travelling is lifted next Monday…I’ll be off then …hopefully in the week to a beach and the promise is fine weather too! Also on Monday Aberglasney Gardens are reopening and I’ll be back to volunteering on some days…hooray!

After keeping up with our local walks the most exciting thing we have done is visit our recycling centre in Ammanford…over 5 miles away! After booking a visiting slot online we drove there and found it all very organised and a relief to leave our rubbish behind.

Checking through our rubbish before we left home I discovered that Jim was discarding his metal toolbox as it was broken. This was swiftly removed from the pile and after a bit of remedial work it is now a lovely plant container!

Although there have been some periods of sunshine it has also rained and been chilly. Flowers have been unsure whether to fully open or stay down-headed and closed!

I’ve always like gates and little pathways and luckily I’ve a few in our garden to enjoy. ( Just found our again how to do circles!)

Our house plants are enjoying a break in the fresh air although they have complained about the cold wind!

The veg garden is at last beginning to speed up after the loss of so many plants in the frost. Some lovely friends brought some extra plants and they are doing well. The peas show lots of promise…hope the pods fill out soon!

The garden keeps surprising me with flowers that suddenly bloom and flowers that just keep on going and going!

I wish the garden was as tidy as all the above photos imply …it’s all a jumble really…very cottage garden with overflowing borders and many lovely weeds/wild flowers and trees. The lime tree is absolutely buzzing with bees and the self heal has covered all our lawns…so pretty.

After the weeks with no rain, a couple of months ago, when the water levels in the pond dropped, pond weed has taken over. Now there’s enough rain to top it all up the moorhens are happy again!

Thank you for reading.


October 19 Cwrt Henri Walk, Elan Valley,Concorde, Aberglasney Visits October 20, 2019

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Not an easy morning to get my ‘get up and go’ feeling started. It was miserable outside with the rain pounding against the window panes, the odd flash of lightning and the wind bending the trees and stripping the autumn coloured leaves down to block our gutters…but hey-ho it was Friday and a Walking Well Walk planned by Philip and Lewis around the byways of Cwrt Henry with the promise of coffee and cake at Juliet’s house at the end.

Fast forward a few hours and we all met outside Juliet’s lovely house to park our cars and start the walk.

A good crowd had turned out for the walk even though the weather hadn’t looked promising. The rain had stopped for a while but the roads and lanes were full of puddles .

There were some surprised onlookers who wondered who was making all that chit chatter down the quiet lane.

We walked past a number of lovely properties with splendid views over the distant hills. Luckily we were right outside an open barn when the heavens opened for a sudden downpour of really large raindrops!! We ran inside for cover and cwtched together till the storm blew over.

Further up the lane we stopped for a check on which road to take and continued onwards on our circular walk.

Campion were still flowering in some hedges alongside some unidentified toadstools.

These are my favourite cow gates. Not only are they not going to chase me but they are safely locked inside a gate!

The rain had stayed away for the latter part of the walk so we arrived back at the house in a very jolly mood which was further enhanced when we saw the super spread that Juliet had prepared for us. Many thanks Philip, Lewis, Juliet and Clive.

Philip had extra plans as he asked if there were any helpers to pick up the windfalls of apples in Juliet’s orchard in readiness for the Apple Day at Cwmdu over the weekend.

Bags and boxes were soon filled with an amazing range of Welsh apples…many tasted when picked…all deliciously different tastes and textures. A number of apples managed to jump into my pockets! Hence the two apple cakes now cooling in the kitchen!

The rest of the garden was also a delight to wander around. The large poly tunnel was a happy home to the chickens, cockerel and pea hens, who as it was the end of the season had the rich pickings all to themselves!

The lovely lake in the garden was home to the geese and one chicken, who was their friend!

The news has been full lately of the horrid treatment of some dogs in puppy farms. Juliet has adopted a labrador from dreadful conditions on a puppy farm and steadily and slowly Molly, the dog, is learning to love again and learn all about kindness. She has started to go out in the garden and has wagged her tail. Juliet, you are a star!

Earlier in the week we had a day out to Elan Valley. The drive through mid Wales was wonderful with fantastic views across mountains and valleys and all this just an hour from home.

In 1893 Elan Valley dams were completed and opened by King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra. A further dam was completed in 1952 and
opened by Queen Elizabeth II as one of her first duties as monarch.

I visited the dams in the 1950’s with my grand parents on a very special day out. I remember it being a very long drive!

Nowadays there is a super Visitor’s Centre and many wonderful walks around the area to see all the wildlife and enjoy the views.

First things first …a coffee and cake in the cafe with amazing views over the dam!
Hope there aren’t any leaks!

The scene was very powerful with the water roaring over the dam and through the sluice- all senses were alert!

After a bit of persuasion !! We walked up to a viewing platform at the top of the dam. There were a number of steps to climb first!

But boy was it worth it!

Views over the dam were amazing so too the views across the lake towards all the mountains…wish I’d taken a flask of coffee to sit and enjoy the scene whilst I got my breath back!

Starting back down the hill we took another path with hawthorn trees, ferns and gorse covering the land.

A good variety of lichen was spotted on many rocks….like maps of the world.

Now I do rather like bridges and at the bottom of the valley we came across this metal (wrought iron?) one. I liked it even more when I saw how derelict it was.

A splendid day out and so much to see, do, enjoy and discover- just like this statue to Shelley and his connection with the area.

Of course an area like this with rugged hills and curves and bends in the roads attracts bikers. Jim loves to chat about his bikes and the one we’ve sold!

This weekend we’ve visited Bristol and the Concorde museum. It is thrilling to see the plane in its lovely setting.

This morning, instead of rain clouds, the mist was in the valley and the bright sun peeping over the hills. It was glorious!

The plants were waking up .

Followed by all the flowers opening their petals.

Later in the day a visit to Aberglasney was enjoyed especially seeing the Yew Tunnel, the cloisters and the stalactites on the arches all in sunshine. I think I’ve mentioned it before…I do love the Aberglasney!

Thank you for reading.


July 15 Caio Walk, Llandovery, Laugharne Aberglasney Visits July 15, 2019

After some hot and dry days it was lovely to start our Walking Well walk in the coolness of Caio Forest which is just twenty minutes drive away from home.

There are good forestry tracks leading all through the woodland and this was a circular walk that we had completed before – but this time back to front! Philip does like to confuse! As usual we were accompanied by some very well behaved dogs.

The whippet with the yellow lead is very sensitive and the lead shows other dog owners that he can be anxious. What a good idea!

We began the trail and quickly fell into chatting groups which like a slinky never stays the same. People move from the front to the back and vice versa so conversations get moved on and chatting continues with different folk!

The verges were crammed with wild plants but some were hard to name!

Three photos of the same plant in various stages of growth- think it’s a hogweed.

There were some uphill parts passing through the woods and some pretty views to see when using the bridge to cross the stream.

The willow herb plant was in full flower and competing with the knapweed to see who could be the purpliest flower around!

After the walk we all met up at The Bridgend Inn where we all enjoyed a drink and some very tasty food ranging from sandwiches, chips, lemon meringue cake to hot sticky toffee pudding with oodles of custard and sticky toffee sauce…guess wish I had and really loved! Thank you Philip.

In the week I went to Llandovery to do my shop in the Coop! It’s a lovely town with lots of interesting little shops and a grand history!

It was also Llandovery Bike weekend so there were lots of interesting bikes motoring around.

In the week we visited Laugharne with lovely friends. We walked around the base of the castle and headed straight for the Dylan Thomas boathouse to have some refreshments.

After a walk around the town we drove onto Pendine for a walk along the front and another chance to try the refreshments on offer! Oh I do love to be beside the seaside! Our family had a caravan here in the 1950’s and it brings back so many happy memories of playing in the sand dunes with my brothers, who used to dig long tunnels in the sand and crawl in!!! Health and Safety didn’t seem to be an issue in those days and our parents just let us grow up and roam alone!

Back home our swallows have fledged and I can start hanging out the washing again!

Taking care of the garden is taking rather a long time each evening as there has been plenty of watering going on and tidying up in the borders. I promised myself last year that I wouldn’t plant up so many baskets and pots…don’t know why I don’t listen to my sensible self sometimes!

Pretty pinks!

Flaming reds!

‘orrible orange!

Spiky and patterned and glorious!

Veg and fruit growing in harmony along with the slugs/ snails and grubs! grr!

A weekly visit to Aberglasney Gardens is a must in my life. The gardens are in full summer splendour and the wildflower meadow is just beautiful! Carol Klein showed all the thalictrum plants from here a week ago on Gardener’s World but you couldn’t see on the programme all the wonderful borders and plantings everywhere…so here are just a few snapshots of an amazing place…I love it!

Thank you for reading.


June 30 Bethlehem Walk June 30, 2019


Hottest day of the year so it would have been helpful to have a donkey to assist our walk from Bethlehem to the River Towy and back again! A good number of Walking Well walkers were well prepared for the conditions with bottles of water at hand, wide brimmed hats, sun lotion and plenty of enthusiasm but it was rather warm! A recce of all walks is carried out beforehand by the ‘leaders’ (Philip and pals) and this time the path had been carefully made safe by pruning branches, cutting long grass and clearing passages through woodland- it made the walk a very pleasant one and safe! Thank you.

View over Towy Valley from Bethlehem Road

We followed the Bethlehem Road away from the village and look a turn down a narrow track. Following the track we walked through a woodland glade which was just right to keep us all cool.

Some took the high road and some the low until we reached the River Towy.

Property for sale- beautiful cottage with fine views

We completed our circular walk by returning to the Bethlehem Road and walking back to our cars parked outside the old school building. We all thought that we would love to buy this pretty cottage that was for sale along the way.

Back to 139 Llandeilo for our refreshments which we all needed. Thank you Philip and pals!

Earlier in the week I had visited Aberglasney…again! Every corner of the garden is beautiful but the rose arches were breathtaking.

I also visited Dyffryn Gardens a NT property with lots to see and enjoy. The borders were just being planted and unusually they were using succulents to create marvellous patterns…I loved them and came home with many ideas to try planting one of my own…in a container!

I might try something like this…only much smaller!

I’d love a tulip tree too!

The sunny weather meant that a walk up to Llansadwrn village was a real pleasure. The wild flowers are filling the hedgerows and even the cattle are looking happy!

I became rather fixated with the shadows on the road from the hedges- such lovely patterns. They started off small and grew larger!

At home the farmer has been very busy cutting our meadow for hay/silage/haylage.

In the garden the wild flowers are thriving!

The rest of the garden is doing well too considering we’ve had some very breezy drying days, very hot drying days and some cloudy days!

We have had some wonderful guests in Lletty Cottage this summer. Some who have been before and some new faces- it’s lovely to welcome them all. Amazingly we have had three different couples staying from three different parts of Australia and none of them have turned anything upside down yet!

Latest purchase by guests…what will Australia think of this when they return home? I love it!

Thank you for reading.


January 26th Llandeilo and Aberglasney January 27, 2019

It’s to be expected at this time of year that aches, pains, coughs, colds and other unpleasantnesses(!) abound and sadly I succumbed to one of these bugs which made me an unsuitable walker for the Walking WELL group this week! However, during the week I visited Aberglasney Gardens  with a friend and enjoyed seeing the hosts of daffodils, the drifts of snowdrops and the hidden gems like this little iris-(not sure what it is!)

There was a great deal of activity in the wood with some of the larger trees being removed. Maybe to make way for more woodland planting…we’ll have to wait and see!

No fairy doors here thank goodness but ‘proper’ doors into the heart of the tree. Some roots looked as though they could take the tree off at any moment if a chain saw came too close!

The week also brought a variety of weather. I took some photos of the moon rising on the evening of the eclipse just to get my hand in but by the time the eclipse started it had all clouded over.

Considering the range of weather we have had it’s been amazing that the plants in the garden have survived and are continuing to give pleasure.

Being stuck in the house is never a good idea for me and the borders in the garden are either too wet or too frozen to work on. Decorating! That’s what the winter weather is for! Llandeilo has a wonderful variety of independent shops and one of my favourites is The Little Welsh Dresser which won the Best Bespoke Retailer of the Year Award.

They sell all things Welsh plus are stockists for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! That is the best paint ever! No preparing of wood or whatever you are painting and voila! just brush it on and it covers beautifully. I painted all my kitchen cupboards with the paint two years ago and then waxed them ( Jim did that- it’s the hard bit!) so they needed a repaint along with the cottage doors too.

Inside the shop there is everything you could ever wish for…..if you are looking for handles, cards, cushions, presents etc.

Finishing my purchases of paint I went on a short walk around the town looking in all the windows and visiting another friend in Toast.

Llandeilo has a lot of lovely shops and no one is allowed to park outside them!

Great place for a coffee, cake, lunch and chat! MaryEllens

Continuing the quick tour of the town including a visit to the library led us back to the carpark and then home to start painting!

This post has used the new WordPress editor and I can’t find out how to change the size of the gallery photos along with other things that I didn’t understand …so sorry if they are too large!


November 18 Abergolech, Aberglasney and Arborists ! November 18, 2018

Amazingly  the weather stayed bright but chilly for our Walking Well Walk in Brechfa Forest, Abergolech. Driving through the narrow back lanes,  which were covered in fallen autumn leaves, was a lovely   way to get to Brechfa. It’s always a tricky decision around here…take the  main road  or go  cross country  and fingers crossed that you don’t meet a tractor coming towards you. Luckily, fortune was on our side and we followed a car in front and when we did meet an oncoming car pulling a  trailer  – it had to reverse as there were two of us and no  pull ins behind us!

A good crowd had turned up for the walk and we followed the leaders  up into the forest at a swift pace…kicking  up  all the leaves  on the way and enjoying the company of friends and their dogs.

Walking alongside the river  we  remarked how clear the water was as every  river stone was visible.   It looked so inviting…maybe a paddle if we come back in the summer!


The walk was delightful  with the footpath threading through all the  trees  with their autumn leaves sailing to the ground, the river gurgling alongside and a Monet bridge just  inviting one to cross and play Pooh sticks!


The path took a sharp turn up the hillside which was a bit strenuous  but we all made it to the top …some breathing more heavily than others!


Some had even brought their dogs  to assist with the pulling!


One could tell it was quite a damp area with the amount of moss growing on the trees and underfoot.

We crossed over the river again  to begin our trek back to the cars  and complete our circular walk.



The paths through the forest are mainly for mountain bikes and runners  but we only saw one bike and no runners!



At the end of the trail there was a wonderfully carved tree trunk.

As usual after our walk we headed for refreshments! The Black Lion in Llansawel was our destination where we were welcomed by a lovely landlady  and we  all enjoyed a drink …some had  small alcoholic ones but  we had delicious  large hot cappuccinos…yum!


The village is obviously very proud of all its rugby players  and had a lovely display of photos of the players over the fireplace.

Not only does one have to cope with narrow lanes around here the villages also have traffic problems too!


One can always rely that there will be a tractor in the mix somewhere!


As I may have mentioned in my blog before we live near Aberglasney Gardens  and I visit there every Sunday as a volunteer but I also visit   other times in a week too…as I love it! After Art class this week my friend and I went there for lunch. Where else could you sit and get a view like that and a delicious meal too?


After lunch we strolled through the garden and enjoyed the autumn colours.





In the gardens there are many special aspects to enjoy: the Pool Garden


The Yew Tunnel



and now an oak tree that grows there has been found to be unique so  it has been named  Quercus ‘Aberglasney’!


Over the last weeks we have had very varied weather to say the least! This included lots of heavy rain and wind. Sadly the wind caused problems with some trees in our garden  so we had to call on the professionals to help us out! Pro Climber from Llangadog are the ones to call if any work is needed on trees. They duly arrived and sorted our problems out straight away and left everywhere looking spick and span!




During: IMG_1110





Of course this meant lots of wood chippings…hurrah …I can use mountainfuls (not sure that’s a word!) …I should be careful what I wish for!!! Steaming away in the morning mist!


We also have a lots of logs  and Rufus was very interested in counting them all! We can now use the wood store again as I’d banned Jim from putting anything in there whilst the swallows had their nests in the eaves!


It’s not long until the Aberglasney Winter Fair November 30-December 2. Their holly trees are getting in the spirit already!



Christmas is coming! Our grandchildren have their stockings up already!!!!!!


July 15 Dinefwr Walk, Aberglasney, Gardens and Gwili Railway July 15, 2018


It’s still very hot and very dry! We are hoping that our borehole has enough water left until the rain arrives! Aberglasney Gardens are still looking amazing and the sprinklers are managing to keep everything looking bright and  beautiful. Sitting on the terrace drinking in the view …and a cup of coffee  is pure delight.

DSC09046 (1)


DSC09050 (1)

Luckily Friday dawned bright and not too hot so off to Llandeilo where Pam was leading our Walking Well Group  around Dinefwr this week…well…actually…it’s not Walking Well now…it’s just us! The WW funding has  been stopped but we will all carry on regardless as we enjoy it so much…..it will all get sorted!

The walk started at the station as usual and we walked down through the town, past the colourful houses and on into the Park.


The rest of these houses  aren’t buried below ground!


Lots of wild flowers out in bloom  and it looks like we are going to have a bumper year of blackberries!