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April 29 Upton Castle Gardens and The Pembroke Dock Sunderland Trust   April 29, 2017



Deciding on a  Bank Holiday visit out  is always a tricky decision for us as there are so many wonderful places to visit just a short drive away.  Without too many words of discussion we decided on a drive into Pembrokeshire to visit Upton Castle Gardens as a friend had recommended it and then onto Pembroke to see the Sunderland flying boats again.  WARNING: Please- if you don’t like photos of flowers especially bluebells and garlic don’t read on!

One and a quarter hours drive away from home  we found the Gardens in a very secluded spot down pretty country lanes bordered with billowing cow parsley and ribbons of garlic.

We pulled into the carpark where there was only one other visitor’s car…..  a rather fetching bright yellow Lotus Elan!  No one to greet you just an honesty box to put in your entrance fee.  We followed the path round through magnificent flowering camellias, rhododendron and huge magnolia.






The  path meandered through the grounds leading us on  passed streams, specimen trees and  plantings of gunnera through onto a long  herbaceous  border – it was all so peaceful except for the singing of the many birds.


At the end of the long border  there  was a delightful  arch  and next to it the entrance leading to  the 13 century chapel, where  over the doorway the wisteria was just about to break into full glorious colour. DSC00279.jpg


Jim was inside ‘horsing ‘ around!


Around  the corner was  a magnificent walled garden  and a lovely auricula theatre.


DSC00285.jpg                         DSC00288.jpg

In front of the chapel was an Easter message.


The chapel was dark but welcoming  and full of the history of the past inhabitants of Upton Castle. The castle is not open to the public.



DSC00294 (1).jpg

Leaving the chapel we continued our stroll around the garden accompanied only be the calling of the peacock , which we couldn’t see and the scent of the honeysuckle.


We left the walled garden and passed on to the woodland walk.





Now the scent was a magnificent garlicky, bluebelly and seasidy mix of magic…glorious!




It was all just so beautiful!


After walking through the bluebell wood as if it couldn’t get any better we saw the sight of the Cleddau estuary  through the trees. Jim and I have differing views on estuaries  -I love them!



Retracing our steps back through the woodland we crossed over the little creek  which empties into the  sea.



More delights awaited us on the other side of the creek- a wildlife haven. DSC00337.jpg       DSC00342.jpg


We loved the garden  and look forward to returning their again in another  season but we felt that maybe we’d been very fortunate  to go now when the bluebells were showing at their best.

A few miles down the road  we came to Pembroke Dock and visited the Flying Boat museum   again.  I remember the Sunderlands  when I was a child visiting Neyland  on many  a Sunday afternoon with my grandparents  and seeing them landing on the water  so all the exhibits bring back great memories of my childhood around the Cleddau estuary.

DSC00346.jpg   DSC00353.jpg

This was a new exhibit. The mock up of the plane  has a  moving landscape in front  and brings the plane to land on the water! This was all good preparation for my first ever flight in an aeroplane which comes later on this year when we fly to Canada . This mock up made me so giddy – I nearly fell over!! Not sure this was very encouraging for me!!! DSC00351.jpg


This was a new model of the old ferry that ran between Neyland and Pembroke and one we used to use. Nowadays these a brand new toll bridge!


The model Millennium Falcon used in the film was actually made at Pembroke Docks…who’d have guessed that?

DSC00354.jpgDSC00358.jpgAfter a tasty cake and coffee in the museum we went for a short walk around the town but it was quite chilly. We passed the interesting plaques about the history of the town and walked up to the Victorian built gun tower  and then decide to return home  before we froze!

DSC00367.jpg   DSC00369.jpg

We didn’t think we could take any more excitement in the day  but when we arrived home our lovely farmer had brought the  ewes and their lambs back on  our field …so a day that started very well indeed  ended on a high note too.DSC00375.jpg


April 30 Dinefwr, Bluebells and Geese April 30, 2016


First job of the day  was to check on the Pond Field to see if the Canada Geese and goslings have  managed to get through the night safely without any mishaps. All was well!

DSC03251-1 DSC03256-1

DSC03259-1 The goslings are only two days old and already  quite  able to forage for themselves  but stay close to mum and dad!  The ‘dad’ chased away the moorhen , who had only come to say ‘Good Morning!’

Two minutes later the parents collected the goslings and two by two they marched them off away from Pond Field  to a new home three fields away!  They do this every year  and we can only think they are going somewhere quieter without moorhens, lambs and cats to bother them!

DSC03262-1 DSC03292-1

The lambs  are as cute as ever.

DSC03248-1 DSC03269-1

DSC03272-1       DSC03283-1

Rufus is still trying to organise them!

DSC03243As it was a dry, sunny  but chilly day we thought a ‘brisk’ walk would be in order. Jim’s  knee is not quite up to ‘brisk’ yet but it’s getting there…when the swelling goes down!!

Dinefwr Castle and Park http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/dinefwr   is less than 10 minutes drive away from  home so in no time at all we were on our walk to  check out the bluebells. They  are  just a few days away from   being fully open but the view of them ‘blueing’ up the woodland was beautiful .

DSC03299There are many magnificent oak trees around the parkland – how many mysteries have they seen?

DSC03305-1Turn the other way from this view of the bluebell woodland and you see Newton House  and in front  the White Cattle  enjoying  a morning snooze.

DSC03317Continuing our  circular walk  we passed banks of primroses  between the  woodland bluebells and saw  some White Cattle close at hand!







Finally we  completed our walk back in front of Newton House. We went for a quick  look around the House  at all their  amazing  displays and   room settings  and then  enjoyed a well deserved cup of coffee!


On returning home we met our cottage visitors, who also had had a very pleasant  day out. They had visited  Laugharne,  Pendine ,Saundersfoot and Tenby- so very busy  too!

Not to be out done we too have bluebells in the garden , not as  stunning as Dinefwr but getting there and admired by Rufus!

DSC03342                                DSC03345-1



**** 9pm – just writing this and the light is going fast  but guess who has returned to the Pond Field…the geese…all numbered and correct! *******


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