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January 12th 2019 Happy New Year! January 12, 2019

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Happy New Year…maybe you’ve made some new resolutions for the start of  the year…if so I hope they last longer than mine! I’m trying to finish one job before I get distracted on to another and then another….! It definitely makes life interesting though to have new interests all the time.

Our first Walking Well walk of the year was in the Botanic Garden of Wales. It was  cloudy and chilly and rather than walking at a swift pace to get warm we were taking  part in an interesting tour of the garden with a guide. He  told us all about the restoration of the lakes project  which was very informative  but  standing listening rather than walking meant a few of us beat a hasty retreat to the Great Glass house  for coffee earlier than expected.


The land has been cleared  and the new lakes will be restored by 2020. This lake will be connected to the ‘new’ lake and apparently it will only take 3 days to fill!


Hope the mallards will enjoy their extra space.


Views of Paxton’s Tower can be seen  in one direction over the lake bed.


We crossed the lake over the bridge and headed up the hill towards the Tower.


Looking back to where we had been we could see the Great Glasshouse …coffee began to call!!


Leaving the tour we returned to the Glasshouse and enjoyed our coffee sitting amongst the beautiful flowers and plants.

Walking back to the car we could see  the gardens  are beginning to spring into life with snowdrops and daffodils in the borders.


Earlier in the week I had a walk up to to our village. Although  small  it has a vibrant  community spirit and packs a punch with lots of things happening there . A new village website has just been uploaded detailing all the activities that are available and importantly the bus timetable and when the bins are collected and plenty more! http://www.llansadwrn.org.uk

Tuesday is Vestry Venture. A gathering  of anyone who would like a chat, coffee and cake! Perfect!  The church is set right at the top of the village with beautiful views over the countryside.



Winnie the Pooh welcomes all visitors and is dressed in suitable clothing  for all weather conditions.


Walking home later in the afternoon I was watched every step of the way by the sheep in all the fields.



I wouldn’t like to meet this ram on the road!


The views  are just beautiful.


Dusk still  falls very quickly and it was good to get home before the lights all went out!


Saturday is a visit to the Reading Room for a newly started Knit and Knatter, a browse of the library and another coffee and cake!

I’m just starting  with tiny needles and hope to make a square by Christmas! However, some knitters have splendidly huge needles and balls of wool that are fantastic!



Some knitters are very talented!


It was good to read in the papers this week that the younger generation are starting to enjoy house plants.  They realise they look good in a house and they have health benefits too. I thought I’d share some of my house plants here!

Rufus getting in on the act…again!



At the start of this post I wrote that I get distracted and jump from one thing to another…..here’s another interest…my garden birds!


img_9380 (1)

Well now I’ve written this I shall jump to Facetime to sing Happy Birthday to our grandchildren in Canada. They are 5 today! We have given Esme a set of ballet dance wear  and Ellis  a  toy spinosaurus, which he tells me was larger than a Tyrannosaurus Rex! Afterwards I’m trying acrylic painting to add to my watercolour painting…then what…who knows…but it’s  good to keep learning!


January 13 Botanic Garden of Wales Waterfall and Woods Walk January 13, 2017



Windy, damp and rather chilly  for our first walk of  2017 but lovely to meet up with everyone  and catch up on news.  We’d been promised storms, snow, sleet and gales  and through the last evening and night we’d had all of those  but the morning dawned with no icy  or snow covered roads so the walk through the Botanic Gardens was on! As January has free entry to the Gardens and new  leaflets  detailing the walks it would be silly not to go!

The path took us around the lakes which are hopefully going to be restored  in the future when funding has been raised. The bull kept a watchful eye on us all as we passed by. Love this bull not like the others we have met on previous walks!!

There were dramatic skylines wherever one looked and far in the distance  the snow covered mountains added  a further dimension to the vistas.

DSC07457.jpg DSC07458.jpg

So many suitors for this mallard…poor thing!


We walked through the fields, through a flock of sheep and through the mud and entered the woodlands. Crossing bridges  and following  leaf strewn paths  amongst  the oak and ash trees  we came to Pont Felin Gat waterfall, which was made 200 years ago as part of the Middleton Hall Regency Park . Beautiful!


The woodlands hide some of the features that were present many years ago including this spring entrance .


Crossing over one of the bridges we set off on our return walk through the woods giving us new views of the tumbling water.

DSC07487.jpg  DSC07489.jpg

Plans to restore the lakes to their former glory would mean removing all the silt that has accumulated over the years.In the future this would be a viewpoint over one restored lake…can’t wait!


As we are all children at heart…well I am! …a trek through the Fairy Wood is must!  Something was definitely watching us as we passed through the gate into the ‘magic world’ of fairies!

DSC07498.jpg  DSC07510.jpg

Of course, in La La Land boys will be boys and very musical they were too!


Back in the Gardens we headed passed the  Great Glasshouse to the…you’ve guessed it…the cafe!


Coffee and delicious cake later we  walked through the double walled garden, another feature of the Regency period,  to the Plas Pilipala -Butterfly House! A wonderful steamy jungle  of a place but a tricky place to keep ones glasses from clouding over! Everyone oohing and aaahing  at the  beautiful butterflies fluttering by and I’m still trying to wipe my  specs dry! I did manage a few shots though..the leaf on the banana  flew away after this shot!



Another great circular walk completed- steps counted on iPhones , calories used etc. …all to no avail as that chocolate cake was just so delicious!

So no calories or weight lost but a walk in fresh air with pals  in a beautiful garden is all the health  benefits I need!





December 29 Christmas, Visitors and Visits December 29, 2014

Well! Can you believe it’s all over   and all the planning, spending, eating, drinking and laughing was worth  every penny and second in the preparations!

We had an amazing few days with the family and loved seeing the Lego train being built  by our grandson  and watched as it gradually  took over the living room and then spread  monster like into the kitchen!

Skyping the rest of the family in Canada was emotional  but seeing the twins ( they are one  in two weeks time) opening up their Christmas presents was a magical experience…how do they learn so early on in life how to rip, tear and eat wrapping paper off  presents?

Although Boxing Day was a rather awful day weather wise we took our visitors to the Botanic Garden where we are  assured of a warm welcome and plenty of things to see and admire…even on a wet day!




P1050486-1 Amazing collection of embroidery work in the Fungi display

P1050503-1 The Gallery at The Botanic Gardens has an amazing exhibition on at present by the wonderful Jackie  Morris. Her original paintings were on display and for sale and her books were for sale in the shop- absolutely  beautiful.  To find out more:


Copied from  Jackie Morris website:

 Exhibition of Paintings at The Botanic Gardens of Wales, Carmarthen.


From 4th Nov -13Jan

Paintings include work from Song of the Golden Hare, East of the Sun and The Ice Bear.


A visit to Aberglasney Gardens was next on our list and seeing the Gardens at any time is a joy but when it is bathed  in ice it takes on a mystical  feel.



Although I have been patient ( not like me at all!) and watched and waited I have sadly not seen the otters that are appearing regularly in the pool at Aberglasney but I’ll be back there soon and I WILL see them!


Best wishes to everyone  for a Very Happy New Year.




June 24 Happy and Glorious Symphonica Tywi June 24, 2012

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Yesterday we enjoyed a wonderful evening  at the Botanic Garden of Wales listening to the Symphonica Tywi orchestra’s summer concert. They played  a varied programme of pieces covering the last 60 years. The concert was titled ‘Happy and Glorious’ and it truly was!

Spitfire Prelude and Fugue, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Phantom of the Opera, Jurassic Park  and many more  fantastic arrangements  and ending with  suite from Pirates of the Caribbean…what a way to spend the evening  in the dome surrounded by all the plants, listening to the orchestra  and the birds singing and having a glass of wine with a dish of strawberries!








January 18 Botanic Garden of Wales and Antiques Fair January 18, 2012

Over the weekend we went to the Botanic Gardens and their Antique Fair. Maybe it was the bright, sunny frosty day or  the free entry that brought hordes of visitors to this beautiful gardens….we were lucky enough to sneak through the traffic jam easily and shnuck into a hidden parking space quickly and quietly before anyone saw it! 

The walk through the gardens was wonderful…. the drifts of snopwdrops were delightful  and the borders all look spruced up ready and tidy for the spring flowering that’s sure to come.

Drifts of snowdrops following the path


Inside the dome where the antique fair was held

The antique fair was held inside the dome……an inspirational place to visit but enhanced by the treat of antiques on show!
 Jim bought a micrometer and I purchased two cushions made with Laura Ashley pink hyacinth material……so we were both happy!

Many stunning plants were in flower


On the way out we went into the Tropical House- which has really developed. Many varieties of exotic plants are on display....trouble is my glasses steam up with the heat and spray!

The Gardens  have free entry all through January and next weekend there is a Food Fair- again with free entry….sounds too good to miss!

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