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August 1 Pinch Punch, Colby Woodland Gardens, Amroth, August 1, 2020

I haven’t a photo of a white rabbit to start the month ( maybe you don’t say ‘white rabbit’ or ‘pinch punch, first day of the month’ but I do!) anyway, I do have a photo of the new occupants of the field in front of the house!

The weather has been up and down or rather wet and chilly or dry and hot!

We’ve enjoyed a couple of visits out and recently went to NT Colby Woodland Gardens where we found free entry! ( We are NT members but in case others aren’t check before you visit!) 45 minutes from home!

The cafe was open so before we set off anywhere it was a treat to have a proper cappuccino and cream scones with strawberry jam! Sadly the wasps were out looking for a treat too!

After a wonderful walk through the woodlands we strolled down the driveway towards Amroth and the beach.

On the way we passed ‘the money tree’! I wonder if anyone has ever thought what they will do when the trunk falls down!

It wasn’t too long after passing through the woodland we caught the first sight of the sea over the rooftops of the houses.

The sun came out so we could enjoy a walk along the front where visitors were trying hard to socially distance themselves from others! A tricky walk across all the pebbles on the shoreline to the edge of the sea was worthwhile …just to sit, listen and watch the waves crashing in and then receding over the pebbles with all the gurgling, drumming, splashing and rolling of pebbles that was made.

Every pebble on the beach has a story to tell. Love looking for fossils in them all!

Further along the beach there is a reminder to take litter and plastic home. A good use of the plastic has been made by the artist Gideon Petersen creating an installation made of plastic and filled with plastic bottles etc.

What comes downhill must go uphill once more so we headed back up the drive to Colby after having an enormous icecream each! We needed the walk to use the calories that we’d eaten in the day…Boris would be proud!!

We passed the NT cottages which are let out …not sure if they are opened as yet.

A visit into Carmarthen to buy a new stand for our water butt led to a bit of disappointment when we found that Wilko had sold out that morning! A walk to the park and round the velodrome seemed a good option to cheer us up!

The large barn in the park shows a fine example of English garden wall bond…three courses of stretchers and one header. There isn’t a Welsh garden wall bond…maybe someone could design one! Maybe this wall has a bit of Welshness about it as the courses of stretchers varies ! It’s just beautiful.

Spurred on to make our walk last a little longer we left the park and headed up the road to the Picton Memorial. We pass this monument many times whilst driving into Carmarthen but we’ve never walked up to it before!

There’s a plaque commemorating the Rebecca Riots.

There are some lovely villas overlooking the memorial – a fine entrance to the oldest town in Wales- Carmarthen!

My post wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t mention Aberglasney. The wildflower meadow is still blooming brilliantly but now the hydrangeas are trying to overshadow the colours of the meadow- they are lterally the flowers of many colours!

The robins keep their watchful eyes over the gardens for all!

Back home the garden just continues to give pleasure with wild flowers, birds and all sorts everywhere!

I’m not going to play my Flanders and Swann record ‘A Song of the Weather’ ….( given to us by daughter at Christmas)

‘In July the sun is hot

Is it shining? No it’s not

August cold and dank and wet

Brings more rain than any yet!’

I’m going to play: Summer Breeze – Seals & Croft…..

We were in the early years of marriage when this song was released and lo and behold we are still together and talking after lockdown! Love the song and my man!


Thank you for reading and enjoy your summer!


November 9 Dryslwyn Castle Walk November 9, 2016

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On a day when the USA Presidential election result has been announced it’s good to reflect on the simple things in life like enjoying walking  through beautiful countryside with friends  and forgetting  opinion polls and politics.

Our walk started at Dryslwyn carpark on a stunning autumn day with a clear blue sky and a chilly wind. There were lovely  views across the Towy valley and in the distance there were numerous birds to be seen flying in and around the river. Camera on  full zoom could only catch  a glimpse  of the birds  so not sure what they are- maybe greylag?



Also a great number of magnificent  huge fungi were around the carpark  and looking  quite special in the sunlight.


Dryslwyn Castle is the only place that I ‘feel’ some connection with the past occupants of the site. One can imagine the township that was situated on the top of the hill by the castle and all the life going on there with children playing and families  carrying on  their day to day lives. There is certainly an ‘atmosphere’ here!  It was politics again that brought the castle walls tumbling down!

We didn’t immediately  climb up to the castle but walked along the road until  we came to a small lane bordered by some   fine trees.


We followed the lane round and came to a hamlet  called Felindre that I had never visited before. It’s amazing how some places get hidden away and stay quite secluded!

There are many Felindre’s in Wales as it means ‘mill town’ in English. There was no evidence to be seen of the mill but there was a village pump in what could have been the village pound long ago.


We followed the lane along  passing some lovely houses  with very friendly ‘ guard’ dogs outside.


This particular collie took such a fancy to us all that he joined the gang and accompanied us all the way back to the carpark!


Every way one looked there were interesting things to see. The sheep looked very comfy and cosy nestling in the dry autumn leaves and the view of Paxton’s Tower  on the distant hill seemed to follow us around. Paxton’s Tower is a folly which was erected in honour of Lord Nelson. We had nearly completed our circular walk  and the last part was the hardest climbing to the top of the hill to see the castle. It was well worth the effort with the wonderful views all around and the vision of the Towy river meandering its way slowly across the valley on its way passing  through Carmarthen  and on to its estuary by Llanstephan Castle.



A rather ‘naff’ photo of Paxton’s Tower but I just had to take it!!


Back to the carpark and a last kick around in the autumn leaves before a coffee and delicious cake at The Hangout, Llandeilo…our new favourite place. Best place to relax to forget politics and anything else that may be troubling the soul!


November 11 St Peter’s Church Carmarthen November 11, 2015

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During our shopping trip to Carmarthen yesterday we popped into St Peter’s Church. This is a church that we have  passed many, many times before  but had never ventured over the threshold. Maybe as it was pouring down with rain this was a chance to stay dry and visit a church that has the remains  of Rhys ap Thomas,  who supposedly had killed Richard 111 on the battlefield at Bosworth  Field. (Richard III (2 October 1452 – 22 August 1485) was King of England from 1483 until his death in 1485, at the age of 32, in the Battle of Bosworth Field. He was the last king of the House of York and the last of the Plantagenet dynasty.)

There’s a very good website  telling the story of the church : http://www.netministries.org/churches/spetercarm


DSC01392In the porch there was this Roman Altar reflecting the Roman occupation of Carmarthen.

The door opened from the porch into the church and before us  at the end of the nave was a magnificent stained glass window. The side walls of the church also had wonderful windows with beautiful patterns and colours.


The church was surprisingly large inside with dozens of pews – all of which has little doors on the end which one had to open to step up into a pew to sit  and reflect.

There were a few side chapels   and a lovely pulpit, lectern and altar. Near the lectern  was the tomb of Rhys ap Thomas. The top of the tomb could be viewed by looking in the mirror conveniently  placed above it.



We shall definitely revisit the church and discover more about its history as  even on a wet and dismal day it felt very welcoming and full of interest.


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