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November 15 Dinefwr Walk Aberglasney November 16, 2019

Snow, hail, rain, wind, – you name it we’ve had it thrown at us through the week but today dawned bright and dry and just a faint cold blast, so onwards and upwards I set off for Home Farm, Dinefwr to meet up with all the Walking Well gang. We set off through the park at a steady rate, just trying to keep warm, and headed off up an old track. Philip stopped half way along the track and told us that we were walking on the old road that had once connected Carmarthen and Llandeilo.

Following up this lovely bit of history we walked on past the white cattle who were having their lunch in their wonderful sheds.

Just a little way on there was a movement in the field and a herd of deer ran out of cover into the open before they disappeared again under some trees.

The track continued past the ice house, a cold, bleak little building…one, I think, that would have been quite spooky to enter in olden days!

There were a number of old trees that had either fallen in the winds or been cut down purposely to clear an area. Thankfully some of the larger tree trunks were being put to great use and carved into benches.

Taking a detour away from our usual walk around the park we headed off the site and entered Penlan Park, which adjoins the main park. The path curved up the hill towards the bandstand.

Standing in the bandstand offered lovely views over all of Llandeilo and the beautiful hills around. The church that looks large when near it seemed quite small when viewed from above.

Now standing at the top of the hill meant that a downward path had to be followed to enter the park again. This proved to be rather slippy with all the wet autumn leaves but it was fine.

On reaching the bottom we passed by Llandyfeisant church, https://www.llandeilo.org/ch_llandyfeisant.html where there was a large tree growing with shiny black berries which stood out amongst all the autumn colour.

We continued on towards Newton House where we enjoyed a delicious coffee and cake…I loved my chocolate brownie! Thank you Philip for a really lovely walk.

Dinefwr Castle

Earlier in the week I had really enjoyed a workshop with Carole Spackman https://www.carolespackmanceramics.co.uk…making a pottery owl! My owl and others is at this time being fired in Carole’s kiln…looking forward to seeing ‘my heirloom’!

The workshop was held in Llanwrtyd Wells Heritage Centre http://history-arts-wales.org.uk…a unique building with many interesting things to see. Currently it’s decked out for a Victorian Christmas and showing some wonderful art work.

I enjoy visiting Llanwrtyd Wells ( home of bog snorkeling etc!) .

Last weekend a painting group that I belong to held their Open Day in the church hall where we paint. It was a wonderfully happy occasion sharing the fun and enjoyment that we all get out of painting.

My weekly visit to Aberglasney, on Sundays, gives me a chance to walk around the gardens and enjoy the changing seasons. This autumn the colours have been brilliant.

A Bonsai Group has recently started using a room in the Piggeries, in the Gardens, as a working place on a Sunday so it’s another enjoyable addition to visit them too.

Back at home the weather has stopped any gardening as the whole place is sodden! However, the early morning walks with Rufus around the garden are still very enjoyable, even if he is a show off!

Even Rufus couldn’t quite believe his eyes when it snowed the other evening!

Thank you for reading. I hope the weather is improving where ever you are.


July 29 Llandeilo Walk and Aberglasney July 29, 2019

After some very hot and humid days our Walking Well Day turned out to be just perfect for an amble through some fields not far from Llandeilo. We all met up at Home Farm, Dinefwr and set off from the car park following a footpath which led to the A40. After crossing the road…carefully.. we crossed a field and then headed down a lane leading towards Pen-y-banc.

Crossing over a bridge we left the track and started off across some fields.

The water was very low in the stream.
Signs all round that there hasn’t been much rain . Streams barely running and grass turning yellow

We passed some lovely large houses with their impressive drives and entrances- it’s amazing the places one finds in the countryside.

Thankfully there was a fence between us and the cows as they started running down to see us!
One of the fields had sheep in which was fine. They all looked very smart as they’d just been sheared.

We all used the stile as dictated!

We crossed over another little bridge where the stream had dried up totally and headed back up towards the A40 and back to the Park.

Back in the park we walked over the fields passing on our way local tree surgeons , who were holding a teaching course on tree pruning techniques.

We all headed back to The Works for a well earned coffee and some of us had cake too! I did…chocolate brownie…delicious!

Last weekend I discovered that there was a Classic Car show being held in Llandeilo. It’s very disappointing when events aren’t advertised properly…apparently there was a great deal of information about the cars on social media….not everyone has time to follow social media!

Anyway, we went and had a great afternoon looking at some good looking cars! My friend’s VW camper van won best in show. She sews and inside the van was festooned with bunting…it looked amazing!

Great to see lots of lovely cars whilst being serenaded by a jazz band.

Llandeilo is a great town with many independent shops. It’s a lovely place to wander the narrow streets and spend your money!

Driving home we pass a roundabout with an interesting object!

The Twyi Valley Trail has been open for the last weeks when artists around the area open the doors of their studios for visitors . We visited three artists and had a great time. Julie Ann Sheridan ‘s studio is in Llangadog and I bought a small acrylic painting of a lichen…Peltigera polydactyla. She works with the Botanic Garden of Wales recording the lichen that are found in Wales and uses their shapes in her work.


Carole Spackman is a potter and lives and works in Llanddeusant. It was lovely to visit her studio set high up in the hills with fine views over the Carmarthenshire Fans. I bought a pretty little ceramic wagtail…which I love!


View from Llanddeusant of the Carmarthenshire Fans

No post would be complete without a mention of Aberglasney! On Sunday I was having a quiet cup of coffee on my own and planned a photo to show the delights of the Gardens in one snap! Coffee, flowers, pond all perfect until a little fledging robin landed on my cup and splashed ! Shows that there is a great deal of nature to enjoy there as well!

Back home the lack of rain has meant many hours in the evening watering all the plants. Next year I’m planting a desert border …just sand!

Lots of white.

Some pink and red!

Lots of green!

Just writing this hoping that nature will water the garden tonight! Storms forecasted so hopefully a splash or two of rain will come. Who’d have thought that we’d be short of water in Wales…land of the green!

Thank you for reading.

PS My friend Julian’s shed is a finalist in The Shed of the Year, Nature’s Haven category, competition. Check out the website and vote for the one you like . I know which one you’ll chose…it’s in Carmarthenshire and it’s the best!



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