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October 5th Llanstephan Walk, Tenby Visit , David Cowdry Exhibition October 5, 2019

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Twenty one intrepid walkers arrived in Llanstephan carpark, defying the oncoming Lorenzo storm, to start a special autumn Walking Well Walk. Philip had emailed the night before to say the walk might take place …or not…depending on the forecast…which had threatened strong winds and rain. No message in the morning so headed off to the beach, which is about an hour’s drive from home.

Although overcast it was dry as we headed off up the track towards the castle. Bypassing the castle entrance we followed the track which was covered in fallen autumn leaves, over the fields, passing pretty cottages, quiet farms and flocks of black faced sheep.

We followed a lovely path where a large stone wall ran along one side and in the middle of the wall was an unassuming gate. Philip kindly pushed the stiff gate open and revealed steps leading down into a tiny stone alcove . Carefully climbing down the slippery steps we turned and saw St Anthony’s Well in the corner. It was very quiet and calm in this secluded hollow and very still.

On the wall there was a plaque :

St Anthony’s Well: St Anthony of Egypt ( circa 251-356 AD) the first Christian hermit, had a powerful influence on the Celtic Church in South Wales. According to local tradition, a Welsh hermit Antwn (Anthony), who had taken the name of his great Egyptian predecessor, settled near this spot, probably in the sixth century AD. It is likely that he used water from the well to baptise coverts to Christianity.

Rejoining the path a peep over the stone wall revealed a lovely private garden with a stream racing through the green glade.

The bottom of the path brought us to the sea edge where the tide was still racing forwards.

It wasn’t time for a walk along the sands yet as the track led onwards and upwards around the top of the headland.

We skirted round fields where there were more sheep and we passed a most handsome bull who was safely behind an electric fence! Thank goodness!

We reached the top of the headland and had a wonderful view across two estuaries…the Taf and the Towy.

Following the coastal path we headed back down onto the beach where we were going to walk around the headland on the sand. However, the tide had not retreated enough and the sand was very soft so some of us decided to take the high road over some rocks and others the low road across the quicksand! Happily we all met up later without any incidence to anyone.

Some taking the low road!
Some returning from the low road and joining the rock road!

Our planned picnic brought us together back at the carpark. We all had enjoyed our special outing and ate our picnics under the shelter by the sea. Some picnics were very well planned with a stove and kettle brought. Thank you Philip for all the planning and Juliet for the idea.

Earlier in the week we had a day out in Tenby. A day of delight in sunshine and enjoyment and as the majority of summer visitors had left it was quite empty and perfect!

We visited the Tenby museum and saw a number of paintings by Welsh artists.

How Tenby used to be. Many of the walls are still standing.
View from museum window

Leaving the museum we followed the path around to the Lifeboat station and listened to the waves crashing on the rocks below.

After lunch we walked through the town and down into the harbour.

As the tide had gone out we went across the near deserted beach and enjoyed the sunshine on our backs and looked towards the iconic view of Tenby harbour.

On the way home we called into Wiseman’s Bridge, a favourite beach, and had a coffee and cake!

Even earlier in the week the weather was totally different! Rain, rain and even more rain had caused the local roads to flood and animals in the fields left searching for higher ground.

These cows had found a drier spot!

Before the rain we enjoyed some beautiful autumn mornings in our garden with mists in the valley and bright sunrise skies.

My friend invited me to join her at the Botanic Garden of Wales where she is a conservation volunteer. It was a very instructive, interesting and lovely visit seeing all the work they do recording what happens to certain trees through the seasons, the pollinators on different plants in the borders and noting the lichen growth on specific trees. Thank you Marie!

Nothing to do with conservation but very interesting too! A film crew were in the Great Glasshouse preparing to film!

There were some very large fungi..that’s my boot!

Back in the garden things are still growing…it’s all the rain and a bit of sunshine! These two are in the greenhouse!

Last evening it was the opening night of David Cowdry’s exhibition at Aberglasney. It was brilliant. His paintings are wonderful and everyone said it was his best exhibition ever…we say that every time! I had his permission to post these photos. Visit if you can it’s well worth it.

I like bulls behind electric fences and in paintings!
Spot the nuthatch
Spot the kingfisher

Hope you’ve survived this topsy turvy weather! It’s pouring with rain outside as I write this and the heating is on…maybe we’ve missed autumn and gone straight into winter!! Oh No!

Thank you for reading.


May 31 Salem Walk May 31, 2019

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Our Walking Well walk today was led by Biddy, who had planned a great circular walk from her home through the pretty countryside and along country lanes Setting off in damp, overcast weather which soon turned to damp, bright weather we crossed the paddocks grazed by ponies and big black bullocks…think they were bullocks but didn’t stay to check!

The hedges were white with hawthorn blossom

and the verges pink with campion and foxgloves.

One part of the walk had to be altered as one of the fields had rather too many cows/ bulls in so taking the route along the lanes seemed a very wise precaution.

Along the way we passed an old farm building with beautiful old barns. The view of these barns has been painted by a well known artist David Cowdry! Wish I had the painting!

Walking along the road our progress was monitored by various locals!

After climbing up some quite steep hills which left me quite puffed out we reached our target! An old Iron Age fort ! Maes -Y-Castell Salem

Copied from https://www.coflein.gov.uk/en/site/304025/details/maes-y-castell-salem :

Community Manordeilo and Salem

Type of Site HILLFORT

Broad Class DEFENCE

Period Iron Age

Site Description A relatively small bivallare contour hillfort.
(source Os495card; SN62NW1)
J.Wiles 25.02.02

There are two photos of the fort on the above site but it says copyright so if interested have a look!

The view from the top of the hill was excellent…pity it was cloudy. One could see the ditches around the hill fort and just imagine what it would have felt like living there and having sight over your enemies coming up the valley to get you!!

The white building in the distance is the white barn passed earlier.

We continued on along the lane and came to a new footpath passing right by a new small wind turbine which surprisingly made quite a loud whirring noise…not good if you live nearby!

By this time the damp had turned to proper rain and tramping through the long grass down through the meadows we were all looking forward to getting back onto a lane.

The verges were full of cow parsley and amongst the stems of various plants there was a great deal of cuckoo spit! This has been in the news recently:

Cuckoo spit….Spittle bugs


“Scientists are calling for thousands of volunteers to help record sightings of spittle and spittlebugs across the UK.

The information will be used to map the distribution of the insect, in a pre-emptive strike against a deadly plant disease.

Xylella has struck several EU countries, blighting olive groves in southern Italy. The UK is clear of the disease but is on high alert.”

The lane led us back into Salem.

Good job Biddy knew the road as the signposts didn’t help much at all!

Soon we were back at Biddy’s front door.

Bird of paradise plant grown outside in pot in Wales!

Dogs were pleased to be home and we were delighted to be invited into the house for delicious cakes and coffee. Thank you Biddy very much.

The emus in the paddock!

Earlier in the week we had visited Abergavenny for the annual steam fair which was excellent as usual and full of all things steamy.

Lots of collectors with many different and interesting collections were also there and always willing to tell you about their interests.

Best of all though I bought an Allen Scythe! It looked very smart and just what I wanted! I’m sure it will be very useful cutting the grass on Pond Field!

Also in the week we visited Carmarthen Museum where a huge garden project is just starting. With the help of a large Lottery grant the walled garden is going to be restored and a new visitor centre and cafe is going to be built. There was a large wooden door in the old wall and I peeped in and found volunteers already working hard in the garden. We were kindly let in to have a quick look!

In the museum it was great to see work by our village award winning studio potters on display. https://www.jamesandtillawaters.co.uk

Also in the museum which was once the Bishop’s Palace there is a ‘church’ upstairs which was used by the bishops and his visitors.

This post is far too long already but a few photos from the garden to end it shows that this weather has brought on the plants all at once…goodness knows what the garden will be like in a month as everything is happening now!

The birds too are enjoying life with the swifts nesting under the eaves, every bird box filled with sparrows, swallows under the carport and the seven Canada Geese goslings growing larger by the second!

Thank you for reading.


March 25 Llangadog Walk and Classic Car Show March 25, 2018

It wasn’t raining, it wasn’t snowing and it certainly wasn’t freezing cold so it must be Philip waving his magic wand again  to give our Walking Well group pleasant enough weather for our walk around Llangadog.

We all met on the bridge overlooking the Sawdde river.

DSC06770DSC06769We followed the road around the perimeter of the common where all the sheep roam freely  and passed through the village of Felindre into the fields beyond.


There must be a new initiative to sign walks which are near the railway station  and the Heart of Wales line. Hopefully, these new signs, showing the Cynghordy  Viaduct   will help walkers to keep to the track and not get lost!

Passing  on through kissing gates…(no kissing allowed!) and through farmyards with cattle in barns and lambs in fields  we reached a stopping point outside a lovely old farmhouse.


All beautifully behaved animals …even the lamb helping  to put out the washing!

DSC06793Lovely to see buildings like this alongside  fields full of  sheep and  lambs  and a grazing horse, who was not over impressed with seeing us all.



The track led us on through the farm fields. In  the distance the railway bridge over the Towy river could be seen and a couple of Canada geese flew overhead as a sort of flypast to acknowledge our walking accomplishments!


Of course no walk led by Philip would be the same without a bit of mud. However, this time he did offer us a rest on a bench!


The river was flowing rapidly  and  some sharp eyed walkers saw a kingfisher swooping by….I didn’t…maybe I should stop talking and start looking!


Thank you Philip for a lovely walk that we all enjoyed.After such a  springlike walk some walkers returned to our house for a coffee and biscuit.

Yesterday  we caught the 5.39 train from Llangadog to the NEC Birmingham …again!


Coming into New Street station at Birmingham we passed a train pulled by a double headed Class 37 Diesel  locomotives  with everyone on board enjoying a Rail Tour. (Thought you’d like to know that detail!!)

This time, at the NEC, we were going to the Classic Car & Restoration Show…as one might guess not my idea  even though I do love cars. Years ago my heart was set on  a Triumph Vitesse with a V8 engine!! Over the years we have  owned a Sprite, Midget, Morgan, Mini, BMW …..etc… and to see all the wonderful cars on display in the Show and all the restoration work going on was really great and interesting.

There were a few  classic bikes too.


…there were even classic caravans. I’d love one of these! The teddy bears on display are the exact ones that my brothers and I had as children ….maybe we are classics now!!

‘The Morris Minor was the first British car to sell a million units and as that milestone approached, BMC decided to create a special edition car – a common event now, but a rarity in the 1960s.

So the Minor Million was created. Mechanically a standard 948 Minor 1000 this special edition of 350 cars was distinguished by vivid lilac paintwork. 350 ‘Millions’ were produced in December 1960. Every showroom had a car on display on the official launch date -4th January 1961.
The actual millionth car rolled off the production line on 22 December 1960′.

Everyone used to own a Morris Minor…our family did and we’ve still got one! Wish it was one of these lilac millionth ones though…they are worth a fortune!


Even the police used minis !


Special treat was to see, hear and smell some amazing traction engines…our grandparents used to own similar…wish we had them now!

DSC06915 Never liking to waste a moment on our days out we stopped off on the train journey home at Shrewsbury to spend a couple of hours.  Such a lovely town full of character and  interesting shops!



The guns are pointing into town from outside the regimental museum.



Even the pretty flower borders were laid out in a very organised and orderly fashion!



Shrewsbury has much to offer with all its  shops and history. The statue of Darwin outside the library is really  special.

Travelling back to Llangadog later on the Heart of Wales line we missed all the wonderful scenery as it was dark. Even though we were rather tired after our days excursion we remembered to turn the clocks forward  so I’d be up early and chirpy for my visit to Aberglasney to see David Cowdry’s  Art Exhibition and the display of spring flowers. Both were wonderful and the garden in the spring sunshine was beautiful.


Wish there  were more hours in each day to fit in all the things I want to see and do….but this weekend I think I’ve filled in every second…thank you for reading and sharing the weekend with me….a great start to Summer time!



David Cowdry Aberglasney Exhibition and Outings! August 29, 2016

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DSC05814Really enjoyed visiting Aberglasney to see David Cowdry’s new exhibition. It was wonderful as usual  and there were  many paintings that I just wanted to tuck under my arm and bring home!


DSC05819-1DSC05811-1                                                           Jim’s favourite painting.

DSC05812-1I didn’t  have a chance to photograph my favourite painting  as David was busy chatting to friends in the doorway  to the room where the beautiful woodland scene and owl was on display. Never mind , I’m going back to see the exhibition again  before the end of the week as it’s too good to miss!

It was time again for another walk with Walk Well Carmarthenshire. The walk was around Carmel Woods where there was a whole meadow, purple with field scabious. It was a delightful walk in the august sunshine  with interesting folk, who explained some of the history of the site, including use of the lime kilns.

We’ve had the family staying for a holiday and our grandson likes to visit the seaside….so do I!

Llanstephan is the place to go. There’s a beautiful beach, with perfect sand castle building sand, a castle, a tea room and a fish and chip wagon….what’s not to like!

The castle also has amazing views over the estuary and the best roly poly hill in the world…so says the grandson!


Next stop was a day walking around Garn Goch- an iron age hill fort- just 20 minutes drive from home.


There are two forts at Garn Goch and the remains of the walls are still to be seen and they are breathtaking!

Even after all this hill walking , the grandson still had energy to run all the way round our field and back again!


Just a reminder to visit David’s exhibition.








April 9 David Cowdry and Dylan Thomas April 9, 2014


What a splendid title!  There are few opportunities in life when one can write the names of two favourite persons side by side  which are linked together. Well- today I can!

We were  very pleased to welcome David to our house this week when he delivered his painting. We are delighted that we have bought David’s amazing  painting of Dylan Thomas’s Boathouse with its splendid view across the estuary.



Dylan Thomas Boathouse

Copied from           http://www.dylanthomasboathouse.com

‘Even if the poet, writer and broadcaster Dylan Thomas (1914-1953) hadn’t lived at the Boathouse in Laugharne for the last four years of his tragically short life, it is a truly remarkable place to visit.

The Boathouse terrace offers wonderful views of the Taf estuary and the Gower beyond – a haven for egrets, lapwings, herons, oystercatchers, seals and otters with fishermen and cocklers continuing the ancient traditions.

The Boathouse tearoom with its locally sourced, home-cooked menu provides a welcome respite for walkers tackling the newly launched Wales Coast Path.

As well as the tearoom, there is a furnished front parlour, an upstairs exhibition area showing a 24 minute film, a shop and toilet facilities.

It was Dylan Thomas, however, who made the Boathouse iconic. It is the building most closely associated with him and the stability of a permanent home meant he enjoyed a creative renaissance. He worked in the Writing Shed above the Boathouse with its remarkable and inspiring views of four estuaries.

The first poem he wrote there was ‘Over Sir John’s Hill’, in which he describes the view from the shed, writing of birds stalking their prey and bringing death in the midst of this beauty.

Life, death, beauty, tragedy, eternity and God – Dylan could see them all from the window of this unique place.’


Thank you David for delivering your wonderful painting which will give  us such pleasure  for many  years to come.



October 25 2013 David Cowdry Aberglasney Exhibition October 25, 2013

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Yesterday was the last day of David Cowdry’s Exhibition in Aberglasney so after our session at Gelli Aur Art Group a  few of the members went for a last look at David’s amazing art work.


It has been a wonderful exhibition  with many of the paintings showing red dots  which means that David is happy and so too are the  fortunate folk who have bought his work.


We’ll all have to wait until 2014 now to see his work again   when he opens the season again in Aberglasney.

Mind you a little bird told me that David  just might be getting  his own  website in the future. That will be wonderful!

After visiting the Exhibition we decided to go to the Vintage Café in Llandeilo for lunch . We all enjoyed a delicious lunch and a long, long chatter! Next to the café is a lovely garden nursery just full of autumn plants waiting to be bought.



Such a great way to spend a day with friends: painting, observing, eating, laughing  and chatting! What a life!


October 9 David Cowdry Exhibition at Aberglasney Gardens October 9, 2013

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What better way to write my 201st blog but to announce the next exhibition of DAVID COWDRY  which is  to be held at Aberglasney Gardens open from October 19th to 24th 2013 10am until 6pm.

David’s paintings are inspired by landscape, light and wildlife  and I love them !

These photographs were taken in his last exhibition at Aberglasney in April this year.





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