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January 1st Welcome to 2021! January 1, 2021

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Thank goodness 2020 is over, Brexit is done and dusted (except for the bumpy road ahead!) , vaccines are on their way and we are getting 2 minutes 7 seconds of extra light a day now….so lots to be cheerful about!

In the last weeks of December instead of the usual crush at the Christmas Fairs and markets there were the quiet, chilly evenings standing alone the garden, looking up to the skies, to see Jupiter and Saturn get close and the last full moon of the year. Too cloudy for the planets but camera OK for the full moon, sunrises and sunsets!

Being that the weather has been variable is not actually covering the situation! It has rained…rather a lot, it has been chilly….rather a lot and it has snowed…quite a bit recently so gardening has been confined to the indoors! I have to be careful, as every year around this time, I turn my attention to indoor plants and actually look at them and water them too much…which quickly prompts them to shrivel and die!

Of course I do go in the garden to take Rufus for his walks! It’s like having a child to look after!

He was unsure about the snow! He’s such a wuss he didn’t want to leave the back door!

There’s still quite a few plants giving their all in the garden even though it’s so wet, damp and cold!

When the snow arrived it turned the garden into a wonderland of sparkle and beauty…love how a blanket of snow covers over all the not so tidy bits of the place!

Although the amount of birds visiting our feeders seems to have dropped this year the number of blue tits has doubled and the numbers of nuthatches have increased too. Many birds reappeared when the cold and the snow came so maybe with the ‘warmer’ winter there are still too many seeds on the trees to keep them fed and happy.

On Christmas Day we did venture out in the car for a 10 minute drive away to the Dolaucothi Estate. Such a treat to be out somewhere different -Wales is in Tier 4 lockdown and staying at home is advised.

We were the only car in the carpark when a bounding, happy dog raced towards us and jumped in our car!! He was wishing us a Merry Christmas obviously! He was a dog to be recognised easily! He did leave his mark in the car though!

Anyway it all added to the day’s experience and made up for the quiet day that we had expected! We loved the walk though the wood and spotted an amazing amount of hair ice ( Thanks Mr T!)

There were many miniature gardens to spot on walls and tree trunks… who needs Dark Materials when you can find a new world just by looking.

On our walk we found this ‘well’ under a tree and protected by a large tree trunk. It seemed appropriate on such a day to find a cross with The Lord’s prayer engraved on it.

We enjoyed our Christmas dinner ( turkey and veggie!) after watching the grand present opening of gifts by the grandchildren in Canada and England via Facetime. Later it was wonderful to catch up with my brother and niece in Australia and loads of relations everywhere all by Zoom! How amazing !

Just received my first seed catalogue through the post! Now that really does give me something interesting to read and to start planning the garden for the fascinating year that lies ahead…it will be different from 2020 but what will it throw at us? We’ll be ready!

Thank you for reading and Happy New Year and enjoy all those extra minutes of light at the end of each day!


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