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October 19 Cwrt Henri Walk, Elan Valley,Concorde, Aberglasney Visits October 20, 2019

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Not an easy morning to get my ‘get up and go’ feeling started. It was miserable outside with the rain pounding against the window panes, the odd flash of lightning and the wind bending the trees and stripping the autumn coloured leaves down to block our gutters…but hey-ho it was Friday and a Walking Well Walk planned by Philip and Lewis around the byways of Cwrt Henry with the promise of coffee and cake at Juliet’s house at the end.

Fast forward a few hours and we all met outside Juliet’s lovely house to park our cars and start the walk.

A good crowd had turned out for the walk even though the weather hadn’t looked promising. The rain had stopped for a while but the roads and lanes were full of puddles .

There were some surprised onlookers who wondered who was making all that chit chatter down the quiet lane.

We walked past a number of lovely properties with splendid views over the distant hills. Luckily we were right outside an open barn when the heavens opened for a sudden downpour of really large raindrops!! We ran inside for cover and cwtched together till the storm blew over.

Further up the lane we stopped for a check on which road to take and continued onwards on our circular walk.

Campion were still flowering in some hedges alongside some unidentified toadstools.

These are my favourite cow gates. Not only are they not going to chase me but they are safely locked inside a gate!

The rain had stayed away for the latter part of the walk so we arrived back at the house in a very jolly mood which was further enhanced when we saw the super spread that Juliet had prepared for us. Many thanks Philip, Lewis, Juliet and Clive.

Philip had extra plans as he asked if there were any helpers to pick up the windfalls of apples in Juliet’s orchard in readiness for the Apple Day at Cwmdu over the weekend.

Bags and boxes were soon filled with an amazing range of Welsh apples…many tasted when picked…all deliciously different tastes and textures. A number of apples managed to jump into my pockets! Hence the two apple cakes now cooling in the kitchen!

The rest of the garden was also a delight to wander around. The large poly tunnel was a happy home to the chickens, cockerel and pea hens, who as it was the end of the season had the rich pickings all to themselves!

The lovely lake in the garden was home to the geese and one chicken, who was their friend!

The news has been full lately of the horrid treatment of some dogs in puppy farms. Juliet has adopted a labrador from dreadful conditions on a puppy farm and steadily and slowly Molly, the dog, is learning to love again and learn all about kindness. She has started to go out in the garden and has wagged her tail. Juliet, you are a star!

Earlier in the week we had a day out to Elan Valley. The drive through mid Wales was wonderful with fantastic views across mountains and valleys and all this just an hour from home.

In 1893 Elan Valley dams were completed and opened by King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra. A further dam was completed in 1952 and
opened by Queen Elizabeth II as one of her first duties as monarch.

I visited the dams in the 1950’s with my grand parents on a very special day out. I remember it being a very long drive!

Nowadays there is a super Visitor’s Centre and many wonderful walks around the area to see all the wildlife and enjoy the views.

First things first …a coffee and cake in the cafe with amazing views over the dam!
Hope there aren’t any leaks!

The scene was very powerful with the water roaring over the dam and through the sluice- all senses were alert!

After a bit of persuasion !! We walked up to a viewing platform at the top of the dam. There were a number of steps to climb first!

But boy was it worth it!

Views over the dam were amazing so too the views across the lake towards all the mountains…wish I’d taken a flask of coffee to sit and enjoy the scene whilst I got my breath back!

Starting back down the hill we took another path with hawthorn trees, ferns and gorse covering the land.

A good variety of lichen was spotted on many rocks….like maps of the world.

Now I do rather like bridges and at the bottom of the valley we came across this metal (wrought iron?) one. I liked it even more when I saw how derelict it was.

A splendid day out and so much to see, do, enjoy and discover- just like this statue to Shelley and his connection with the area.

Of course an area like this with rugged hills and curves and bends in the roads attracts bikers. Jim loves to chat about his bikes and the one we’ve sold!

This weekend we’ve visited Bristol and the Concorde museum. It is thrilling to see the plane in its lovely setting.

This morning, instead of rain clouds, the mist was in the valley and the bright sun peeping over the hills. It was glorious!

The plants were waking up .

Followed by all the flowers opening their petals.

Later in the day a visit to Aberglasney was enjoyed especially seeing the Yew Tunnel, the cloisters and the stalactites on the arches all in sunshine. I think I’ve mentioned it before…I do love the Aberglasney!

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