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September 4th Catch Up Time! September 4, 2018


Daydream Golden Tail- that’s my unicorn name! What’s yours? ! It sort of sums up the last three amazing and wonderful weeks spent with my family, who have been staying with us  on holiday from Canada.

Visiting all the local places with them has been a delight and seeing our countryside and places of interest through the eyes of two 4 year olds has been rather special.


Just a few (!) photos of our visits out to local attractions  to show how busy we have been having fun and what a great place to come on holiday.

Enjoying the garden.


Visiting Dynevor Castle:

Under the  shadow of Llandovery Castle there’s a playground….funny what you discover when there are children around!


DSC09621 (1)

DSC09626 (1)

Our day at the Botanic Garden of Wales was superb with all the different things to see and do. Top of the list was watching the birds of prey display …it was spectacular!

DSC09637 (1)

DSC09641 (1)

DSC09673 (1)

Folly Farm in Pembrokeshire  has lions, giraffes, rhinos and lots more protected animals, there are also playgrounds, fair rides  everything for adults and children to love.

DSC09677 (1)

But best of all they have ppppp…penguins!

A visit to Llanstephan is always a pleasure walking on the sands and climbing up to the castle to take in the stunning views of the coast. The children found their pleasure in finding another playground  and of course enjoying the sand to build sand castles.

DSC09767 (1)

Our daughter  and  older grandson also joined the  sand party  and stayed a few days with us all.

DSC09775 (1)

The metal farm statues  of the  dog and goose outside Debenhams in Carmarthen will never look the same to me again after being ridden on !

DSC09838 (1)

I have a fear of being enclosed or locked in so why did I enter the caves at  the  Showcases Centre- Dan Yr Ogof …because I had the children with me! They looked after me very well when we went deep into the long cave system. I survived …just …but left it up  to the parents to take them into the two other cave systems on site which they said were very interesting and quite breathtaking.

On the site there are  also the most amazing dinosaurs …ones I’ve never heard of or could even pronounce their names off their information boards…happily  my  4 year old grandson knew all the names  and told me all about them.

Cantref Adventure Farm set in the most beautiful surroundings in the Brecon Beacons had a rather magic day! Unicorns were offering to give children rides! So who could refuse such an offer. Both children had a great time especially  in the company of  Bella .

Not sure the unicorn liked the colour of his painted hooves!

DSC09942 (1)

Certain animals could also be petted. Bella was the lynch pin in most of the activities and  never stopped smiling …bet she’ll be glad when the school holidays end!

DSC09965 (1)

Stroking a chinchilla was fine but …a rat…a big one too…think I’ll pass on that one!

DSC09972 (1)

DSC09978 (1)

The views around were stunning  and another happy day ended at the fish and  chip shop Llandovery!

A holiday here has to include  a visit to Tenby. It was  beautiful with the sea, sand and sky all shining in the sunshine. There was another playground before more sand castles and a walk around the harbour.

DSC00062 (1)

DSC00055 (1)

As if we didn’t have enough excitement there was a very kind invitation to watch the Tour of Britain at a friend’s house as the cycles would be passing their front door! The family left for a couple of days in London.  So we enjoyed a fantastic day  out with delicious food included  watching the cycles racing by! It was all huge fun especially all the police motor bikes racing along the lanes sounding their sirens  and then all the cars carrying bikes on their roofs…   it was  just the best day! Bethlehem is now firmly on the map! Couldn’t see Geraint but he was there somewhere!

DSC00077 (1) DSC00094 (1)

Next day we went to London to catch up with the family and enjoyed a visit to Hyde Park, where we had a picnic in the remarkable Diana Memorial …you’ve guessed it…Playground! Such a splendid place …no adult allowed unless accompanied by a child and then it’s a safe and secure place to play.

Being let out of the play area!

DSC00104 (1)

The Natural History Museum was our next stop. Fantastic displays as always.


DSC00116 (1)

We left the family outside the museum and headed slowly back through the park  to Paddington station  for the train home.

DSC00128 (1)

DSC00129 (1)

Arriving back to a very quiet house after such a  brilliant time of laughs and joy has been hard  but planning for future visits already.

Back to reading my 4 favourite blogs ( missed what you’ve all been up to!) and starting art group again this week will cheer me up no end!

The family have just landed home in Canada …so all’s well.


March 30 Visitors: Hello and Goodbye! March 30, 2016

We’ve had  a splendid three weeks with plenty of toing and froing of  lovely visitors! Visitors to the cottage, friends  to show us their motor bike and side car  and family  with their two year old twins over from Canada for a holiday.  It’s been a very  busy  and happy time. 2016 march david holiday 093

We’ve played in the garden, visited places  and  had a jolly good time everywhere. The weather has been very kind to us and although it’s been cold there have been glorious days of sunshine so the visits to the beaches and castles have  been  even more special.


A visit to Folly Farm http://www.folly-farm.co.uk/  was most enjoyable and the penguin enclosure the greatest hit of them all!


Along with the lions, camels, giraffes, zebras etc. to see  there is a  walk through aviary with the most beautiful birds  on display and enjoying the free flight that all birds should have.

DSC02613-1Folly Farm isn’t just about the wonderful animals there are some very exciting  and interesting play areas too!

DSC02657Who’d have thought that in the middle of March we’d be on the beaches of Saundersfoot and Wiseman’s Bridge enjoying the sunshine, building sandcastles and eating fish and chips!             http://www.visitsaundersfootbay.com/


Meanwhile playing in the garden was fun too!

We all went away for  a few days to Arundel.  A delightful town  with a stunning cathedral and lots of quaint streets with tempting shops!


Whilst Peppa Pig World called the younger members of the family Jim and I  visited Sammy Miller Motor Cycle Museum   which was hugely enjoyable !    Loved the Vincent! http://sammymiller.co.uk/ 

DSC02726On our return  we visited Llanstephan , we played on the beach  and walked up to the castle   and   climbed the turrets!




DSC02838Over Easter our other grandson came to stay and we all had fun on the field racing up and down….well I watched the racing they did the running!

DSC02866-1After all the activities over the last three weeks the most fun seemed to be had helping to clear the leaves in the Pond Field and wheeling the wheel barrow round the pond!


Now alas the visitors have all left and the house and garden are all quiet and empty. Thank goodness for the garden – there’s lots of work to do  and this weekend we are looking forward to welcoming some more visitors to Lletty Cottage- so it won’t be quite so quiet after all!



February 18th Wild Creatures Home and Away February 18, 2015

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We had a splendid day out yesterday with our six year old grandson.  We returned to Folly Farm www.follyfarm.co.uk to revisit the penguins  and to see first hand how the lions are settling in!

P1060186-1 First though  our grandson proved a dab hand at milking the goat!

P1060197-1 Following on from the goats we entered the vintage fairground area- one of my favourite places – especially seeing Muffin the Mule!

P1060199-1  I remembered seeing  monster steam road rollers  as a child trundling along the road  and being late for school as I was fascinated by the noise, size and smell of these amazing vehicles.

P1060201-1Who else recalls screaming as the Waltzers whizzed round  and screaming even louder if you managed to dob the waltzer with your pop star on the front…I do!

P1060207-1At last we arrived at the penguin enclosure and they all were as smartly dressed as ever and enjoying the admiration of all the onlookers.

P1060213-1Giraffes in the middle of the Welsh countryside-brilliant!

P1060216-1At last- there they were in their vast enclosure a pride of lions….and the male lion did indeed look extremely proud and living up to his name as the King of the jungle!


P1060233-1           P1060234-1 love the teeth!

On returning home after a drive of  less than one and a half hours we discovered that two male  and one female  Mallard ducks had taken residency on our pond much to the annoyance of our two resident moorhens!


Our very own ‘lion look alike’ Rufus is growing up very quickly into a large kitten  in fact larger than Holly! Tomorrow he is having his first injection!




June 15 2014 Folly Farm is Fabulous! June 15, 2014

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Just returned from our first visit to Folly Farm in  Pembrokeshire with our grandson.  We have had an amazing day out. We had no idea that there were so many activities, exhibitions  and attractions at the Farm. The place is spotlessly clean, very well organised with delightful and helpful staff.

We began the day with a visit to the farm animal enclosure. There were ample places to wash hands after touching some animals. A playground visit followed with many climbing , swinging and tunnelling places to explore.

The highlight of the visit was the penguins . Absolutely wonderful.

P1020501-1              P1020492-1          P1020510-1

Usually I’m not for zoos but all the animals  had lots of space to  live in  and looked very healthy and happy.


There were  many animals to look at  and learn about and there was a new enclosure being built for lions which are arriving soon!

P1020538-1       P1020534-1



I loved the indoor Vintage Fairground……it brought back so many childhood memories: the Ghost Train, the Waltzers, the Cakewalk,  the Shove a’ Penny, the Hook a Duck , the Dodgems and so many more!

P1020567-1                                                                          P1020594-1

To top it all there was the Big Wheel!  Folly Farm is an excellent  educational  and fun site for children but we really  enjoyed the day out as well except we are shattered  but our grandson still wants to run around the garden!


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