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November 27 Dinefwr and Caio Walks, Cowbridge Physic Garden , Aberglasney November 28, 2021

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Two Walking Well Walks for the price of one in this post! It has taken time to settle back into our routine after our visit to Canada and having the walks to go on puts routines back into my life!

The first walk started from Dinefwr and crossed the A40 into the fields near Penybanc.

Thank you Pam for the lovely walk.

The second walk was to Caio Forest. A number of brave and hardy walkers turned up on a day that was definitely not the best for walking! The company was wonderful and no one complained about the conditions and we all had a good chat and ‘enjoyed’ ourselves! The wind blew, blasted and was bitterly cold, the rain came in squalls and splashes but we bent our backs and moved forward when the wind allowed! At the end of the walk we all declined an invite to a local hostelry for drinks and we got in our cars and headed straight home for hot baths and hot drinks!

the https://naturalresources.wales/days-out/places-to-visit/south-west-wales/caio-forest/?lang=en

Thank you Biddy for leading the walk.

Getting back into a routine also means visiting Aberglasney. It was good to see Carol Klein’s visit there on her recent programme : https://www.channel5.com/show/carol-klein-s-great-british-gardens/season-3/episode-1

Carol enjoyed her visit to The Ninfarium which has lots of interest through the year but on the cold, damp days of winter it is a good place to visit to see colourful orchids, the bird of paradise flowering and Christmas cactus in hanging baskets and bananas growing!

We’ve fitted in a few visits out as well as trying to get the garden in order for the winter. One of the jobs that I need the wholehearted help from Jim for is the cutting down of the gunnera on the little island in the pond! This entails a bit of encouragement as it means getting the boat out, paddling across to the island, kneeling on knees that don’t want to bend, cutting down leaves with sharp spikes and placing them so they protect the new shoots which will appear next spring! He earns lots of Brownie points for doing this job!

One afternoon we visited Cowbridge, in the Vale of Glamorgan, which is a bright and bustling town with many historical links. It has many lovely independent shops and good places for eating out!

Typically, we ended up in Costa for our lunch as everywhere else was full! Never mind, as across the way was Waitrose…a delight in itself to visit! After eating our shared egg sandwich and one mince pie…all that was left on the shelf..we visited the Physic Garden! Well worth a visit even in autumn/winter.

Back at home the morning walk around the garden with Rufus has been brightened with the beautiful sunrises. It’s the same view but it changes daily!

The sunsets aren’t too bad either!

There has been interest in the garden up until lately.

Then we had a few frosty nights!

This weekend we had storm Arwen and our huge beech tree on the Pond Field was blown over as well as a large branch broken off the lime tree. Sad but grateful that no-one was hurt.

The birds have returned in larger numbers to the garden due to the cold weather and the bird seed disappears at an alarming rate! They bring so much pleasure though- it’s worth every penny…or pound….or pounds!!! The mice need the nuts too! ( New bird feeding station from Wilko!)

The Aberglasney robin wanted to upstage our garden robin! I think he won!!

Thank you for reading. Enjoy opening your advent calendar …hope it’s a chocolate one! Mine is!


May 14 Hello Blossom! May 14, 2016

http://www.llettycottage.co.uk DSC03463-1

Why does it always seem to catch me off guard?  Spring arrives  quickly and the garden looks as though I’ve never touched it! The grass is growing ridiculously quickly, the weeds are everywhere, the soil needs digging over  and  I’m trying to sow   seeds for summer  veg and flowers!  Good job I love gardening! DSC03616-1

Our little magnolia tree has flowered for the first time today…hooray!

The new visitors on the block  are the moorhen chicks which are scooting over the pond as though they are on hoverboards!  I’ve only seen 4 chicks  so far   but more may appear tomorrow. We have had a moorhen on our pond for eight years. We don’t know if it’s the same one or it may be one of the  chicks that grows up and stays. Through the winter we usually have two moorhens on the pond but last winter  there was only one. So another one must have flown in early Spring.

DSC03607-1 DSC03612-1 The  camera was on full zoom  so poor photos of an adult moorhen with two chicks and a chick  ( the black spot!) running underneath the gunnera  (which shows frost damage on its leaves!)

The Canada Geese and  their 6 goslings  do not like the intrusion of more babies on ‘their’ pond so after a quick feed  this morning  they have walked over the fields to  another  pond.

The garden looks very springlike in the evening sunshine  and many plants are bursting with colour and growing so quickly.


Pretty cowslips in the long meadow grass.


DSC03619-1                                  DSC03620



The crab apples and fruit trees are all looking  glorious  with their beautiful blossom – fingers crossed that we don’t get a late frost like last year .

DSC03465     DSC03466

I thought I’d try to be clever and start at the first tree in the row  and take a photo of all the trees in order  so I could recall which blossom went with which tree! No chance – as I took two photos  sometimes of the same tree- never mind!


This one is definitely  a crab apple as helpfully  there’s a crab apple left on from last autumn that the birds have somehow missed!

DSC03479  DSC03487

DSC03496Just look who’s coming back over the fields for the night- hope the moorhen chicks are safely tucked up in bed for the night or there’ll be ructions!

We went into Llandeilo today to buy  some plants- two new roses from the Works Nursery.  The Works    http://www.worksantiques.co.uk/  is an amazing place. There’s a  garden centre, a wonderful cafe  and an antiques  shop, which is like a rabbit warren as it goes on for ever with  wondrous things to discover round every corner. I bought two new pretty cups and saucers for the cottage which are now on  a tray ready for the   new visitors tomorrow from Australia.

DSC03633-1Happy Gardening everyone!


November 30 Cutting Down the Gunnera for the Winter November 30, 2014

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Not an easy job to tackle at any time but with the threat of frost last week Jim had to set to and get cutting the Gunnera  on the island.  It is a fierce plant with really sharp  prickles on their stalks  so care has to  be taken not to get too scratched!






A brilliant job well done   and the Gunnera ‘buds’ will  now be safe from the frost  for the winter. Sadly, though Jim , who had pulled the boat up the bank  and cleaned it all out had to get  it  out again and row back as he’d left his hat on the island!!


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