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October 5th Llanstephan Walk, Tenby Visit , David Cowdry Exhibition October 5, 2019

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Twenty one intrepid walkers arrived in Llanstephan carpark, defying the oncoming Lorenzo storm, to start a special autumn Walking Well Walk. Philip had emailed the night before to say the walk might take place …or not…depending on the forecast…which had threatened strong winds and rain. No message in the morning so headed off to the beach, which is about an hour’s drive from home.

Although overcast it was dry as we headed off up the track towards the castle. Bypassing the castle entrance we followed the track which was covered in fallen autumn leaves, over the fields, passing pretty cottages, quiet farms and flocks of black faced sheep.

We followed a lovely path where a large stone wall ran along one side and in the middle of the wall was an unassuming gate. Philip kindly pushed the stiff gate open and revealed steps leading down into a tiny stone alcove . Carefully climbing down the slippery steps we turned and saw St Anthony’s Well in the corner. It was very quiet and calm in this secluded hollow and very still.

On the wall there was a plaque :

St Anthony’s Well: St Anthony of Egypt ( circa 251-356 AD) the first Christian hermit, had a powerful influence on the Celtic Church in South Wales. According to local tradition, a Welsh hermit Antwn (Anthony), who had taken the name of his great Egyptian predecessor, settled near this spot, probably in the sixth century AD. It is likely that he used water from the well to baptise coverts to Christianity.

Rejoining the path a peep over the stone wall revealed a lovely private garden with a stream racing through the green glade.

The bottom of the path brought us to the sea edge where the tide was still racing forwards.

It wasn’t time for a walk along the sands yet as the track led onwards and upwards around the top of the headland.

We skirted round fields where there were more sheep and we passed a most handsome bull who was safely behind an electric fence! Thank goodness!

We reached the top of the headland and had a wonderful view across two estuaries…the Taf and the Towy.

Following the coastal path we headed back down onto the beach where we were going to walk around the headland on the sand. However, the tide had not retreated enough and the sand was very soft so some of us decided to take the high road over some rocks and others the low road across the quicksand! Happily we all met up later without any incidence to anyone.

Some taking the low road!
Some returning from the low road and joining the rock road!

Our planned picnic brought us together back at the carpark. We all had enjoyed our special outing and ate our picnics under the shelter by the sea. Some picnics were very well planned with a stove and kettle brought. Thank you Philip for all the planning and Juliet for the idea.

Earlier in the week we had a day out in Tenby. A day of delight in sunshine and enjoyment and as the majority of summer visitors had left it was quite empty and perfect!

We visited the Tenby museum and saw a number of paintings by Welsh artists.

How Tenby used to be. Many of the walls are still standing.
View from museum window

Leaving the museum we followed the path around to the Lifeboat station and listened to the waves crashing on the rocks below.

After lunch we walked through the town and down into the harbour.

As the tide had gone out we went across the near deserted beach and enjoyed the sunshine on our backs and looked towards the iconic view of Tenby harbour.

On the way home we called into Wiseman’s Bridge, a favourite beach, and had a coffee and cake!

Even earlier in the week the weather was totally different! Rain, rain and even more rain had caused the local roads to flood and animals in the fields left searching for higher ground.

These cows had found a drier spot!

Before the rain we enjoyed some beautiful autumn mornings in our garden with mists in the valley and bright sunrise skies.

My friend invited me to join her at the Botanic Garden of Wales where she is a conservation volunteer. It was a very instructive, interesting and lovely visit seeing all the work they do recording what happens to certain trees through the seasons, the pollinators on different plants in the borders and noting the lichen growth on specific trees. Thank you Marie!

Nothing to do with conservation but very interesting too! A film crew were in the Great Glasshouse preparing to film!

There were some very large fungi..that’s my boot!

Back in the garden things are still growing…it’s all the rain and a bit of sunshine! These two are in the greenhouse!

Last evening it was the opening night of David Cowdry’s exhibition at Aberglasney. It was brilliant. His paintings are wonderful and everyone said it was his best exhibition ever…we say that every time! I had his permission to post these photos. Visit if you can it’s well worth it.

I like bulls behind electric fences and in paintings!
Spot the nuthatch
Spot the kingfisher

Hope you’ve survived this topsy turvy weather! It’s pouring with rain outside as I write this and the heating is on…maybe we’ve missed autumn and gone straight into winter!! Oh No!

Thank you for reading.


January 1st 2015 Wow! Frosty Morning and Sunny Afternoon in Mumbles January 1, 2015

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Gosh , it’s here, the New Year, and I love it. The new beginnings, the resolutions, spring round the corner- I start afresh  every year but will actually continue doing exactly what I’ve been doing for every year of my life so far…having a great life and enjoying every minute with family and friends!

This last week has seen some magic mornings with frost covered   garden and countryside.

P1050598-1Over the Pond Field where our two resident moorhens are sitting quietly waiting for the ice to melt!

P1050600-1 I love teasels so do the goldfinches!

P1050610-1View of the Carmarthen Fans  from the front garden

P1050627-1Totally different  weather at the Mumbles where we went in the afternoon for a wander along the beach and the pier..brilliant!

P1050635-1Mumbles lighthouse

P1050638-1Mumbles pier and the new lifeboat station at the end

P1050655-1The lifeboat station- a wonderful place to sit and relax in the sunshine and watch the fishermen, the sea and the boats sailing by.

P1050666-1Jim wouldn’t let me play with the remote controlled boats …next time though!

Hope your New Year’s day has gone well!


June 13 2013 Tenby Here We Come- Rain or Shine! June 13, 2013

We have family staying with us on holiday at the moment and we decided that whatever the weather we would go to Tenby today!

Morning didn’t start well….rain….rain and more rain!  But we set off by 10am and I promised everyone that we would see the sunshine sometime during the day  so I didn’t even take a rain coat!

I was regretting that decision when we drove into the empty car park at Laugharne and watched the seagulls taking cover under some boats as the rain was coming down particularly heavily at the time!

Not one to let a spot of wet bother  me I encouraged the family out of the car and made a mad dash up to Dylan Thomas’s house. We enjoyed a  warming coffee and cake before we went back through the quite empty streets to the car.  http://www.dylanthomasboathouse.com/



Next on our day out we left Laugharne and  continued on to Pendine.   Pendine  has a  wonderful Museum of Speed. 

Pendine Museum of Speed

Pendine Museum of Speed

Explore the history of Pendine’s ‘Sands of Speed’ in a dramatic building overlooking the beach.

At the heart of Pendine’s Museum of Speed is the area’s past as a centre for attempts on the land speed record, most notably when it was broken in 1924 by Malcolm Campbell in his V12 Sunbeam Bluebird at an average speed of 146.163 mph.

Campbell was to break the record on three separate occasions on Pendine’s long sandy beach and there were many endeavours to usurp him. In 1927, Parry Thomas was killed trying to beat Campbell’s new record of 175mph.

Pendine Museum of Speed

‘Babs’, the vehicle in which Thomas made this attempt, was excavated and fully restored and now takes pride of place during the summer months among other record breaking vehicles and racing memorabilia. The museum also shows historic motor bikes.  Taken from:




After a quick and windy short walk across the beach we at last headed towards Tenby and SUNSHINE!



The town was buzzing with holiday makers all out enjoying the sun wearing their shorts and T-shirts and  licking icecreams…it’s  like an alternative world! Tenby just over an hour away from home and it’s totally different!



The old lifeboat station newly renovated into a residential property was having all the supports painted quickly before the tide came in!


The new Tenby  life boat station.



See!  I said there would be sunshine at Tenby…Mums are always right!


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