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May 29 Llandovery Walk and Garden May 29, 2020

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What’s not to like about this weather? Sunny, hot and dry when not too long ago we were dreary, cold and wet! Now the sun is shining for many days in a row it brings the problem of keeping the garden watered and the plants alive! Hey ho! It’s just lovely that we can enjoy all this sunshine in our garden during lockdown when others sadly have no garden at all! So no complaining from me!

Lockdown means no visitors but some have called uninvited and querying the restrictions!

The birds, bees and butterflies are always welcome visitors even a hornet can fly in when passing! Nor so welcome are the lily beetles but the brightly coloured spittlebug is OK!

Mrs Pheasant is a constant visitor but where has Mr Pheasant gone!?

The Canada Geese are still happily munching their way through the grass in the Pond Field and on our front lawn and getting larger by the minute!

The flowers in the garden keep on flowering and bring a change of colour, shape and interest. Finding a rose keeling over in the cottage garden meant tying it up to a stalk which was growing up the wall. I lifted my eyes and discovered a truly beautiful red climbing rose rambling through a hawthorn bush…I’d nearly missed it so I’m looking upwards from now on!

Clematis love climbing too and disappear up trees to emerge high up in search of all the sunshine!

We have left the garden and Jim’s workshop for a few visits out! Mainly to the Coop in Llandovery to buy food and then to take the opportunity to go for a walk. Leaving the car in Llandovery car park where the castle and statue of Llwellyn ap Gruffyd keep watch over the town we headed for the Llandovery College playing fields where there’s a golf course, football pitches and of course rugby pitches. The college is well known for its rugby past pupils : George North, Alun Wyn Jones and many many more!

On the way to the fields we took a slight diversion to walk across the pedestrian bridge which leads into town, in the distance there was the 12th century Llanfair-ar-y-bryn Church and below us the River Towy. Under the road bridge you could see the original bridge with its arches.

Crossing the road to get to the footpath is rather hazardous as there’s a barrier to climb over! After navigating the barrier with difficulty…Jim’s knee doesn’t like to be bent(!) we climbed the stile to find we were as surprised as the sheep to find them under the stile!

We followed the path keeping to the side of the golf course where there were two golfers playing on their own. I’ve always thought that golf is dangerous!

We walked along lovely tracks ( I love tracks!) with foxgloves either side and enjoyed the views through the trees of the very quiet Towy and the lovely pavilion on the opposite side of the field.

We reached the far end of the fields and waked under the railway bridge that crosses the Towy.

Following the banks of the river we reached a point where the river had washed our path away! We had to retrace our path and walk back the opposite side of the fields. It meant we had a fine view of the hills surrounding the fields and all the facilities for sports activities.

Back on the road we were just in time to see a train stop at the station and pull away up the Heart of Wales line.

Lots to keep us happy in the garden but looking forward to being able to visit the beach soon!

Thank you for reading. Stay safe and try to remember all the new easing of lockdown information – wherever you live!


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