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June 17 Gardens, Walk and Youngsters June 17, 2018

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Hope my brother, who lives  on the other side of the world, has a hole in one today to celebrate his birthday! He plays lots of golf! Whilst I walk, talk and garden to keep the joints working!

Our Walking Well Walk went well! Roz, the leader this week,  standing in for Philip, who’s on holiday, planned a lovely ramble around Cwmdu…this is actually Philip’s patch but he gave her permission!

First stop of the day was to let the horse through.


We passed a lovely cottage and admired the range of foxgloves in their pretty garden.



There were many other foxgloves to  be seen in the surrounding fields and also some derelict farm buildings just waiting to be restored.



We walked up some hills that were quite tiring but it was well worth it for the beautiful views over the countryside


Good to see some lovely wild flowers in the hedgerows  and pleased that the farmer managed to get his hay/silage cut before the wet weather came.

We were watched carefully  on our way  by a number of four legged friends.



Some made their presence more noticeable than others!


We ended our walk in the Cwmdu Pub. On Sunday afternoons during the summer one can have  Afternoon Tea there so we sampled the idea! The cakes were delicious! Thanks Roz for the lovely walk.




The MOT on our car was due so we headed to Swansea to get it done. Every time we visit the Enterprise Park in Swansea we get lost…not sure how anyone knows where they are going! We find the lake and the ducks and then we know we are on the right road!

Whilst the car is being dealt with we walk  to Wyevale Garden Centre have a coffee and then walk around the lake spotting as many birds as possible.

Good news the car lives for another year!


Last week I was asked to help at a National Garden Scheme Open Day at Gelli Mydog. The sun shone  and everyone came and enjoyed the  lovely gardens and the cream teas!  One of the owners of the garden is a greenskeeper so the lawns were immaculate…hope he never visits our garden!


Calling into our local town, Llandovery, is always a treat, even in the rain.

It is sad to see most of the banks are now closed and their wonderful old buildings are now  up for sale.


On the drive into town we called in to see the alpaca that are in our local nursery, Ystrad.  Such characters and so nosy  and very cuddly!



I love our garden in June…it’s bursting with colour  and weeds!


Love the  shapes of all the different leaves in the bog garden and the orchid in the mini meadow.

DSC08610DSC08606DSC08611 (1)DSC08612


Our bird feeders are busy even though it’s the summer! There are a number of unusual visitors eating the nuts!


Being that time of year when mothers are showing their young how to use our garden and to make use of all that we supply. We have had a number of incidents !!

The silly baby squirrel was led by mum to the nuts and she explained all about the guard  and how it was meant to keep them out. Like many youngsters he knew best and then got stuck in the feeder and cried!! Mum tried to get him out after giving him one hell of a row but in the end Jim had to sort the problem out!


The mummy woodpecker has also had a wayward offspring, who couldn’t hold onto the feeder so she had to ‘spoon’ feed it!!

Just love this expression…’You stupid boy!”

DSC08768Some birds actually visit the feeder and enjoy the seed  and all get on exceptionally well!

Just a note of interest to anyone who gets a splinter. I had to visit the hospital this week as a garden splinter had lodged in my arm some weeks ago   and was going nasty! I had tried all the numerous remedies and even been on antibiotics. The  hospital consultant suggested an operation with general anaesthetic  to be arranged! On returning home I searched the internet again for suggestions  and found one saying that petrol jelly/vaseline would work…it did!!  I put the vaseline on and bandaged it up overnight and in the morning  half an inch of wood was sticking out!! Hooray, no operation  and I live to garden another day! Hope this remedy works for you too if you get a splinter…let me know!


February 15 Llandovery Sunshine Walk February 15, 2016

DSC02307-1Flowers in Lletty Cottage

Hard to believe but the rain has stopped and the sun is shining! It’s not  your regular sunshine with a warm feel to your back or a tender breeze fuffling your hair but a  freezing cold, sharp and  bright  sunshine perfect for a walk.

Jim’s knee is  still a bit delicate so a straightforward , flat walk was called for….leave it up to me! I did try to find a walk with gradual inclines  but  sadly failed  and the knee did suffer a bit!

We left Llandovery Castle car park and walked along the banks of the river until we came to Waterloo Bridge.DSC02306-1


Road bridge over river Bran said to be dated 1842 and built by Thomas Thomas of Llandovery according to inscription on now eroded coping stone. Thomas is recorded until c.1856 as a stone mason and beer retailer at the Bridge End Inn. Bridge Street was known as Mill Lane in 1830s.’


DSC02233-1     DSC02235-1

We passed many interesting signs and skylines.

Leaving the riverside walk we climbed a slight hill to  the old parish church  of Llanfair-ar-y Bryn…St Mary’s on the Hill. William Williams of Pantycelyn is buried here, Wales’s greatest hymn writer.

DSC02247-1  DSC02249-1

My planned ‘flat’ walk took rather a turn for the worse when we had to descend a little hill and then  cross five stiles and a railway line!

DSC02260-1  DSC02264-1

DSC02266-1       DSC02269-1

The route took us through many more  muddy fields  with  kissing gates  and glorious views  and we met some very friendly walkers and carefree dogs!

Eventually we completed our circular walk and decided to have a coffee and scone at Llandovery station café  which turned out to be an excellent decision.


After collecting the car   we drove the 10 minutes home  to be rewarded by the stunning view from the front garden of the snow on  Llyn Y Fan -Brecon Beacons.

DSC02315-1The knee is OK  and the walk  was wonderful! Hoorah!


November 24 The Old Printing Office Llandovery November 24, 2013

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One of my favourite shops in Llandovery is The Old Printing Office and as this is the 50th anniversary of Dr Who, writing about this shop links in nicely!

This shop is definitely like a Tardis!  From the outside it looks small but open the door and  there in front of you is a large space filled with the most interesting and varied assortment of goodies!  There are high quality products  ranging from bags, toys, chocolates, china, books, ladies clothes,  artist materials and so on  AND now there is even more….a fantastic café.



The café is light, bright and just right for relaxing  and looking at and enjoying all the purchases made beforehand in the shop.

A small section  of the shop

A small section of the shop


The shop and café are well worth a visit and I’m sure that all visitors to Lletty Cottage will enjoy their  visit to Llandovery’s newest café.




September 22 Lletty Cottage Loves Llandovery too! September 22, 2011

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Lamb on our field

LLandovery Sheep Festival is back for its second year this weekend!

The town of Llandovery is no black sheep when it comes to putting on a good festival.  So there’s much good news ahoof as the town celebrates its second year of the Llandovery Sheep Festival  – a quirky, fun-filled festival of frolics this weekend 24th – 25th September. (copied from advertising literature)


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