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December 13 Cwmdu Walk, Brecon Christmas in Llansadwrn. December 14, 2019

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I couldn’t quite believe my eyes when looking out the window this morning. It wasn’t raining! It was windy and chilly but dry for our Walking Well Walk in Cwmdu! After a late last evening watching election results on the TV and sampling a tasty whiskey it was rather a slow start!

Our ‘resident’ pheasant joined Rufus and I on our morning walk. He’s never quite sure which way to go!

Thirty three walkers assembled in the carpark at Cwmdu ready to start the walk… could it be the promise of a tasty, delicious cawl cooked by Lewis and ably assisted by Philip and Malcolm that awaited everyone at the end of the walk that brought so many out….or was the sunshine and the promise of a good chat with everyone… a bit of all these things I think!

We fairly marched along the road in front of the pub as we set off …trying to get our fingers and toes warm again and ready for the walk ahead. The recent rain had made the rivers quite boisterous as the water headed down stream to join other tributaries.

We followed the path at the side of the river for a little way before we headed up hill through the fields. There were some good views over the valley below but hedges kept getting in the way!

Walking and talking is the best part of our walks and can take your mind off the hill in front and whether your legs are going to make it to the top!!

The walk had a lot of ups:


plenty of interest in between:

more downs:

with the huge excitement of a glimpse of a blue sky before it disappeared:

Blue sky for those who haven’t seen it for a long time!

ups and downs finished to make way for an across!

The result of our latest windy weather could be seen in the wind damaged trees and the muddy paths!

Spirits were kept high all through the walk. We hastened towards the pub passing some lovely buildings in the village and a wonderful wise owl ornament which pointed the way .

As we approached the inn the aroma of the awaiting cawl drifted out of the door and soon drew us in. The fire was glowing, the Christmas tree lights were on and the food was fantastic. Hand made bread rolls, cheese, veggie and meat cawl, butter, three choices of amazing puddings and coffee. Just the most perfect Christmas feast ever….and all sitting with the best of friends. Finally Lewis presented Philip with a gift and card from all the walkers to thank him for all his hard work through the year. Brilliant!

Next walk December 27th …all welcome.

Clean plates says it all! Thank you chefs!

Earlier in the week we visited Brecon for a morning out. It was very wet and windy but we enjoyed a walk around the festive market.

We stopped off at an art gallery where we sat and enjoyed a cup of coffee and cake! We discovered that the museum, which has been closed for some time had very recently opened so off we went! The ‘old’ museum building has been ‘joined’ to a brand new building housing a library, updated museum area and art gallery space. It was all rather lovely and enjoyable.

Father Christmas always visits Llansadwrn early so he can take the Christmas present lists from all the children before he goes shopping!

Our village pub The Sexton Arms was a hub of activity for his visit. We are very fortunate to have such a lovely pub to visit.

Back home the pheasant still doesn’t know which way to go!

However the birds certainly know where their food is! We have so many blue tits, great tits and marsh tits visiting . They love their coconuts!

We have had some lovely sunsets lately.

Also some strange sightings in the valley!

A strange sight

After another burst of light it rose higher and higher before drifting off out of sight. Hope it got home before the dark!

A visit to Aberglasney always means a friendly welcome from one of their resident robins as soon as one pulls up in the car! He is definitely a Christmas robin!

Thank you for reading.

Hope you have a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2020.


January 12th 2019 Happy New Year! January 12, 2019

http://www.llettycottage.com       5star holiday cottage for two

Happy New Year…maybe you’ve made some new resolutions for the start of  the year…if so I hope they last longer than mine! I’m trying to finish one job before I get distracted on to another and then another….! It definitely makes life interesting though to have new interests all the time.

Our first Walking Well walk of the year was in the Botanic Garden of Wales. It was  cloudy and chilly and rather than walking at a swift pace to get warm we were taking  part in an interesting tour of the garden with a guide. He  told us all about the restoration of the lakes project  which was very informative  but  standing listening rather than walking meant a few of us beat a hasty retreat to the Great Glass house  for coffee earlier than expected.


The land has been cleared  and the new lakes will be restored by 2020. This lake will be connected to the ‘new’ lake and apparently it will only take 3 days to fill!


Hope the mallards will enjoy their extra space.


Views of Paxton’s Tower can be seen  in one direction over the lake bed.


We crossed the lake over the bridge and headed up the hill towards the Tower.


Looking back to where we had been we could see the Great Glasshouse …coffee began to call!!


Leaving the tour we returned to the Glasshouse and enjoyed our coffee sitting amongst the beautiful flowers and plants.

Walking back to the car we could see  the gardens  are beginning to spring into life with snowdrops and daffodils in the borders.


Earlier in the week I had a walk up to to our village. Although  small  it has a vibrant  community spirit and packs a punch with lots of things happening there . A new village website has just been uploaded detailing all the activities that are available and importantly the bus timetable and when the bins are collected and plenty more! http://www.llansadwrn.org.uk

Tuesday is Vestry Venture. A gathering  of anyone who would like a chat, coffee and cake! Perfect!  The church is set right at the top of the village with beautiful views over the countryside.



Winnie the Pooh welcomes all visitors and is dressed in suitable clothing  for all weather conditions.


Walking home later in the afternoon I was watched every step of the way by the sheep in all the fields.



I wouldn’t like to meet this ram on the road!


The views  are just beautiful.


Dusk still  falls very quickly and it was good to get home before the lights all went out!


Saturday is a visit to the Reading Room for a newly started Knit and Knatter, a browse of the library and another coffee and cake!

I’m just starting  with tiny needles and hope to make a square by Christmas! However, some knitters have splendidly huge needles and balls of wool that are fantastic!



Some knitters are very talented!


It was good to read in the papers this week that the younger generation are starting to enjoy house plants.  They realise they look good in a house and they have health benefits too. I thought I’d share some of my house plants here!

Rufus getting in on the act…again!



At the start of this post I wrote that I get distracted and jump from one thing to another…..here’s another interest…my garden birds!


img_9380 (1)

Well now I’ve written this I shall jump to Facetime to sing Happy Birthday to our grandchildren in Canada. They are 5 today! We have given Esme a set of ballet dance wear  and Ellis  a  toy spinosaurus, which he tells me was larger than a Tyrannosaurus Rex! Afterwards I’m trying acrylic painting to add to my watercolour painting…then what…who knows…but it’s  good to keep learning!


Walks and Visits Dinas, Llansadwrn, Tregib, Treberfydd Brecon June 3, 2018


We all wrapped up well for our Walking Well Walk but no need! Rain was forecast  and although damp and cloudy  it stayed dry whilst we had a tramp around Tregib Woods in Llandeilo.

We crossed the swing bridge which actually does swing and  can make one feel rather light headed!


Looking down the river Towy a heron flew overhead and landed just down stream.  There’s a heron in this photo somewhere …honest!


We crossed over fields and followed the road until we entered the wood. Llandeilo looked its usual lovely self with its houses perched  prettily on the hill looking down towards the river and the bridge.



Tregib Wood is a Woodland Trust wood .

‘Coed Tregib is a beautiful site set within a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest. Ancient woodland (predominantly oak and ash), grassland and new native woodland are the prominent features. Wetland plants are supported within the wood, and dormice have been recorded at this site.’

There were definite wetland plants amongst the wetland! Well, no walk with Philip would be right unless we got a bit damp! It was all  very primeval and one expected a dinosaur to come charging out of the undergrowth at any minute!





Heading back to the town after our circular walk it was good to pass through a new gate erected by the Ramblers. The last time we were here there was a very rickety stile! This was far more civilised!


A last view of the bridge  from another angle as we completed our walk. Thank you Philip!


No wonder I run out of time to do things…I start so many jobs but move on to the next one before finishing the last one…you know what I mean!  The sunshine  recently has made it impossible to stay in and do any housework/ washing etc. so we’ve been out enjoying ourselves. We visited RSPB Dinas and really enjoyed  the walk over the board walk and on through the blue, blue, bluebell woods . Following  the river round  we came to more woods and completed our circular walk…it was difficult walking in some places but well worth it!



DSC08289 (1)DSC08279 (1)

DSC08298 (1)

There’s always one that wants to be different!


A walk up the hill to our village seemed a good idea one sunny afternoon. It was sad to pass by the junior school that has recently closed …it was very solemn and quiet. Good news though it has been bought by a local family…so it will be interesting to see what happens next!


Across the road from the school is the  pretty church and the village memorial stone.



The village sits at the top of the hill so there are beautiful views all around.


A memorial stone in the community field.

A ‘posh’ gate.


The local pub the Sexton Arms…great place and the landlord Cliff is amazing and does so much to help the community in many ways.


Llansadwrn  means the church of Sadwrn.


Whilst I was at the top end of Llansadwrn and not the bottom end where we live I called  on a friend, who is selling her lovely bungalow with land…Purple Bricks!

Photo looking out of her window at  her detached cottage.



Poppies growing in her garden!

After a lovely cup of coffee I was all set for the long walk back home but this time it was all downhill…much easier!



A coach trip out, with the gardening group, was next in the week. We visited Treberfydd House Brecon which is a Gothic Revival house built in the 19th century. We enjoyed a tour around the house led by the owner. We were treated to  tasty light refreshments  and coffees before we headed off to explore the gardens and the Walled Garden Nursery, where some hardy plants just had to be bought!


The Nursery was wonderful within such a lovely setting and so many wonderful plants for sale… a return visit is planned!



An interesting coach drive   with a great driver ( a 50 seater coach through very narrow country lanes!)  took us to the next garden, The Neuadd, Crickhowell, which is open with the NGS.


Here there was a lovely woodland walk which led to a walled vegetable garden.


The owner’s dog was delighted to welcome us all into the house for a delicious tea!

Not sure which end to pat!


Back home gardening continues and now Jim has completed building my wonderful new greenhouse  I have even less time ! I have sown far too many seeds  which will all need pricking out! Huge fun though having   a proper place to grow tomatoes and cucumbers and all the other veg I want to try!


I do so love the colour pink!

DSC08356 (1)

I also love Aberglasney Gardens. Today  on my visit there the sun was shining brightly and I enjoyed a delicious cake and coffee with our lovely cottage visitors from Australia…I think they’ve brought this lovely weather with them!

The gardens are looking beautiful. They are also selling plants that they have  grown in their new greenhouse….so I just had to have one! No idea yet what it looks like   when fully grown so it will be a lovely surprise!

DSC08566 (1)


I love this weather but a couple of nights of heavy rain would certainly help out and cut down all the watering!


January 17 Walk round Llansadwrn January 17, 2012

Such a lovely, frosty  and bright day we went off for a walk before house cleaning, fire making and odd jobs got in the way!  We went up the hill towards Llansadwrn and turned off to Felindre where we had a long conversation with a  householder  who has just had  their garden hedge laid….it all looked very neat and professionally completed. We continued onwards until we came to a friend’s house….they were busy too…watching some of their trees being pruned…as the branches were causing too many shadows across their newly installed solar panels. We took the name of the tree surgeons as we need  a branch of our  yew tree pruning….another job!! We followed the footpath through our friend’s garden which led us to the top of  a local hill which had marvellous views over the countryside with Pen Y Fan in the far distance.

Rose flowering in friend's garden January 2012


View over the Brecon Beacons towards Pen Y Fan

We followed the footpath passing a line of wonderful mature oak trees and then descended a hill towards another friend’s farm….and meeting their alpacas, who are kept for their wool for spinning / weaving classes held in the village. What fun and excitement they were turning their best sides to be photographed and jumping , turning and following us down the hill towards the farmhouse.

'appy alpacas!


Jim in meaningful conversation!

After leaving the farm we  continued on down the lane to the site of an old historic chapel- Libanus. The chapel is in the process of being carefully restored and looked after.

Libanus chapel surrounded by magnificent monkey puzzle trees

We followed the road back through Llansadwrn, past the church  and the school and back down the hill  until we reached home after a good two hour walk around the neighbourhood.

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