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June 21 Midsummer, Cwmdu Walk, Ludlow Visit and Aberglasney Gardens June 21, 2022

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Happy Midsummer’s Day- hard to believe the longest day is here already so I’m going to enjoy the sunshine today whilst it lasts!

Our Walking Well Walk around Cwmdu also took place on a sunny and hot day. It was led by Pam and she had planned a great walk. We started from the Cwmdu Inn and walked slowly up one side of a steep hill, admired the view from the top before descending back into the valley below and climbing the opposite hill! All good fun!

The views were lovely and well worth the climb.

The Last of the Spring Beer gang had plenty to ponder when a tale was told about a man who went missing years ago and has never been found!

Story tellers…the lot of them!

We followed the trail down through a meadow and passed some pretty cottages and gardens before heading up a farm track and crossing though an amazing field full of orchids and other wild flowers. It was just stunning.

We all enjoyed a stop for refreshments as the day was getting hotter and hotter. Malcolm and Ann had the right idea sitting in the shade and cooling off.

We saw a number of different types of sheep most hiding away in the undergrowth to keep cool. After our walk through the orchid field we went back to the pub for a delicious cake and coffee thoughtfully provided by one of the walkers. Thank you Pam for a lovely walk.

We had another outing to Ludlow to meet up with some special cottage friends. We are very fortunate to have many visitors who come to stay in Lletty Cottage and come back year after year and become our real friends. A day out together in a lovely town enjoying a ride on a Park and Ride bus, shopping in the market, visiting an art gallery, a church, the castle and a couple of lovely cafes for a tasty lunch and coffees out was just perfect. Thank you J and D see you in September!

Lots to see and enjoy at Aberglasney gardens on my weekly visit! I was pleased to see that there was a robust fence between the cows and bull in the field adjacent to the Gardens and me!

We’ve had bees in our garden too and the bees in our roof keep up their buzzing and foraging all through the days especially when it’s sunny!

There’s lots to enjoy in the garden in June and I take far too many photos …sorry!

I do love the roses and all the other summer flowers in the garden but my favourites are the wild flowers that do their own thing and come up unexpectedly in surprise places and bring great delight! Also seeing the Canada Geese goslings feeding amongst the long grasses on Pond Field, the sound of the tractor trailing through our field cutting the grass, the views over the distant fields fields- we are so very fortunate to have all this on our doorstep!

Writing this post has been so much easier as we have forked out on BT fibre…yay! The photos have loaded so much faster …can’t quite believe it and we are nearly there with our Devolo Magic plugs…sending the signal through our thick stone walls to all parts of the house. Linking the TV to BT etc has been a bit of a problem as we now have to use one remote for selecting programmes and the other for sound levels! Things used to be so much easier to understand!

For Ukraine:

Thank you for reading. Hope you have a wonderful Midsummer’s Day and if you are in the other hemisphere have a great winter solstice!


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