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January 24 Llansadwrn Walk, Abermarlais Mumbles January 24, 2020

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I didn’t have too far to drive today for our Walking Well Walk as it started in our village, Llansadwrn, the centre of my universe! I was too lazy to walk up the hill so I drove and parked outside the local pub, The Sextons, before we all set off walking down the old Roman road to Llanwrda.

Now I always thought that the Romans built straight roads but this one certainly has a few curves and bends in it and a stream to cross too.

The most important fact about this road is that there are definitely a few ups….

and more ups….

followed swiftly by some downs….

and even more downs….!

Until at last we reached Llanwrda village. It’s a great place with a lovely and interesting history. Walking through the village we came to the footpath leading to the village school which closed in July 2016. The school, the Cornwallis Almshouse and the three and a half acres of land surrounding it are owned by the Letitia Cornwallis Trust. Letitia Cornwallis left £400 in the 1730’s to house spinsters of sound repute. Since then the almshouse has been turned into flats which are now empty. The place has now fallen into disrepair and funding is being sort to rejuvenate the almshouse and save its future. It is a graded building as it is an example of a Georgian almshouse of remarkable scale and design.

All this wonderful information came from one of the hard working volunteers who happened to be on site when we passed and gave us a very interesting short talk about the Trust.

Letitia Cornwallis Almshouse Llanwrda

Of course as we had come down, down down the hill into the village it was now time to go up, up up a hill to get back onto the road that leads to Llansadwrn.

The good thing about getting higher are the views over the hills and the Brecon Beacons. It would have been even better if the sun had been shining and no low clouds to block the view!

Lichen in hedgerow

The public road we were walking on passes through the centre of a farmyard. The resident chickens didn’t seem to mind!

Continuing along the road we passed some wonderful gates and gate posts. Note to self: Must find out the history of the large slate gate posts…where did they come from?

We joined the back road into the village and kept on the road as the fields were too wet to walk on.

Back in the village we passed another lovely gate and some old buildings before we all got in our cars and came home to Lletty Cottage for some coffee and cake! Thank you Philip for a lovely walk and for doing a recce in the week.

Last week Jim and I had a lovely walk front our front door down the road to Abermarlais. ( where Letitia Cornwallis used to live in a mansion- which sadly was demolished in the 70’s) . The land though is now a wonderful caravan site and a beautiful setting with a river and snowdrop clad banks.

Very excited to find some hair ice ( Thank you Mr T!)

We’ve had a few really sunny days so we made the most of the sunshine and went to Mumbles. I have fond memories of the little town as my parents lived there. It’s not the same now!!! It was absolutely packed with visitors and all the little shops have disappeared and shops like Joules, Seasalt and the like where there on the front. It’s different, vibrant and still beautiful!

We walked up to the castle to see the fine vies over the town towards the pier and lifeboat station.

In the town we found an excellent cafe to enjoy our lunch…it was buzzy and lovely!

We walked along the sea front and watched the oyster catchers catching oysters!!

There were cycles to hire if only you can understand the instructions!

Back home we have had some wonderful sunsets and sunrises to enjoy. It isn’t sunny here all the time but it is beautiful!

Of course our resident ‘police cat’ who watches everything in his garden is always out on patrol checking the pheasants, the mice and the birds. He has never caught anything but he watches and stays alert at every sound!!

That is until he comes in and relaxes and chills out!

Thank you for reading and hope you can have a chill out somewhere pleasant too!


November 21 Walks and Out and Abouts November 21, 2016


Another beautiful day for a walk. We have been so fortunate to have dry, bright but cold  days for gadding about on our local walks. The recent walk was near home and just a couple of miles drive away in Llangadog. We parked up on the bridge, next to  the common overlooking the Sawdde river.


DSC06823.jpgWe started our walk crossing the common and followed one of the many tracks  to get to the river Towy, passing some lovely properties on the way.


When we reached the Towy , after ploughing our way through some very muddy, sticky goo, we could see the railway bridge not far away which also has a pedestrian footpath. This walk though we took the other direction  after enjoying the views of the river and apparently the old ford crossing.


DSC06838.jpgDSC06853.jpg   DSC06855.jpg

We said, `Hello’  to some fine and interested horses who I’m sure would have accompanied us on our walk if there wasn’t a fence in the way!

DSC06864.jpg                                                Another ‘friend’ we had to leave behind!

DSC06860.jpgThese hips are just right for Christmas decorations or as a subject for a painted Christmas card- I left them untouched, although  I would have loved a few branches!

DSC06870 (2).jpgWe continued down a new track passing  some beautiful old buildings   until we came to another farm with more ‘friends’. One playing hide and seek!


Many of the trees have lost their leaves by now as some days we have had quite strong winds and frosty nights but some oak trees have held onto their foliage and look beautiful in the autumn light.

DSC06880.jpgOur circular walk was nearly over except for a walk through a field with a herd of cows. Every walk has to have a bit of excitement and the cows nearly provided that! They were very interested in us   and started trotting but we all managed to cross the field safely before their interest was satisfied!

DSC06888.jpgThe lovely walk ended at our house with coffee and biscuits and a general chat  about putting the world to right!


Jim and I  enjoyed our annual visit to Picton Castle for their  fantastic Victorian Christmas weekend. There is a food marquee and many stalls in the castle itself  and outside to wander around and enjoy and spend those pennies! The castle is brilliantly decorated with every room having a superb Christmas tree in it and with the  accompanying sound of the violins playing in the background – it really is the start of the festivities.



Nothing induces Jim to come  shopping with me but a No VAT Sunday at Machine Mart in Swansea is a sure way to galvanise some  shopping action! After we had purchased  some VIP tools we could set off for my treat! My mum and dad lived in the Mumbles so I love visiting and remembering happy times spent there. Its an idyllic seaside village which is now a thriving busy place for shoppers, visitors  and all who enjoy the sea views, the lighthouse, the RNLI station, the walks and  the food!

This  view of Mumbles is  from the  coastal walk  which was the  route  of the Mumbles Railway which closed in the last century.


DSC06762.jpgDSC06770.jpgA visit to the life boat station is a must   when visiting Mumbles. The walk along the pier to reach the station has become rather tricky with just a small path allowed with barriers either side  to keep you walking  along the middle of the pier where the planks look firmer!  Don’t look down or to the side!! The walk is well worth it though when you see the magnificent lifeboat on call at all times to save  everyone in trouble at sea.


The views from  the pier over the lighthouse  are just beautiful.


To end our Mumbles day out we enjoyed  a meal at Verdi’s Ice Cream Parlour and Restaurant- Italian cooking and hospitality at its best!

I’m missing the next walk as it’s the same day as the Aberglasney Winter Fair ( December 2, 3 and 4)  and I’m helping on the mulled wine! I love it!




March 31st 2015 Cushion, Cuisine and Anniversary! March 31, 2015

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This beautiful cushion was designed and made for us as a wonderful surprise anniversary present  by our dear friend Mariana…how talented and kind is that…thank you!

We’ve had a  wonderful day  trying to remember what exactly happened 45 years ago and who came to our wedding in Swansea  and what happened !! We did remember that we had the reception in The Surf House   at Bracelet Bay Mumbles so we returned there today to The Castellamare for a delicious Italian  lunch out . We can highly recommend it as the service was excellent, the food perfect and  with the backdrop of Mumbles lighthouse the location  is amazing!


A walk on the stunning sandy beach at Rhossili followed before we returned home.



P1060734-1 We are now looking forward to the next years together as the first 45 have been the best ever!


January 1st 2015 Wow! Frosty Morning and Sunny Afternoon in Mumbles January 1, 2015

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Gosh , it’s here, the New Year, and I love it. The new beginnings, the resolutions, spring round the corner- I start afresh  every year but will actually continue doing exactly what I’ve been doing for every year of my life so far…having a great life and enjoying every minute with family and friends!

This last week has seen some magic mornings with frost covered   garden and countryside.

P1050598-1Over the Pond Field where our two resident moorhens are sitting quietly waiting for the ice to melt!

P1050600-1 I love teasels so do the goldfinches!

P1050610-1View of the Carmarthen Fans  from the front garden

P1050627-1Totally different  weather at the Mumbles where we went in the afternoon for a wander along the beach and the pier..brilliant!

P1050635-1Mumbles lighthouse

P1050638-1Mumbles pier and the new lifeboat station at the end

P1050655-1The lifeboat station- a wonderful place to sit and relax in the sunshine and watch the fishermen, the sea and the boats sailing by.

P1050666-1Jim wouldn’t let me play with the remote controlled boats …next time though!

Hope your New Year’s day has gone well!


January 3 Happy New Year-A walk in Mumbles January 3, 2012

Happy New Year to you all. Hope all your celebrations went off well and you had a great festive season.

 I expect everyone is just like me- trying to sort out the house after all the Christmas activities and trying to make decisions about the Christmas decorations…..should I take them down now and  drag the Christmas tree through the house spreading needles everywhere or should I leave them up for a few more days  collecting dust!  As I’ve had a bug this last week I’m going to leave them up until I have more energy!

Feeling rather wan and in need of a walk we decided to go to the Mumbles- pity about the wind, rain and cold but it was very exhilarating   and I do love the seaside- whatever the weather!

Anyone for a swim?

After our walk alongside the sea on  the site of the old Mumbles Railway we went back into the village and enjoyed a delicious Leek and Potato soup in Treasure ( brilliant shop ). My day was complete after looking in all the new shops that have opened in Mumbles over the last year- it was all very busy as the sales were on.
 I just had to have a quick look in the new Joules and luckily I had my Christmas voucher with me from my son and daughter-in -law- so I was able to buy some brilliant items at half price on the sale….just what I needed to make me feel better!
A perfect ending to a lovely day out at the Mumbles and a perfect beginning to a New Year!

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