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May 7 2017 Carmel Woods Walk May 7, 2017

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Another sunny, bright and warmish Friday – it must be Walking Well Day. Unbelievably, the group has been running ( or should I say walking!) for two years every other Friday and only once has it been damp/ raining a bit! They do say the sun shines on the righteous!  Anyway, after meeting at Llandeilo railway station we drove on in shared cars to Carmel Woods  carpark which is about 5 miles outside Llandeilo. We had walked here previously but Philip assured us that this was a new walk and not too strenuous  at all! We left the cars and followed the country lane  down passed some lovely country properties some with 5 * accommodation for their horses.




Leaving the road and passing through a farmyard we entered the wood   where we were greeted by an amazing sight of bluebells, orchids, garlic, celandine  and more …all  growing freely up the banks and through the glades. It was quite a climb though!







The climb kept on going!


Reaching  the  top  path there were signs of the old quarry workings  and the explanation board detailing all the wild flowers that we could see and smell.  The Yellow Archangel flower  was new to me  and it was growing in clumps everywhere – it loves to grow on lime soil and as we were surrounded by lime kilns this   made it perfect growing   conditions for this pretty plant. The quarry and workings are all quiet and derelict now and nature has reclaimed the land and covered it in  the beauty of plants again.


We passed a number of stiles and gates but this was the most stylish – no doubt recycled from someone’s garden- one wonders its history  and  which garden has it stood entrance to before.




All that climbing up hill meant that we had fantastic views over the beautiful, rolling Carmarthenshire countryside.DSC00663.jpg

DSC00664.jpgWe ambled  on along a lane passing some quite nosy and lovely  dogs and a cheeky pig!



There seemed lots of interest in our group from some local inhabitants, who stared hard unblinkingly!



Fairy lace/ cow parsley billowing gently in the warm breeze  interspersed with the waving welsh poppy filled the verges  that edged the country lane.



Leaving the lane we made our way back down through the woods  stopping to enjoy the view, the skyscape and a welcome snack – a welsh cake – kindly provided by Philip.




As all good things  end we shall  all  sit and drink and so it  happened!  A  pub  ‘The Stag and Pheasant’ was at the end of our walk and the friendliest landlady ever-  a lovely way to end our latest Walking Well feeling well and happy!








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