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December 4 Aberglasney, Amroth, Oriel Llanteglos Gallery December 4, 2020

Winter has definitely arrived but it was preceded by some sunny dry days to bring cheer to everyone. Also brightening up the mood the news that the vaccine has achieved UK approval so it’s going to be elbows out to see who can get first in the queue!

I do try to vary my posts but I always seem to include my visits to Aberglasney …can’t help it as it really is such a remarkable place to visit whether you are outside in the woods or inside in the Ninfarium…an indoor garden using the interior part of the mansion that was left unrestored.

Opening the doors from the mansion into the Ninfarium is like entering the Secret Garden …in fact it is the Secret Garden and quite beautiful.

A sunny day dawned so a visit to the seaside and an art gallery was top of the list. Less than an hour’s drive away is Amroth and the NT Colby Woodland Gardens but before going for a walk there we called in to the newly opened Oriel Llanteglos Gallery. We received a very warm welcome form the owner and thoroughly enjoyed our look around at all the amazing art work on display.

We drove down to the beach as we wanted to save our legs for the beach walk ! Before that we had a tasty lunch in the Smuggler’s Bar sitting outside in the sunshine.It was glorious!

A drive to Carmarthen later in the week for a visit to the dentist gave a chance to have a wander round and find new things to interest!

John Nash has a fascinating history.

On the same day to get over the bill from the dentist we went to Llanstephan beach for a walk and a blow of sea air!

It always seems to happen at the same time first it’s the dentist and then the car needs a service -only to discover that two front tyres also need replacing!

Another visit to the seaside was called for to have another blow of fresh sea air to rejuvenate the spirit!! This time Mumbles where we enjoyed a lovely lunch in the Croeso Lounge.

Back home the garden is now being left to look after itself for a while… the clay is too wet! The birds have kept busy and a new bird on the bird table brought out the bird books. I believe it’s a female Black Cap ( I might be wrong!) and they are usually only a summer visitor. There’s no sign as yet of the male. It’s a very bossy bird and clears the bird table of all other birds so it can eat in peace!

I started this post by saying Winter has arrived and we did have some sleet and cold weather today but Christmas glow has also arrived with our village turning on the lights on the most wonderful and beautiful Christmas tree ever! It is a perfectly shaped Christmas tree and the twinkling lights will surely brighten everyone up. Thank you Llansadwrn villagers.


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