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January 29 All the LL’s for Local walks! January 29, 2021

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Hellebores from garden in my mum’s best dish

Living as we do in the beautiful Carmarthenshire countryside we are very fortunate to have walks all around us. Over the last weeks we have walked around Llangadog, Llansadwrn and Llandovery! Lots of LL’s in lovely locations!! Stop it that’s enough of trying to be clever!!

Anyway maybe you can sense a bit of madness in this writing…or maybe it’s always like this! Trying to stay abiding by the Covid rules can drive one a bit potty when the weather is also trying to drive one mad at the same time! We have had every sort of weather thrown at us…indeed it felt like buckets of water being thrown when the rain came down! After the rain came the floods, then the ice followed by the snow and in between some splashes of sunshine!

Our walks out have been the best thing to keep us going and talking! On our Llangadog walk we crossed over the road bridge into the small hamlet of Felindre where track and trace was in force….the kite kept us under his watchful eye the whole time!

Leaving the houses behind we followed the road along the lanes and came to a junction splendidly marked by a copse of fine pine trees. We followed the lane on to look out for lambs in the fields but were disappointed! We were also disappointed that if we looked across the valley we could see sunshine lighting up the fields…just where our house is! We were chilly in the damp and windy side of the valley!

One constant in all the weather changes has been the never ending flight of birds to the feeders especially during the cold. The birds are getting very good at sharing!

After all the rain the valley became flooded. We took the opportunity to look at the floods from above and walked up to Llansadwrn Forestry where one gets great views along the Towy river below. We were surprised to see that only a day or two later after the torrential rainfall someone had pulled the plug and the floods had receded! Across the valley the Carmarthen Fans were covered in snow.

We continued on up the forest track reaching the top of the hill after passing a wall full of interest and then we had more lovely views over the valley. Right in the distance was Pen Y Fan (45 miles!) and captured using zoom on my camera !

Back in Llansadwrn the sun was still shining.

Our garden is still there but mainly under water! Not sure how the bulbs and plants are going to thrive after the continual wet! However, there is still colour and lots of evergreens which I love! They are such good doers and give that structure to a garden and the all important colour in the winter.

My one and only ‘posh’ snowdrop …half eaten by ? Can’t remember where I bought it but delighted that it’s flowered!

As we had to drive to Llandovery to collect our prescriptions from the chemist we felt it was fair to take advantage of the situation and go for a circular walk from the town. We walked on the road, under the Heart of Wales railway line, down tracks, over bridges and back into town. Very enjoyable!

After the rainy days came the frosty days which changed the countryside from damp and dismal into frosty shimmering sparkle when the sun shone!

On a stroll from home we saw these odd tracks in the snow. Maybe it’s s stick that rolled along the ground but they were next to the fox prints and the bird prints and they went on for quite a way ending by a stream!

News this evening that Primary schools in Wales may open after February half term if virus numbers continue to fall…that’s great news. Also a maximum of two people from different households will be able to exercise outdoors together, as long as they maintain social distancing. They can take exercise starting from and finishing at home but they still can’t drive anywhere to take exercise! The world has suddenly become my oyster again!

Fingers crossed the vaccine rollout continues at pace here and worldwide and we can start planning for the future again. Yay!


April 6 Lovely Walks and Visits April 6, 2018

Interesting fact to start my loooong post! 5000 snail species living in GB ….and I think they are all in my garden!

DSC07058How refreshing to feel a bit of warmth in the air and feet on dry land instead of sloshing through muck and mud…today our Walking Well walk was certainly that…a  lovely amble through the country lanes  around  Dryslwyn Castle…thank you Philip!


Being nosy, looking over garden fences, it’s amazing what one can see…it’s the Flower Pot men but no sign of Little Weed!


How wonderful to see all the shadows from the trees  on the lanes and signs of spring flowers in the verges. First time this year to see the wood anemone  shining out amongst the celandine.


We followed along  the lanes and their ups and downs and finally came to the castle mount. From the lane to the  castle was quite a climb but well worth it for the view…..but unexpectedly,  it was very windy on top! The result of the recent rain could be seen in the flooded land below. Over to the west the forecasted afternoon rain could be seen  approaching in the darkening clouds heading our way.



Time to make a hasty retreat downhill to our cars and wend our way to The Cottage Inn, where we all enjoyed a hot drink and some indulged in a plate of chips too!

Over Easter Jim and I  took ourselves off for a day out…again! We drove to Penderyn Distillery ( an hour away).We drove through the Brecon Beacons passing Pen Y Fan ..highest peak  in  South Wales …which then was still covered in snow. There were numerous cars and walkers and climbers everywhere all wrapped up against the bitter wind and all looking cheerful!


We went on a tour at the distillery and it was excellent …so too was the whiskey sample! We just had to buy their  newly designed bottle and contents….well it was only fair after such a good tour!


Later that day we drove on to the National Trust at Aberdulais for lunch. The old tin plate works hold a fascination for me with its wonderful history, racing water and old buildings.


Climbing up the steps gives a great view of the works.



The  views  and sounds all around are amazing so it’s no wonder that famous artists …Turner for one.. used to come here to capture the scenes.


We enjoyed a delicious lunch in the school room, where children, who used to work in the mine …7+year olds…received  some schooling after work.


Yesterday, with the forecast being SUNNY and WARMER another outing was planned! Brecon, only 40 minutes drive away through beautiful countryside  was our choice of destination!

We parked the car next to the river Usk and found the Promenade. This is a beautiful footpath alongside the river leading to a  weir  and a cafe!



We sat outside the cafe,  in the sunshine, enjoying our coffee and   the perfect view across the river towards the Brecon Beacons


We followed a different path  along the river  back into Brecon and found   the path was called The Captain’s Walk and very beautiful it was too!

Brecon is full of lovely surprises with  an excellent bowling green, quaint cottages, a splendid statue of Wellington and some beautiful bridges!


Also on the top of the hill there is the magnificent cathedral.

After a  delicious lunch in The Pilgrims Restaurant, at the cathedral, we returned home ..still in sunshine and hoping for more days out in the warmth very soon!

DSC07171 (1)


January 17 Walk round Llansadwrn January 17, 2012

Such a lovely, frosty  and bright day we went off for a walk before house cleaning, fire making and odd jobs got in the way!  We went up the hill towards Llansadwrn and turned off to Felindre where we had a long conversation with a  householder  who has just had  their garden hedge laid….it all looked very neat and professionally completed. We continued onwards until we came to a friend’s house….they were busy too…watching some of their trees being pruned…as the branches were causing too many shadows across their newly installed solar panels. We took the name of the tree surgeons as we need  a branch of our  yew tree pruning….another job!! We followed the footpath through our friend’s garden which led us to the top of  a local hill which had marvellous views over the countryside with Pen Y Fan in the far distance.

Rose flowering in friend's garden January 2012


View over the Brecon Beacons towards Pen Y Fan

We followed the footpath passing a line of wonderful mature oak trees and then descended a hill towards another friend’s farm….and meeting their alpacas, who are kept for their wool for spinning / weaving classes held in the village. What fun and excitement they were turning their best sides to be photographed and jumping , turning and following us down the hill towards the farmhouse.

'appy alpacas!


Jim in meaningful conversation!

After leaving the farm we  continued on down the lane to the site of an old historic chapel- Libanus. The chapel is in the process of being carefully restored and looked after.

Libanus chapel surrounded by magnificent monkey puzzle trees

We followed the road back through Llansadwrn, past the church  and the school and back down the hill  until we reached home after a good two hour walk around the neighbourhood.

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