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March 12 Poor Man’s Wood Walk and New Plans March 12, 2021

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Hooray new plans! Hairdressers can open in Wales from Monday so I’m booked in already for a proper cut not just a trim! We are also allowed to go from ‘stay at home’ to ‘stay local’ from next week…not sure what that means- how local is local? Anyway let’s hope that everyone stays sensible and more freedom to visit places and people will be allowed before too long!

As I have neared my total limit of 6GB on WordPress this post will have to be very short and lacking lots of photos! I will have to pay another 48$ to upgrade to Premium Plan and then I’ll have 13GB…so lots more photos then! Computer wise it’s been a rather irritable week as my Facebook page has been phished…I think that’s the word! Hope to sort it out soon!

On the A40 verge

On a local circular walk around the lanes we passed this lovely display along the verges of the A40 main road. Not sure if it’s the council who do these plantings or the farmers who live nearby but they are certainly welcome additions at this time of year.

The lanes are usually clear except for some tractors whizzing by and the hedgerows are full of primroses, celandines and the promise of wild garlic!

The fields were full of lambs and this ewe had rather of lot to look after…I’m sure they weren’t all hers!

On a bright sunny day we parked our car in the local Coop car park and set off down the road to find Poor Man’s Wood. In early 17th century Rhys Pritchard, the vicar 0f Llandovery, gave the wood to the town so the poor could take away a small of amount of wood when needed to use as fuel. We followed a track and then found the interesting entrance gate to the oak wood.

We walked along the bottom of the steep sided hill enjoying the views up through all the oak trees and the beautiful views over the lower fields.

From an information board I learnt that the sessile oak acorns have no stalk but the leaves have long stalks and in common oak it’s the other way round! I try to learn something new every day…but will I remember it….!!!!

I had a feeling we were being watched!

We walked on to the end of the wood following the footpath signs. There were a number of trees which had been blown down by the recent gales. We had to do lots of limboing under fallen trees and crawling on hands and knees through the broken branches but at last we came to the end of the path and climbed a stile into a field.

The field led on to a lovely farm where we asked the farmer about the circular route back. Alas! Although there is a circular route back it was blocked by more fallen trees so we had to return the same way! We will return later this spring when the woods will be filled with bluebells as their foliage was all around already.

Parts of our local circular walk has been overgrown for over a year. As mentioned previously in this blog someone has been amazing and has started clearing the 250+m of this path which when cleared will open up more circular walks for the area. A young friend asked would I like to assist clearing a bit more of this path. Cutting and slashing branches and foliage is obviously my forte as after a few hours work we’d cleared 40m approx! Fortified by gingerbread tea ( brought by kind friend) it was a very satisfying afternoon’s work. Hope they weren’t spying on us from the plane!

Back in the garden the birds are happy, the Canada Geese seem to be relaxed about making a nest on the island, the heron likes the frogs, the flowers are trying their best to grow through the damp clay and my compost is wonderful!

Hope I haven’t used up all my WordPress memory on this post so fingers crossed it gets published! Marks and Spencers have some lovely plants on offer for Mother’s Day! I’ve a new hydrangea and rose! Treat yourself if you haven’t anyone to get you a surprise! Everyone deserves a treat and a surprise in life!


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