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March 27 Exciting Times: Llangadog Walk ,Nursery Opening, Rugby! March 27, 2021

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Weather! Such an influence on life! Happily the last weeks have brought some sunshine into our gardens and lives. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when the sun is out: window sills get painted, lawns get mown, plants get planted and time is taken to watching the Canada geese settle into life on our pond with their friends the Mallards and the Moorhens- sounds like a the start of a soap drama!

Watching our regular visitors also takes time!

The mention of chill winds, sleet, dark ominous clouds and heavy rain over the last couple of days will not interfere with the general feeling of relief that spring is here and we are on our way to the easing of lockdown. Just today ‘stay local’ has gone and we have been set loose and we can go anywhere… in Wales…the choice is ours…the rush of blood to the head is overwhelming…so we’ll take it slowly – step by step – and stay in today but tomorrow…tomorrow a return to Aberglasney Gardens! www.aberglasney

Last evening there was a thrilling evening of rugby with Scotland playing some wonderful rugby and Wales winning the Six Nations…all very exciting!

Other exciting news is the opening of a garden nursery just down the road! We called into see all the preparations going on for their opening over Easter. Callers are welcome now and it was such a pleasure to walk round and see all the colourful plants on sale. There will be an onsite cafe too and lots of sitting areas outside to sit in the sun and enjoy your coffee.

A walk around Llangadog in the sunshine was also exciting! We followed the A 4069 road to Llandovery out of the village and took the first road off to the left…it was further than we thought! It only takes a minute in a car!! We followed the road round and came back into the village by the old police station. A lovely walk with splendid views of the Fans.

We were the opposite side of the valley to our house.

A farmer passed us on his quad bike filled with feed. He was going from field to field feeding the sheep. One flock thought we were the farmer and rushed to the fence to see us with lots of baaaing!!

A visit to the hairdressers in Llandovery was another exciting adventure! The town looked very pretty and is just waiting for all the visitors to return ….soon hopefully.

Spring has sprung in the garden and it’s all gone very yellow!

Although there are splashes of ginger!

and splatters of other colours all round!

Last exciting news…we had a stoat in the kitchen!!! After chasing everywhere , up and down walls , behind bookcase it managed to find the back door and freedom! Leaving behind a scene of chaos, a bloody finger. (Jim’s..now on antibiotics and updated tetanus jab booked) …moral of tale…keep your back door closed at all times!!

Spring has arrived happily and excitedly, jabs all being given and gardens blooming for everyone…enjoy the daffs but look forward to tulip time which is just around the corner!

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