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February 21 Llandeilo Walk and Wet Windy Weather February 21, 2022

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We’ve got off very lightly through the three recent UK storms: Dudley, Eunice and Franklin but some villagers were without power for long hours listening to the rain pelting down and the wind blowing a hooley!

After Storm Arwen last month when a number of our trees were damaged the last storms have finished some of them off! Sadly our lime tree which was the favourite roost of a buzzard has had its last roosting!

Our house was like a castle, with a moat, when the rain poured down so heavily the house became surrounded by water.

Looks as though we could have needed our little boat on the pond, however, it got blown away and landed down the bank by our overflow pond. Instead of it maybe saving us we had to safe it!

At least we’ve had some great sunrises before the storms and the early spring flowers are managing to keep their heads held high whilst their roots are paddling madly in water.

One tree that survives everything that is thrown at it – including me with shears and electric saws..is the monkey puzzle tree which grows more menacing and dangerous with every passing year!

A short circular walk around Llanwrda cheered us up as it was lovely to meet some friends to chat to and share comments about a local issue.

The Welsh Government is planning to plant three woodlands to commemorate those people lost to covid. One of the woodlands is going to be at the bottom of our road. How interesting and exciting is that?!

A proper Walking Well Walk, over the swing bridge in Llandeilo, along the banks of the river Towy and through the Tregrib Woods, was led by Malcolm and was really enjoyable. This was his first walk leading us! We were all well behaved so hopefully he’ll come back and lead many more interesting walks!

All the walkers in our group are delightful. We chat away with one another passing to and fro so by the end of the walk you’ve talked to everyone and sorted the world out.

Three of our lovely walkers do bring to mind a certain TV series though.. maybe we should rename the series Last of the Winter Wine!

Thank you Malcolm.

Llandeilo has a new mural which is situated under the archway from the carpark to the shops. It’s very good and a warm welcome to shoppers in the town.

A year seems to have flown by for Jim as it was his birthday…again! He received his card from me with the usual thank you. It’s only when he opens it he finds the messages that I have written to him over the last 7 years!! It has really saved a lot of time, money and effort to reuse the card. I promise to buy him a ‘new’ one when he reaches another decade! Our daughter sent him a harmonica so he could play Happy Birthday to himself! He did!

I ordered Staffordshire oatcakes to be delivered. They arrived and he’s happy!

Chocolates from a friend

Even though it was Jim’s day we managed to do all the things that I planned! We called in to the library to get a pin for my library card so I could download Libby by Overdrive on my ipad! Brilliant app …I can now download any magazine for free! It’s been wonderful to read the nature, history, art magazines I’m interested in all bang up to date for free!

We also went on to Aberglasney for lunch. Not many there due to the rain and wind but we enjoyed a very tasty lunch. The Gardens have been closed for the last few days due to the storms so hope all their trees have been safe.

I missed out on visiting Gelli Uchaf : https://thegardenimpressionists.com to see their snowdrop garden. Blow the storm!! Wonderful website, blog and of course garden!

Having lots of time indoors due to the storms has given me a chance to complete a February painting book of nature in our garden. Not sure if there’ll be a March one!

Love all the patterns and life in nature around the garden.

Thank you for reading. Hope you have all survived any storms and any poor weather conditions where ever you are. Spring is nearly on the way (March 20) ..well in the northern hemisphere that is!

Take care.


10 Responses to “February 21 Llandeilo Walk and Wet Windy Weather”

  1. Hilary Lawrence Says:

    Lovely as always!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello Marianne,
    Great to hear you’re relatively (??) unscathed from the trio of storms. I loved the new mosaic, and your book for February – 2 down, only 10 to go. A belated happy birthday wish for Jim, and very sorry you didn’t make it up here, courtesy of Dudley, which was probably a good call, but we’ve had a surprising number of visitors who’ve dodged the worst.
    Thanks for the mention here anyway, and it might amuse you to hear that on the morning of your cancelled trip, when it was blowing a bit (!!), raining all morning, and barely 10 degrees C, one of my beehives was working flat out, in spite of the weather!
    Best wishes and hope your group can re- arrange for sometime soon, when the weather’s a bit more benign!

    Liked by 1 person

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Julian. I was very annoyed with the weather when we had to cancel our visit. It did turn out to be a horrid day though so it was the correct decision for us but apparently your bees are made of sterner stuff! I went to Aberglasney this afternoon when the sun came out. The woods were closed and I could hear chain saws in the distance. There was some damage to some bushes in the borders but nothing serious. Hope your garden didn’t suffer too much either. Hopefully the weather will settled down for a quieter spell now so we can all start planning our spring gardening activities. Best wishes

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  3. tootlepedal Says:

    I like the idea of a perpetual birthday card. I also liked your February painting book. It looks delightful. I am glad that your group walks are so enjoyable. I find group walks quite hard as I like to walk at my own pace.

    Liked by 1 person

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. The card has been a good idea only trouble is remembering where I’ve left it every year! I’ve learnt how to pace myself in group walks as I’m a fast walker and the group tends to amble along pleasantly. The chat with others is very important as I chatter and Jim is the quiet one! Thanks again for reading.

      Liked by 1 person

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