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April 21 Walk Around Abergorlech April 21, 2017

Another dry day for our Walking Well Group Walk  and we’d been promised a fairly straightforward walk with no stiles, obstacles or bulls but there may be a few damp patches! DSC00136 (1).jpgWe all met up in the Abergorlech carpark which is the base for the mountain biking courses that trail through Brechfa Forest.



I parked next to all the mountain bikers and I think they were disappointed when I told them I hadn’t brought my mountain bike…this time! !



Before we set off Philip ( walk leader) kindly offered a free walking stick to anyone  who would benefit from such an aid. The word’ free’  made me shoot my arm in the air  very quickly and as no one else wanted one  or else they already possessed one I became the very proud owner of a blue ( to match my eyes) stick! My pal, Jane assisted me in unscrewing and screwing the thing together before we all set off.


The walk, unexpectedly, didn’t follow the bike trails but led across the road to a track leading down to the River Cothi. We followed the track  which soon began to show signs of  the damp patches that we had been warned about!

Molly, the dog, took it all in her stride which was much better than  some of the walkers, who plunged ankle deep into the mud! I, on the other hand, could poke my stick into the mud  and find out how deep it was before trying to vault over!


The track continued alongside the river  and with the sound of the  river, the birds  singing in the woodlands  and the chat of the walkers this was turning out to be a most enjoyable walk.





The water in the river was crystal clear   and the riverbed was clearly visible.  After a very quick debate we decided it wasn’t quite the weather for a swim but later in the year…maybe!

As always when walking through a woodland glade many eyes and ears are watching and listening for intruders…this time it was the stick men, who were on watch. They let us pass as we all had our bus passes with us!


We passed some magnificent piles of logs  which had the  most wonderful aroma of pine.




The wild flowers were blooming  on all the banks and in the next week the bluebells will all be  flowering fully turning the carpet of green into blue.




The walk was linear and we followed the track back through the damp patches into the village, where, of course,  we headed  through the pretty village past the church to the Black Lion pub. It’s a splendid pub and visitors were enjoying a full lunch menu but we had coffee and roasted peanuts!



I loved this house sign!


We sat outside in the pub garden overlooking the River Cothi  and talked very briefly about world matters but reverted very quickly into talking about local matters that matter to us- speed limits on local roads, dogs not allowed on certain buses   and other local issues. All in all a lovely chat following another wonderful walk.


We retraced our steps back to the carpark, where I was tempted to have  a go on the only sort of bike I’ll  ever ride again……don’t tell the mountain bikers!




April 11 2017 Wedding April 11, 2017

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IMG_7437Brilliant day celebrating daughter’s wedding in Bath. Such a wonderful happy time for all.


March 24 Dryslwyn & Gelli Aur: Walk Talk and Paint March 24, 2017

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Unbelievably, after an early blast of cold wind and misty skies the sun came out  and we could start our Friday walk  around Dryslwyn Castle  with  warmth on our backs  and a  spring in our steps!  We all commented that we have managed to get through the winter months without cancelling one walk due to  bad weather. Mind you, we are an intrepid lot  and nothing seems to stop us having a jolly time even  if it’s  blowing and raining…a bit!  We welcomed back our leaders, Philip from his holiday  abroad.

The wild flowers were  out in abundance and these pretty  white flowers   were blooming in the hedgerow. No one could identify them though.

DSC08754 (2).jpg


The Lady’s Smock was flowering too but no sound of a cuckoo …yet!


Although we had  been walking around Dryslwyn Castle not too long ago, this time we were walking in the opposite direction. This meant the long climb up to   the castle  at the top of the hill   was  completed first on the walk. This had the benefit of getting the ‘slog’ out of the way and not at the end of the walk when one is tired!   Walk leaders please note !

The view from the top was well worth the breathlessness  and  we could see Paxton’s Tower   in the distance  and the  Towy River meandering through the valley.


More oxbows to enjoy  specially for  Mr T!


We followed the trail down the other side of the castle  hill and walked through the sunny lanes  where on either side  of the track the banks were covered in more beautiful wild flowers.

DSC08768.jpg  DSC08771.jpg



It was lovely to see  all the tiny lambs playing in the celandine covered fields.


Again we were accompanied on the walk by this friendly collie, who followed us all the way round!


Cloud formations were extra special today.


Watching out for interesting gates and letter boxes   keeps one amused  on walks.

DSC08784.jpg      DSC08786.jpg

As well as spotting  subjects that may be used as a painting : trees, shadows, walkers….

DSC08788.jpg DSC08789.jpg

Our circular walk nearly completed with Dryslwyn castle in view.   We headed back to the cars and zoomed off to the Half Way Inn where we enjoyed a  coffee and  a biscuit  each from Philip,  that he’d brought all the way back from New Zealand, just for us.  How kind!


This post has taken all evening  (3 hours!) to write as I couldn’t upload any photos! After a bit of looking around I discovered I had used up all the  memory for my free plan on WordPress. I have now paid  and upgraded so I have more memory ( wish I had more memory in my brain too!) I ‘discovered’  …as I’d forgotten… that I have been writing this blog since February 2009- so that’s amazing! No wonder I have used up 3GB of memory…thank you WordPress.

Now my photos  are loading quite quickly I’ll add some more!

Every week I really enjoy  attending Gelli Aur Painting Group which meets in St Michael’s Church Hall. Yesterday after our session of chatting, drinking coffee and eating biscuits…oh…and doing some painting  the sun came out  and I took some photos of the church, hall  and village.

St Michael’s Church Hall

DSC08674 (1).jpg

The ornate drinking well with the inscription: Drink and Be Thankful 1872


Behind the drinking well there is an entrance into Gelli Aur  (Golden Grove) estate  and it is heartening to see the old boundary wall being rebuilt in such a traditional  way. What a huge enterprise though! Wonder if it’s to keep me out or the deer in !




The sun came out.




Views from the churchyard


New waterworks   nearby.


Fruits of autumn  and signs of Spring everywhere…it’s a lovely village to relax and enjoy  and walk around especially if you need some inspiration for a painting!









March 10 Out and About in Llandeilo, Dinefwr and Lletty Cottage. March 10, 2017

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DSC08399.jpgAlthough the daffs were bright and perky today the beautiful sunshine from yesterday was long gone. A misty, murky morning was the scene  for our walk through Llandeilo , up to Dinefwr Castle  and back to The Works for our refreshments. It’s a good idea to have an end planned when the weather is not too bright!


We followed the footpath by the swing bridge  and headed up towards the main road passing  very pretty clusters of cottages  and the wonderful fruit and veg shop Gerwyns!


Shrubs and flowers were well into bloom in the lovely private gardens that  run alongside the bridge over the Towy.

DSC08490.jpg       DSC08489.jpg

We met a few other walkers, some alone and some accompanied with their 4 legged friends…I didn’t quite see eye to eye with this one!

DSC08497 (1).jpg

Following the uphill path we arrived at the magnificent Dinefwr  Castle. Looking over the ramparts we couldn’t see any invaders coming so we enjoyed the views of the ox bow lakes  and the river flowing down to the sea.


After being like the Grand Old Duke of York we ‘marched’ ( well more sauntered really) down the hill a short way and took a little path way around the outside of the castle  and were amazed at the strength and size of the castle walls viewed from a different angle.



Looking closely at the floor whilst walking through the woodland ( it’s not elegant to trip over too many times!)  there were many beautiful  lichens and plants to see.









Still feeling quite bright and energetic(!!) it was decided to lengthen our walk and follow the path around the pond and over the boardwalk  before returning to our cars and our lunch time  at the cafe! Coffee and toasted cheese sandwiches went down a treat and a lot of chat ended another   lovely Walking Well outing. Thank you Pam!

DSC08530.jpgOn returning home the light had brightened and the birds were in full throttle singing and eating and generally making merry. It was fortunate that I captured the long tailed tits and the nuthatches all eating at the same time. These are so sweet!






IMG_8963.jpgRufus keeps  a close watch on all the bird feeder activity  but is too in love with the catmint to ever make a move.  He’s nearly finished off eating this  catmint plant  so the next stop is the nursery to buy another! Anything to make him purr and keep him happy!



February 24 Tumbling Along! February 24, 2017

After Doris Day yesterday when the winds blew and the rain  bucketed down  any walk was going to be rather damp and muddy! Our leader, Pam, had recce’d the walk earlier in the week and assured us that the pathways were good and mostly surfaced  with a few inclines and even fewer muddy patches. We put our trust in her and she proved to be spot on!

We shared a car   from Llandeilo and drove  through Cross Hands and arrived near Tumble about 20 minutes later. We parked in the  car park alongside the community run 1930’s vintage cinema. My grandparents used to run and own cinemas   so it was lovely to see such a beautiful Art Deco  building in such good condition and being used to show films three times a week  and on occasion  providing live entertainment too.




The start of our walk was just around the corner from the cinema . It was  National Cycle Network 47!

DSC08255.jpgAs Pam had told us, the paths were  surfaced  and  good for walkers and cyclists.  A number of cyclists passed us on our walk  so the route is well used. After the gales yesterday there were a number of branches  down  which were easily cleared away  and made safe for all the dogs  and walkers that we met…all friendly…thank goodness!



We left the cycle path and  walked down one of the many paths. This was leading us to Mynydd Mawr Woodland Park. This park covers 270 acres  and  the Gwendraeth Fawr river  flows along its northern boundary. This area used to  be an industrial , noisy  hive of activity  with  a colliery and railway which transported the coal away.   In 1960 with a workforce of 378 miners they produced 53,371 tons of coal . The colliery closed in 1962 and the land was left with industrial waste  and spoil heaps.    Nature has recolonised the area   and  pine trees have been planted to soften the landscape.


Bridges have been built and boardwalks over the swampy land  add interest to the walk.




We met more walkers with their dogs. Everyone was in a happy mood enjoying the bright blue sky and the warmth of the sun on their backs. Dog walkers are particularly friendly folk, who like to share the ‘story’ of their dog lives  with well behaved listeners!


The planted areas of woodland were lined with gorse   but were impenetrable due to the brambles.


One could tell that Mother Nature still has some more work to do to claim back some parts of the spoil heaps. There was an honest beauty in this landscape and thoughts of all those miners who toiled here over the decades. It’s our history.


We followed a track back to the cycle path  and after walking up an incline we had completed our circular walk.


Of course this meant that we had to find a cafe! Luckily, the owners of nearby Cwmcerrig Farm Shop fly a great big balloon over their premises so that it’s easy to find.


After a well deserved coffee and cake we thanked Pam for organising the walk and introducing us to a new area. There were so many other pathways through the woodland that were being developed  and places of interest to explore that I  will look forward to returning  to the Woodland Park again. DSC08304.jpg






February 10 A Mosey Around Dinefwr February 10, 2017

DSC08001.jpgShall I, shan’t I go walking today as the forecast was dry but very chilly?! Pleased I chose to go  so arrived at Llandeilo station with my pal, Jane,  wrapped up warmly ready to start with everyone on our walk around Dinefwr. We set off  crossing over the railway line and down through the muddy pathways   crossing under the Heart of Wales line again before we climbed the hill back  up into Llandeilo  getting  some great views over the Towy valley on the way.


In the future this view might be dominated by a bye -pass which has  recently been given the go ahead after many years of promise. Still not sure of the route but this may be one of them!


At the top of the climb we reached St Teilo’s Church.The church building  was completed in 1850 and  the tower is late medieval.


Across the road from the church was the kind of bike that I understand!


There was  some activity on the church  roof. I kept quiet…well tried to….as I didn’t want any accidents to be blamed on me!

DSC07988.jpgWe continued  down the road  passing many colourful houses  and  the excellent fruit and veg shop stopping briefly to look inside and say hello to Gerwyn.

DSC07989.jpg DSC07993.jpg

We admired the beautiful bridge over the river Towy  and then crossed the road to continue into Dinefwr Woods.

DSC07995.jpgFollowing the path through the woods we could hear the sound of woodpeckers but sadly no sight of them.


The charming little Llandyfeisant Church is hidden amongst the trees, brambles and bushes and  has a wonderful history. It is still standing but needs  attention. The  small churchyard has much to admire and holds great interest for folk who enjoy finding  out about the past and looking at the flora and fauna.





One of my missions today was to  try to photo  the different trunks of trees. In  an art group I belong to we have been experimenting  with  techniques  to use mixed media to produce   woodland scenes with different textures which means lots of gluing  and sticking …bit like being back at school…in fact a lot like being in school!

DSC08029.jpg  DSC08050.jpg

DSC08080.jpg   DSC08079.jpg

DSC08042.jpgAfter passing through the lovely woods which are still littered with the fallen leaves of autumn we saw the silhouette   of the proud  Dinefwr castle on the brow of the hill  overlooking the scene below.


Downhill  we  skidded now…actually I was the only one who skidded on the mud- but it was  rather a spectacular skid which was only stopped by a fellow walker…thanks!

Walking in front of Newton House  we spotted some deer in the distance  and even I could see  a couple of deer with huge antlers. We decided to stay on the path!




We stopped to admire the new cowshed  for The White Park  Cattle and as luck would have it the gate was open so we could actually talk to the  inhabitants  to ask them what they thought of the new facility!  They were most impressed and very happy with their clean, fresh and new accommodation.

DSC08074.jpg  DSC08067.jpg

‘We are in a race against time to save the future of our famous White Park Cattle. The cattle have been at Dinefwr for over one thousand years, but we now need to urgently raise £36,000 to buy a new bull and introduce new females to keep the bloodline alive and #SaveTheHerd.’

Our White Park Cattle are a living link to our very distant past with records of them at Dinefwr dating back to the year 920 when they were referenced in the laws of Hywel Dda (Hywel the Good), who codified the laws of Wales.

With just 750 breeding females left in the world, these animals are rarer than the Giant Panda.’  copied from the National Trust website Dinefwr Park


They are such amazing animals that I hope enough money will be raised to buy the new bull. They are very photogenic  and show their best side to the camera at all times!


Leaving the cattle behind we passed  near some  dells when we espied something moving in the trees…was it a bird? No  Was it a plane? No   Tree surgeons climbing to the very end of not very strong branches…hope they didn’t need the help of  medical surgeons later in the day!


We met some very pleasant walkers on our way round  many of them being taken for their walks by their dogs.

DSC08046.jpgWe were very fortunate to be accompanied all the way  on our walk by the sweetest, smallest dachshund ever, who was as brave as a lion when meeting other four footed friends  and as   cuddly as a teddy  when he wanted carrying.


Toasted teacakes  and raspberry cakes with iced toppings were our choices on cakes today in The Works cafe. After our wonderful 4 and a half mile walk we felt we  all deserved a treat  – so we  had one!


February 1st New Openings February 1, 2017

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DSC07869.jpgI had such plans for today as the weather forecast  said it was going to be the best day of the week and dry! After the torrential rainfall during the night I foolishly thought that there  couldn’t be any more rain left! How wrong I was!

The builders who help us on all large and small projects turned up  this morning ready and raring to go on putting in three new gates for us, re-roofing my ‘Wendy House’ and finishing off lots of jobs that we’ve left uncompleted!

It all started well and I went and took some photos of the plants in the garden and the holes being dug out for the gate posts.

The snowdrops are doing well down our drive and the Tenby daffodils are flowering all over the garden.

DSC07850.jpg     DSC07853.jpg

Lovely flowers starting to blossom  everywhere.

DSC07856.jpg DSC07865.jpg

DSC07871 (1).jpg                        DSC07902.jpg

The window boxes and wall trough are still all doing well too.


DSC07882.jpg                  DSC07883.jpg

The plants in the gravel have given a splash of colour all through the winter,

DSC07900.jpg                                DSC07899.jpg

The Pond Field  was  sodden when I walked across it to have a look at  the pond and the lime tree. DSC07892.jpg


Now the clouds were starting to darken and the wind beginning  to blow so I beat a hasty retreat to look at the work going on with the  gate posts. Amazingly the holes had all been dug out and all the posts cemented in – now they have to be left to harden off . These two gates will make it much easier for me to take all the garden bits and bobs to the compost heap and the midden as I won’t have to walk the  long way round!

DSC07891.jpg  DSC07888.jpg

This gate will make it easier for us  and all the visitors to Lletty Cottage to get onto the field for a walk.


Now I’d taken all the photos  and opened the potting shed to don my gloves and waterproof trousers for another good session at clearing the garden – the rain started! Not a tiny trickle  but a full on downpour! So here I am writing a blog post  when I should be gardening  but at least the  builders have achieved their goal today- fantastic!



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