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May 19 Walk Around Llansadwrn May 20, 2017

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Walking Well Friday again- it  seems to come round very quickly which is a good thing as it is so enjoyable. One can now guarantee that Philip -the leader- has organised everything to perfection- even the weather! To make things even easier this week the walk was around our village Llansadwrn- the very centre of the universe- well my universe anyway.

I didn’t have to drive to Llandeilo to meet up with the Group they came near here to the cosy hamlet of Felindre- can you call three houses and a bridge a hamlet-not sure. This delightful cottage was the setting off point for our walk following the path alongside  the River Marlais.


Crossing over a stream we walked into a lovely meadow where we were greeted by a gentle quacking from a number  of geese(?).




The walk took us through beautiful green meadows with the  views of the Brecon Beacons in the distance.


We  wondered how wide the original Roman road would have been as we tramped along it.  The road would have  been built to connect the Roman forts of Llandeilo and Llandovery.


A small stream crossed the road and a very rickety bridge built to cross it. Only one person  on the bridge at a time- wonder why!


The Roman road continued through pleasant glades of trees and ferns.


Someone has been very busy as there were a number of new gates,  path signs  and bridges which all help to make the walk more enjoyable.

The views over the Carmarthen Fans against the clouds and blue sky grew better and better as we climbed higher and higher!



Campion and foxgloves were in abundance on the hills but the bluebells were just slowly  fading away.


At last we reached the forest road after  walking up a rather  steep incline but the views were well worth it.  It was a time to relax and get one’s breath back and eat a Welsh cake!


We followed the forest track back down to a country road which had  cow parsley and buttercups on either side which were buzzing with  bees , birds and some butterflies.


The road took us back over the River Marlais  and that  completed our circular walk.

To end the walk, coffee and cake were at our house sitting outside under the shelter.


This was  a chance to show some flowers and goslings!




Sadly, only two goslings left now.



Of course Rufus had the last word- he was not amused that he had to stay inside while we were outside enjoying his garden!




May 15 In the Garden May 15, 2017

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You have to love the weather that you get or else life could be pretty frustrating!

Dry: no rain in West Wales in Springtime…unbelievable.

Windy: plants lying prostrate  in all directions.

Frost: Jack Frost’s  freezing fingers crept  through the borders and left many plants hurt by his icy grip.

A week later:

Rain: by the gallon. Sunshine: by the bucket load!

Hey Ho on we go- It’s Springtime in the garden and after all the weather difficulties all seems to be going fine!


DSC00837.jpgA couple of years ago I started to plant ferns and I’ve love them more and more. They give colour and form to the garden  for a major part of the year especially in Springtime when the fronds begin to uncurl.

DSC00844.jpgThe bog garden has blossomed  over the last few days  after we had the rain. Many of the plants looked damaged by the frost but the rain has revived them and the primulas glorious colours are showing  a bright patch  in the damp soil.

DSC00883.jpg  DSC00849.jpg

The alliums are doing well and bring height to the borders  and bees to the garden.

DSC00850.jpgTh soft velvety feel of the Christmas tree ‘fingers’ just call out to be touched.

DSC00854.jpg The hawthorn hedge is full of pretty may blossom.


The wonderful scent of the  Zephirine Drouin rose  pervades through the garden. It’s a real stunner   as it is thornless  and has the most beautiful colour and flowers through the summertime. I do have to keep a watch though for black spot and other fungly things!

DSC00871.jpgReally pleased the Rosa banksiae ‘Lutea’ has flowered  prettily this year. Last year I tried to be too clever and  wound the stems around the pole supporting the roof of  the ‘garden room’ ( it’s really like  another carport   but it’s a lovely place to sit and look at the pond and the roses!) After I’d wound the stems around the back of the post I’d forgotten that there were sheep in the Pond Field  and they’ll eat anything! You’re right …they ate the stems so no roses! But this year…no winding round things  the roses just left to do their own thing and voila lots of lovely flowers!


Most of the plants that do well in the garden are old cottage garden favourites and the bees love them best too.

DSC00879.jpgSweet rocket is just  perfect in the border as it gives height, colour, a delicious scent and is so easy to grow…that’s what I love!

DSC00880.jpg     DSC00893.jpgA

A  flash of red brightens any garden.

DSC00856.jpgBest of all on our Pond Field the 6 goslings are growing fast and keeping the grass down. The moorhen chicks too are getting bigger  and more adventurous and straying on the banks alone! Yesterday a magpie caught a tiny vole and devoured it in front of me so I hope the chicks  stay safe!



DSC01009.jpgPlanted out kale, dwarf beans, potatoes, onions, spinach  and leeks in the veggie plot so far this spring. This was the year I was going to cut back on the veggies  as I get so disappointed when the slugs have more veg than me and also  it’s hard work and I’m getting older. However, there is something in me that makes gardening a must  and sowing the seeds, watching them germinate  and planting them out must be deep rooted!(!)  in my DNA! Thank you to my gardening forefathers and mothers for making me like I am!


May 7 2017 Carmel Woods Walk May 7, 2017

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Another sunny, bright and warmish Friday – it must be Walking Well Day. Unbelievably, the group has been running ( or should I say walking!) for two years every other Friday and only once has it been damp/ raining a bit! They do say the sun shines on the righteous!  Anyway, after meeting at Llandeilo railway station we drove on in shared cars to Carmel Woods  carpark which is about 5 miles outside Llandeilo. We had walked here previously but Philip assured us that this was a new walk and not too strenuous  at all! We left the cars and followed the country lane  down passed some lovely country properties some with 5 * accommodation for their horses.




Leaving the road and passing through a farmyard we entered the wood   where we were greeted by an amazing sight of bluebells, orchids, garlic, celandine  and more …all  growing freely up the banks and through the glades. It was quite a climb though!







The climb kept on going!


Reaching  the  top  path there were signs of the old quarry workings  and the explanation board detailing all the wild flowers that we could see and smell.  The Yellow Archangel flower  was new to me  and it was growing in clumps everywhere – it loves to grow on lime soil and as we were surrounded by lime kilns this   made it perfect growing   conditions for this pretty plant. The quarry and workings are all quiet and derelict now and nature has reclaimed the land and covered it in  the beauty of plants again.


We passed a number of stiles and gates but this was the most stylish – no doubt recycled from someone’s garden- one wonders its history  and  which garden has it stood entrance to before.




All that climbing up hill meant that we had fantastic views over the beautiful, rolling Carmarthenshire countryside.DSC00663.jpg

DSC00664.jpgWe ambled  on along a lane passing some quite nosy and lovely  dogs and a cheeky pig!



There seemed lots of interest in our group from some local inhabitants, who stared hard unblinkingly!



Fairy lace/ cow parsley billowing gently in the warm breeze  interspersed with the waving welsh poppy filled the verges  that edged the country lane.



Leaving the lane we made our way back down through the woods  stopping to enjoy the view, the skyscape and a welcome snack – a welsh cake – kindly provided by Philip.




As all good things  end we shall  all  sit and drink and so it  happened!  A  pub  ‘The Stag and Pheasant’ was at the end of our walk and the friendliest landlady ever-  a lovely way to end our latest Walking Well feeling well and happy!








May 3 2017 Dinefwr Walk May 3, 2017

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No time to waste thinking about cleaning, washing or ironing- the sun was shining  and a walk round Dinefwr to see the bluebells was far more important.

DSC00463.jpgNewton House looked splendid in the  afternoon sunshine but there was no time to look inside as a sea of blue could be seen in the distance- the bluebells!DSC00466.jpg




As always on our walks  we seem to attract a four footed  follower- this cat was very friendly and wanted lots of tickle tums!


Further along the path we came to the ice house which was beautifully camouflaged amongst the grass and trees.


We knocked on the door but there was no one in…spooky! No ice either!


Our friend was still trying to get our attention by scrambling up the trees and looking cute!


There were bluebells all  around and their scent was  just delicious. Campions were in abundance together with celandines and  buttercups.DSC00517.jpg

We were on the look out for some deer  and followed the Brown Route through the woodland stopping frequently for views of the castle and Newton House peeping through the trees.




At last, there in the distance was a small herd of the deer just relaxing and enjoying the Spring sunshine- just like us!


The air suddenly lost the lovely aroma from the bluebells to be replaced by the whiff of garlic! Such a pretty sight with the sunbeams shining through the glade.


Not sure what the mallard was telling us  but it wasn’t too polite!


Back home with the sun still shining  the lambs in the field have settled right in  and  have claimed the field as their very own!



April 29 Upton Castle Gardens and The Pembroke Dock Sunderland Trust   April 29, 2017



Deciding on a  Bank Holiday visit out  is always a tricky decision for us as there are so many wonderful places to visit just a short drive away.  Without too many words of discussion we decided on a drive into Pembrokeshire to visit Upton Castle Gardens as a friend had recommended it and then onto Pembroke to see the Sunderland flying boats again.  WARNING: Please- if you don’t like photos of flowers especially bluebells and garlic don’t read on!

One and a quarter hours drive away from home  we found the Gardens in a very secluded spot down pretty country lanes bordered with billowing cow parsley and ribbons of garlic.

We pulled into the carpark where there was only one other visitor’s car…..  a rather fetching bright yellow Lotus Elan!  No one to greet you just an honesty box to put in your entrance fee.  We followed the path round through magnificent flowering camellias, rhododendron and huge magnolia.






The  path meandered through the grounds leading us on  passed streams, specimen trees and  plantings of gunnera through onto a long  herbaceous  border – it was all so peaceful except for the singing of the many birds.


At the end of the long border  there  was a delightful  arch  and next to it the entrance leading to  the 13 century chapel, where  over the doorway the wisteria was just about to break into full glorious colour. DSC00279.jpg


Jim was inside ‘horsing ‘ around!


Around  the corner was  a magnificent walled garden  and a lovely auricula theatre.


DSC00285.jpg                         DSC00288.jpg

In front of the chapel was an Easter message.


The chapel was dark but welcoming  and full of the history of the past inhabitants of Upton Castle. The castle is not open to the public.



DSC00294 (1).jpg

Leaving the chapel we continued our stroll around the garden accompanied only be the calling of the peacock , which we couldn’t see and the scent of the honeysuckle.


We left the walled garden and passed on to the woodland walk.





Now the scent was a magnificent garlicky, bluebelly and seasidy mix of magic…glorious!




It was all just so beautiful!


After walking through the bluebell wood as if it couldn’t get any better we saw the sight of the Cleddau estuary  through the trees. Jim and I have differing views on estuaries  -I love them!



Retracing our steps back through the woodland we crossed over the little creek  which empties into the  sea.



More delights awaited us on the other side of the creek- a wildlife haven. DSC00337.jpg       DSC00342.jpg


We loved the garden  and look forward to returning their again in another  season but we felt that maybe we’d been very fortunate  to go now when the bluebells were showing at their best.

A few miles down the road  we came to Pembroke Dock and visited the Flying Boat museum   again.  I remember the Sunderlands  when I was a child visiting Neyland  on many  a Sunday afternoon with my grandparents  and seeing them landing on the water  so all the exhibits bring back great memories of my childhood around the Cleddau estuary.

DSC00346.jpg   DSC00353.jpg

This was a new exhibit. The mock up of the plane  has a  moving landscape in front  and brings the plane to land on the water! This was all good preparation for my first ever flight in an aeroplane which comes later on this year when we fly to Canada . This mock up made me so giddy – I nearly fell over!! Not sure this was very encouraging for me!!! DSC00351.jpg


This was a new model of the old ferry that ran between Neyland and Pembroke and one we used to use. Nowadays these a brand new toll bridge!


The model Millennium Falcon used in the film was actually made at Pembroke Docks…who’d have guessed that?

DSC00354.jpgDSC00358.jpgAfter a tasty cake and coffee in the museum we went for a short walk around the town but it was quite chilly. We passed the interesting plaques about the history of the town and walked up to the Victorian built gun tower  and then decide to return home  before we froze!

DSC00367.jpg   DSC00369.jpg

We didn’t think we could take any more excitement in the day  but when we arrived home our lovely farmer had brought the  ewes and their lambs back on  our field …so a day that started very well indeed  ended on a high note too.DSC00375.jpg


April 21 Walk Around Abergorlech April 21, 2017

Another dry day for our Walking Well Group Walk  and we’d been promised a fairly straightforward walk with no stiles, obstacles or bulls but there may be a few damp patches! DSC00136 (1).jpgWe all met up in the Abergorlech carpark which is the base for the mountain biking courses that trail through Brechfa Forest.



I parked next to all the mountain bikers and I think they were disappointed when I told them I hadn’t brought my mountain bike…this time! !



Before we set off Philip ( walk leader) kindly offered a free walking stick to anyone  who would benefit from such an aid. The word’ free’  made me shoot my arm in the air  very quickly and as no one else wanted one  or else they already possessed one I became the very proud owner of a blue ( to match my eyes) stick! My pal, Jane assisted me in unscrewing and screwing the thing together before we all set off.


The walk, unexpectedly, didn’t follow the bike trails but led across the road to a track leading down to the River Cothi. We followed the track  which soon began to show signs of  the damp patches that we had been warned about!

Molly, the dog, took it all in her stride which was much better than  some of the walkers, who plunged ankle deep into the mud! I, on the other hand, could poke my stick into the mud  and find out how deep it was before trying to vault over!


The track continued alongside the river  and with the sound of the  river, the birds  singing in the woodlands  and the chat of the walkers this was turning out to be a most enjoyable walk.





The water in the river was crystal clear   and the riverbed was clearly visible.  After a very quick debate we decided it wasn’t quite the weather for a swim but later in the year…maybe!

As always when walking through a woodland glade many eyes and ears are watching and listening for intruders…this time it was the stick men, who were on watch. They let us pass as we all had our bus passes with us!


We passed some magnificent piles of logs  which had the  most wonderful aroma of pine.




The wild flowers were blooming  on all the banks and in the next week the bluebells will all be  flowering fully turning the carpet of green into blue.




The walk was linear and we followed the track back through the damp patches into the village, where, of course,  we headed  through the pretty village past the church to the Black Lion pub. It’s a splendid pub and visitors were enjoying a full lunch menu but we had coffee and roasted peanuts!



I loved this house sign!


We sat outside in the pub garden overlooking the River Cothi  and talked very briefly about world matters but reverted very quickly into talking about local matters that matter to us- speed limits on local roads, dogs not allowed on certain buses   and other local issues. All in all a lovely chat following another wonderful walk.


We retraced our steps back to the carpark, where I was tempted to have  a go on the only sort of bike I’ll  ever ride again……don’t tell the mountain bikers!




April 11 2017 Wedding April 11, 2017

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IMG_7437Brilliant day celebrating daughter’s wedding in Bath. Such a wonderful happy time for all.


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